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I Am a Totally White Sissy Male Who Wears Black Tights and Needs a Gay Black Master Stories

I Am a Totally White Sissy Male Who Wears Black Tights and Needs a Gay Black Master Stories on Bisexual PlaygroundI Am a Totally White Sissy Male Who Wears Black Tights and Needs a Gay Black Master Stories on Bisexual Playground
My beautiful wife is a 25 year old very attractive very fertile white woman whom I want to be in a serious very committed and submissive relationship long term and getting pregnant by black men. I am an inferior 27 year old white male trying to become black owned sissy fuck slave and serve worship obey and be feminized permanently becoming a black mans bitch want to be forced to get butt and boob job and be fucked by alpha black daddy’s for the rest of my life. I want to be on my knees every morning waiting for my black master to wake up and give me orders or grab me by my face and spit in my mouth or make me suck his balls and rim his alpha male ass hole I will be the happiest white sissy ever if I am able to find black men who want to take a white boy and his wife and force me to my natural place as a sissy servant taking all my manhood and allowing me the honor to serve worship and get fucked by black cocks.
Chub,43 yo Sissy Faggot who services Black cock to Cumpletion at local ABS and gloryholes. Absolutely No recip, I crave BBC and CUM.I AM BLACK MASTER’S bitch. I AM BLACK MASTER’S sissy.
I am a bi white sissy in training. I seek a black master(s) to train me to be a cross dressing sissy black addicted submissive obedient slut. I need proper training to please and serve my black masters.
Hi i am a70 white sissy male who believes in superor black men.i am 5'10 255lbs blue eyes balding gray hair avg. the out doors things like camping,hiking, boating,walks.i am DDfree and hiv neg.i love to be owned by a black dominating male to be turned fully into a sissy bitch to serve him and other dominating black males or black dominating to take hormonies to be naked 24/7 to be used how ever Master see's fit to be collared and branded as his property to evently have my man hood removedand having fully transformed into a sissy bitch slave and then fully shaved of all body hair from head to toe
I am blonde and bi and desire a black bull master, with or without a black dominant wife. Husband Terrence is bi and will become a sissy slave to the black master.
A white boy cocksucker who needs to be given his steady diet of hot black boy loads in his mouth and pussy. I would ideally like to become a sissy-trained, cum-sucking slut turned out by a black master for gang bangs with black guys.
Ok I am a white crossdressing sissy faggot I. Have nothing to say on this.subjec I say to eahe ther own. But me being the person I am. I would want a black master. The most wounderful feeling in the world is the knolage that u are. Own. By a black god. I would like to have black god I would do everything that black master told me. Like if he told me drop and waship his wunderful black cock I would no matter where we were. We could. be in the like wal mart. I would suck that gods cock without any question I would like it if I had like 15 wouderful black masters to own me then all of them could treat me like I really want to b treated I would. Want all of them. To just pound my holes hardcore. Thay could make me fuckall the player from the nba and I would be happy to
I am a SISSY FAGGOT nonop transgender. I am seeking a BLACK Master. Height, weight do not matter Prefer 40 yrs old and up.If you are and OTR that would be a nice thing. I am totally OUT. Generally dress as female only... I can be a lady in public and your plaything in private. If you wish to Feminize me that is also ok. I am a WHITE SISSY FAGGOT. 66 YRS old and retired. I want to be kneeling for BLACK for good. This has long been a desire for me.
Hello everyone! My name is Nikki and I'm a black female. My boyfriends name is Lee and he is a white male. He's bisexual and I am bi-curious. We do have a great sex life but are looking to add more spice to it by adding either a couple or a third to join us. We are into white males, black males, white trannys, black trannys, white women, and black women. If there are any questions or if anyone is interested, send us a message and we can go from there. Hug Kiss
Submissive hairless crossdresser with a very small weanie, looking for a Black Master,, with at least 10 thick inches or a Black Mistress to serve as your feminine sissy sex slave,, love bondage, and being treated and analy abused as your sissy
Im at Peoria and I-17 come to bus stop and Ill be there just say I know you got a light let's talk. If I say I need a meat stuck it's me. And I'll go w you and suck your cock. I am looking for long black cocks and I'll be here all night sucking all the black dick I can. It's every white sissy's duty. I used to suck that down to base every day 12 hours a day my master wanted to train me good for the first month he fucked my face 18 hours a day him and his 5 friends took turns fucking my white mouth and forcing me to eat the god seed. My best freind as a kid mouth fucked me 3 times a day and for 10 years. So I'm not happy unless I got long black cock in me
Hello I am a white sissy crossdresser and I am in need of a big black monster cock to make me scream and moan and have me begging for more I want to worship black monster cocks I crave for big black monster cock sliding in my mouth and then my sissy pussy I need to be destroyed by big black monster cock


Black Master
Yes, indeed. I believe that all white males should have a Black Master. It is a sissy white bois job to do what a Black Master wants him to do. I'm looking for a Black Master. I'll relocate. Lindawantabe
Black Bi-curious Males
Black Masters..Please Use This Small White Cock Faggot Loser.. Being a white slave to a Black Master is what i want to experience, as all whites and white couples should..To be Black owned as it should be..Personally i believe all white "males", married or not should be transformed into she male slaves for their Black Daddys, just like i hope to..And white women are the sluts of the Black Men..i'm in the Waynesboro Va area..
White Men Love Black Cock
submissivebob, you are so right. I have come to realize that black men are to be worshiped. White women should have sex with any black man upon request. White men should submit completely to any blackman and be willing to clean his ass, lick his balls and suck his cock on demand. And the white mans ass is for his black master's taking. I have always considered my self stright until i started looking at BBC on the computer. When i see a BBC I am a sissy & turn to a total fag for black men.
Black Men
Black Masters Please Use This Small White Cock Faggot Loser.. i'm a white faggot..i have been a bitch to Black Men for years..i know when i dress like a sissy i can suck more Black Cock than ever..i love being a slut to a Superior Black Master..I'm in the Waynesboro, Va area Sirs..
Black Men Being Sucked By White Men
Ooh daddy this is a white sissy pantie boy I totally submit to wearing high heels garters belt white nylons red crochless panties bra and nighty for the black alpha male and his superior black penis and his Hugh loads of spunk down my throat oooh daddy
Dominant Black Men
i am a white sissy male who is looking for a dominated black male or couple to turn me into there own sissy bitch to use and abuse as they see fit.i have always dream of answering my door and there stands a superrie black male and takes me to be owned by him


I just totally stumbled onto this site and am trying it out. I had created a profile and then I read your profile and I realized I wanted to just put it all out there for everyone to read and see how the universe responds, so did a complete profile tonight... Anyhow, you guys seem totally cool and your profile rocks. I'm originally from Ohio so when I'm out that way we should say hey in person. Cool site and I'm still learning my way around. Thanks!