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I Was Forced to Lick My Sisters Cunt

Some women just love licking pussy. It's beautiful to experience, and amazing to watch, and when you're looking for another woman to experience true pleasure with, you can find what you're looking for on Bisexual Playground. Our site is full of women who love licking pussy, and you can meet them right away!

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I Was Forced to Lick My Sisters Cunt on Bisexual PlaygroundI Was Forced to Lick My Sisters Cunt on Bisexual Playground
My personality is like Goldie Hawn. Goofy and Wacky! - Men want to fuck me that way. ....Take advantage of me.... Up in my cunt ... 'when I get one.' I am sooo wanting 'that!!' ... A cock slip up into my cunt ... And pump me 'hard!' ...'I'll love that !'... ...And make me cum !! I haven't had sex in a long time. The 'next' time I cum ... it will be with a man's cock in me! ...And him rubbing my 34B tits! I get so hot 'waiting ... I fantasize a man pleasuring my cunt, while I lick and suck another man's cooperative cock I'd like them to both cum in my cunt and mouth ... all at the same time!' And fill both my cunt and mouth ... while I eagerly drink them both all in ! ...I'm going to be 'man candy!!'... Sorry. ...I don't have a picture.
like to play with couples enjoy having the wife watch and help me suck her man.husband-bf-gf watch as i tonguelick the woman's whole entire to lick womens underarms/cunt..watching couples having sex him cumming in her then i suck his cock and lick his cum out of her.i like to wear pantys bra stocking bondage(any kind) suck cock and eat cunt/tits...SINGLE WOMEN" i am looking to use my tongue on your body"NO RETURN REQUIRE" but like to be jackedoff...i am open minded and willing to try most things..
I suck and lick cunt, clitoris. I ask females to suck my cock, lick my clean ass hole. I suck cock, lick clean ass holes, and require the same from partners.
78 yr old, can,t get up But love to lick&suck cunt.
I love to take the cloths off my woman and lick her cunt
Want to be forced to wear panties stockings then forced to suck 4 or 5 hot black cock and lick hot black ass in front of a web cam white submissive male slim build shaved balls ass cock
This Was Something Which My Mother,Aunts,Sister,And Grand Mothers And Several Other Bisexual And Lesbian Friends Had Loved Doing Inclueding My Sisters Mother-In-Law And The Mother Of My Very,Very Super Lady And All Four Of Our Daughters, Nor Did They Limit Them selive to only Lesbian Cunt Licking,Though It Was And Very Truely Thire Very Favorit kind of cunt licking, I Must Addmite That My Mother's,Aunt's My Sisters And My Mother-In-Law's Were The Very Best Cunts That I And/Or My Dad and Uncles Had Ever Tasted Mom And Aunt Molly As well as our Other Aunts And My Sister Had also Had very,very many,many Lesbian Women And Girl,Girl Girlfriends As well very many Bisexual Ones, Who very seemingly could just about never get enough of eating out and licking each and every single part of thire very beautiful cunts, which I Had Very,very Many,Many Times over gotten to watch very up close,It was The most very Beautiful Thing In The Entire World To Watch, Most Especially When They Very Frist Time That They Introduced Vergin Girls and Women To Cunt Licking And Got them very totally hooked on it forever, my Sister could never ever gert enough of our moms or Aunt Molly's CUNTS in perticular,nor dose she ever even now get enough of my other very special Ladies cunt,By The Way They Actually Preffer The Word CUNT, Very Much Over The Word Pussy,Just As Our Mom And Aunts Did. And Yes We Did very offten get to eat out and lick thire cunts after several other bisexual and even some gay men and boy nudists had fucked, and it really did taste very super delishous trueth is anybody who hsd,had the chance to taste thire cunts was very automatically hooked on licking cunt forever after. Most Unfortunetly Mom Died At The Age of 78, And our Aunt Molly at 83, Mom in 1994, And Aunt Molly in 1995,Though Both Mom And Aunt Molly Were Both Praticing Bisexual Nudists Both Mom And Aunt Molly Were Very Much More Lesbians Who Had Been Very comfortable with both Bisexuality And Lesbianism, And Though They never really had to go at all out of thire way to do it, They were able to help very,very large,large numbers of most especially Nudist Women And Girls To Realize And very fully and openly Accept not only Bisexuality, BUT, Rather Very complet all out Lesbianism, With just as few as 12 cunt licking sesions, very many of these women and girls in most cases licked thire cunts back
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I like eating a cunt while a big cock is in it and even pullit out and shuve it down my throte then slide my cock in with it in her cunt. iv don this i would also like to havea big cock up my ass and one in my mouth at the same time then after coming in her i get down and lick that cunt clean i mite even try some doble anle any cople out thair like to try that im kinda afrade that will turn womean off
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The first time we did this was totally unexpected. One of our good fuck friends was ramming his big white cock up my wife's gorgeous black pussy and once he filled her cunt with his cum, she stood and walked over to me and stood spread legs over me, looking down on me and she just let his cum drip from her cunt right in my mouth. Then she made me lick her cunt as his cum dripped from her. I eagerly did so and while I was doing it, he became hard again and moved in behind my wife and slid his hard white meat up her black ass and slow fucked her ass while I continued licking her cunt and slurping his cum from her sweet ebony pussy. Gorgeous!
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I absolutely crave rimming a hot athletic women's tight asshole. I luv puling her ass apart exposing her horny hole, getting my tongue slick with the juice from her wet cunt and exploring her asshole as she pushes back into my face. It makes me so fucking hard my precum drips to the floor as I kneel behind her. When I finish and she mounts my rigid cock, I get my finger wet and push into her asshole as she rides my cock. I luv feeling my cock filling her tight cunt as she grinds her clit into me building up to an orgasm. I then pull her hips up onto my face so I can lick my creampie out of her cunt returning to her asshole once more.
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I get so turned on and juicy wet with the thoughts of another woman sucking my man's stiff cock while I finger her wet pussy. And then he can finger my pussy while you suck his cock some more. i would also love to lick a cunt with my man watching and stroking his cock. then he could shove his cock in her cunt and take it out and i would suck the pussy juice off.
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I want to fuck Sue while Billy watches...and THEN let him suck my cock. Of course, I'll do the same for him AND lick Sue's cunt after it's all done.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!