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Mcalester Naked Women on Bisexual PlaygroundMcalester Naked Women on Bisexual Playground
sexually...i have a strong desire to watch naked women chase each other around. the more the better. i would do any thing to watch 30 to 50 naked women pile into each-other in a massive erotic lesbian wrestling match. id like to create gigantic naked rivals of women from different parts of the country have them meet up say about 300 in this group...and 300 in the other group..and just document it so i could getoff!!watch them all pile up into an open or inclosed area into naked heaping piles!
Straight guy looking for people who like being naked. Open to men and women who want to hangout, and occasionally get naked and jerk off. I like to watch, be watched, and mutual masturbation. I enjoy being naked and just pulling my dick out whenever I can.
we both like sex we have a lot in commen and we also keep the naked pictures to our selfs i do not show my wife and naked pics of women and she does not show any naked pics to me but we both love getting naked we dont send pics sry
I am a very attractive sub bi guy. I love sexy women, and yield to dom men and women. I dream of naked bondage ... being forced to give pleasure while recieving same. If you seek a willing, naked subject, ... I desire sexy dominance by sexy dom men and women. Tie me up and lets have fun!
I enjoy getting naked with both men and women, one on one or a group. I'm into oral and anal and open to trying new things. Like long slow sessions and love to take photographs of myself naked in sexual activities with others. Really like having a women watch a man slide his hard cock in and out of my asshole.
Hello I am 6 foot 1, brown hair and eyes. 8 inch dick and big balls. I have a good looking body and I Love to be naked and hard all the time. I would live completely naked if I could. I am a freak and would like someone to act out some sexual fantasies with me, including walking naked in public with me filming and a long naked walk in nature together. I want someone who will be naked for me 24 hours a day. I want to fuck and fill you up with my hot cum with hours of sex. Also to go in public with me all day in a slingshot bikini. I know how to pleasure a woman and treat her right. I'll fuck you like nobody ever has. I like big boobs and ass, hot white pale skin, I like older women too, thicker woman not too skinny. If you like what you see and have some ideas of stuff you want me to do naked let me know I'm interested.I am real and I I respect my partner I am clean and std free.
Who cares? do you like sex with women, do u like sex with men. i like both. U seem to like both. i dont think im gay. i still go to gentlemens clubs, naked women turn me on. so do naked men. I think thats what being bi means.
Hi, I live in McAlester. Drop me a line.
I love to strip naked for everyone to see my little 2 inch cock and I gladly get naked anywhere women tell me to. I love it when lots of women laugh at my little dick and make me submit two real men and their big dicks. Especially love to be forced to strip naked in public on everyone C my little 2 inch dick and watch me big good cock worshipping sissy. I want to B I'm too well owen handsome men on the beach in front of a large crowd of women as they took pictures and videos
i live in the mcalester area so it your interested let me know and we can chat
Hi, I am also a clean, bi, married male. I live in McAlester.
hey, i started with just that, wanting to touch another penis and or mutually masturbate another guy. Slowly, it led to more than that. The first time i saw two guys kissing, i thougth it was a turn off. I couldnt see myself doing that. then, i had my first kiss and then i sucked on my firs penis. This has progressed to the point where i am happy having sex with both men and women. Basically, it all turns me on now. Naked women and naked men. Sex with both is quite enjoyable.


Being Naked
We love to run around naked! just yesterday we went to the lake fishing and I was sitting in the boat just about naked and we went to a secluded beach and we took naked pictures. I drive naked at night when were on the road.
Being Watched Masturbating
OH YES! There was this ONE TIME (actually two butt his was the FIRST) where 22 of us were naked (12 men and 10 women) and this Domamatrix wanted us to JO on her titties as she wore this electrical spark device in her panty thongs. I cam on her tits first and was then # 7 and #9. Bi the end of that evening I KNEW I am an exhibitionist! THEN.....NEXT......CUMS "Atlanta Jacks" .....50-70 all naked men walking around with a hard on watching each other masturbate, some helping each other and EVERY having a nice CUM! Locally, we have a very raunchy adult theater and when a pair there (MM or MF) are getting it on one of the couches in front of the screen left, I stand screen right naked and JO and cum on myself.
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i love being naked ! i try to stay naked as much as possible.i tan naked all summer long,and am naked outdoors as much as i can
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Love looking at naked beautiful women! Women are the softest creatures KissKissKiss
Being Naked
i absolutely love being naked as much as possable !! i love being outdoors naked , camping ,swimming,walking thru the woods,any time !!!!when i am home,i am always naked.if you were to stop to see me,you would find me naked.wish we had nude beaches around me:-D
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I have had this fantasy for a long time. Maybe I read it somewhere or something but it sticks in my mind. I am to serve a room full of professionally dressed women completely naked. I have drinks on a tray, when serving every once in a while the women who are talking to each other reach out and rub my cock or balls This makes me very hard. I am told that I wasn't suppose to be hard, so now I will have to perform. I am to stand in front of the room of about 8 - 12 completely dressed women. They all focus on me as I am told to close my eyes and rub my own cock. I am really getting into jerking off (both in reality and in the story at this point) when I am told to open my eyes...alls these women are focused on what I am doing. It is too much for me, but before I cum, I am told that I need to cum in one of their wine glasses...which I barely make it over to. I shot a huge I have the option of drinking the glass or being screwed in the ass. It is then that I notice another naked man in the back of the women....what to do. I rearly make it to the wine glass when I am jerking off to this idea...


Hello BillnPattie, Thank you both for the welcome letter. I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site. I was at my wits end as to how I could or ever would meet men and women who have the same discerning tastes as I do. I have been inside and looked around and I really love the site. Again thank you, Raphael