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I Want to See My Wife Taste Another Mans Sperm

I Want to See My Wife Taste Another Mans Sperm on Bisexual PlaygroundI Want to See My Wife Taste Another Mans Sperm on Bisexual Playground
I am a widower i want to suck a mans cock and let him cum in my mouth and swish his sperm all over in my mouth and taste it real good before i swallow it
I'm 5'10" aprx 125 to 135 lbs slim shaved everywhere super horny needing a giant black bull cock to please and serve tonight right this minute please Daddy I want to put on some tempting sexy thong panties with a cute bra and some thigh high stockings heels and then I want to model for you and walk around everywhere indoors or outdoors wearing nothing but my panties and other lingerie because I want to show off to you and any random strangers who might see me hehehe please Daddy come fuck me right now and let me become your steady little sissyboy queer femboy girlfriend and I want to ask permission to make your huge cock cum very hard many many times in a single night or day I'd love to send you photos of me in a thong and more and I'd be so greatful if you would please send me a video of you cumming let me see your thick cock head spitting sperm out of it and please allow me to cum as well and also may I have permission to suck the sperm out of your throbbing head after you finish cumming hard all over my thong and smooth booty because I really want to taste lots and lots of black mans sperm now please hurry and get in touch with me I begg you
I'm looking for a couple to help teach me how to deep throat and swallow Big loads of sperm 💋❤️❤️ Blake cum kissing small tits big cock sperm for me and your wife to share
Married guy, unsatisfied at home with sex life, but still love my wife. I love getting blowjobs, cumming in a woman's mouth and kissing her afterwards. I have a sperm fetish. I love to see it, taste it, play with it and even talk about it!
I just want to taste sperm
i'm a limp wristed prancing white trash sissy faggot transvestite cumslut whore. i love suckin cock and gettin my ass fucked and filled with sperm. im a dirty nasty dick pleasing fuckdoll pussyboy that loves being used for a sperm receptacle. please post any and all of my pics and spread them around so everyone can see what a pathetic sissy faggot i am. and if you're ever in monterey CA get a motel room and i'll cum over. i would love to be some horny fat cocked mans sissy bride!
I was 8 and I loved it. I love the taste of fresh from the cock sperm. I do swallow my own sperm. Sometimes when the new guys do not want to swallow I cum on their nipples and lick it off. What can I say I love the taste of sperm I love it more when I am haveing groups of 6 or more.I also love to drink pee. Yes I do swallow my own pee after enjoying my sperm
While waiting to connect with a/some BP'er(s), I took 3gels of vitamin E-400, "NOW" Brand, per day for ONLY one week, WITH a meal of the day. Said another way, with a meal, take three (400 IU, containing 268 mg AT) each day, for 7 days. To me it made my precum taste like a barely pleasant cooking oil. I really prefer and greatly like the taste of my precum, or semen, BEFORE I tried this VitE. I have NOT YET, however, blown my load to taste the sperm (that is the whole ejaculate, semen and sperm).:-P4merlyDanielDodgeRam
My wife and I have noticed and agreed that the taste and smell of Kiwi reminds us of the taste and smell of a mans cum. If I remember correctly, guava might be similar too.
My experience with my own sperm has grown more creative over the years. Like many, the urge to taste it quickly subsidies the moment I reached an orgasm. When I was younger I was finally able to such my own erection and ejaculated in my mouth. It was not as I expected, I much preferred the taste of precum. However, I soon developed a taste for my sperm and enjoyed the sensation of those little tadpoles swimming in my belly and throat. I discovered that ejaculating in a glass test tube worked great. I would collect the precum as it seeped out, then hopefully get as much of the ejaculate as possible. Quickly, I placed the sealed test tube in the freezer. I would thaw it out later and consume it the next time I got horny. Cum is the greatest aphrodisiac, and lubricant in the world. I expanded my collection process by storing the sperm of multiple ejaculations in the freezer. Large amounts of sperm tastes great on various foods, I liked it on fresh avocado slices or with tequila shots. People cook with eggs all the time, sperm is equally nutritional. It tastes good and good for you!
I'm always on a cum hunt. Whether it's someone else's or my own. Cum is a precious commodity, more valuable (pound for pound, pardon the pun) than gold. Referred to as the essence of life, sperm is sacred. Some people like eating eggs, I like eating sperm. The thought of all those little sperm cells swimming around in my mouth and throat is extremely arousing. I have found that cum is an aphrodisiac. I like saving up sperm and freezing it for a pick me up snack. Letting it thaw on my tongue always makes me hard. I like tasting cum immediately as it is ejaculated in my mouth. That sweet, slightly acidic taste is like the legendary ambrosia of the gods. My fantasy would me to have literally jars full of cum, maybe even swim in it. I'd make sperm jello shots, and sperm infused libations. Okay, now I'm really getting hungry for some good fresh cum.

The hunt continues,....
I swallow sperm as quickly as I can bcuz I'm a greedy cocksucker. Occasionally I coat my mouth entirely to get the creaminess effectively all in my taste spectrum. However, I suck penises in order to get sperm into my throat because I am enthralled with the gag reflex. EVERYTIME I swallow sperm my gag reflex works. It is fantastic. that I so love swallowing cum and that throwup reflex kicks in. I have puked up only twice in my life of cocksucking. I've swallowed almost all the sperm ever shot into my mouth. Probably just under six thousand times. I swallowed 9 ejac at once on one occasion and did not puke up. :-P. Kiss.


I just know that willing to try.I'm anovice at beiing bi + would love to taste a mans cum.Never had that yet,but I do like my own.I also experienced the man sperm in my ass.that felt nice.warm too!So yes I'm open to see some sperm next to my tonsils soon
Cum Swallowing
I love the excitement of tasting another mans cum. I've been lucky enough to eat it from his wife's freshly fucked pussy. I tastes so good when mixed with hers. I also love the feeling and taste of a mans cock exploding in my mouth.
Cum Swallowing
I think that in order to be a very good cock sucker you have to love the taste of man's sperm, I personally am a fanatic about eating cum, I enjoy the pre cum taste on a stiff hard cock and after a slow passionate cock sucking session the change in taste and consistence of the full load of thick creamy hot sperm shooting in my mouth,I savour it with passion and can actually come as I eat the stuff and delicately create a vacum so that I don't miss any of it , good to the last drop that what I say
Big Cummers
My dad hooked me up with his best friend and that man literally shot 17 squirts in my mouth making me swallow three times because my mouth was full of his sperm and it was so amazing I love the taste of sperm the smell of sperm and I cannot get enough of it especially from my Dad's friend
Men That Want To Suck Cock
Ok my wife only fucks black me older gus any way after she had sex with him she told me to eat her pusry. wow that sperm was so strog and what a twang. any way i would let you fuck my wife for your sperm. and we want long term if you want.
Big Cummers
I love it when a man squirts in my mouth making me swallow three times because my mouth was full of his sperm and it was so amazing I love the taste of sperm the smell of sperm and I cannot get enough of it


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