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Men Wear Tweed Older Men Older Couples Older Groups Amateur on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Wear Tweed Older Men Older Couples Older Groups Amateur on Bisexual Playground
Older bi male interested in older bi males and bi friendly older couples 50+. Well past the curious stage.
I'm just an average guy. I like to hang out with cool, down to earth people. I'm more into folks a little older than me, like 45 or older. I would like to meet older guys for discreet fun. I would really like to play with an older couple where the hubby is bi.
I am now, and have always been a Dominant gentleman. I am older, and hopefully wiser. I am experienced with bisexual couples, and actually prefer older (40+) couples that understand the dynamic of having an older Dominant man to enjoy. I am a top only.
An older person who still likes the excitement of meeting new people and making new friends. Interested in meeting older couples that are looking for an older gentleman that would like to catch up on fun I have been missing. Willing to travel 50 miles from home area if need be
older cocksucker loves sucking off older men. groups okay.
Lately I have been daydreaming about being with an older couple. A mommy and daddy type that put me where they want me. I’ve honestly never had these thought before (or fantasies) about an older couple and age play. But I love the idea of us all role playing, like I’m their son that hasn’t visited them in over a decade, that finally came home. I honestly have never had negative thoughts about much older people. I get more mentally penetrated to become aroused, more so than visually.

Is any much older couples out there, nearby (100 miles radius preferably), that would love to put a youngster in his place and bend him to their will?
You all think that you will not get older.!! Well let me wake you up! Do you realy think that you are not going to get older?? Older BIs just want to be treated as equals.. Please do not make meetings and not keep them. We have lost our sex partners and are looking for new ones. We can still suck younger cocks.
I would like to enjoy a blow job from a OLDER woman or even an older couple where husband likes to watch his wife give one. 50 yrs of age and older and close to Montgomery. I can host or travel. Thank You!
I've always been the person who's dated woman men who are older than me. not much older just like 3 years older or so. while there is the question of moral integrity, you also have to think about the maturity level of each person and how that levels out. I'm not against age differences but im not for being 18 and sleeping with somebody who is more than 10 years older than me Kiss Kiss
We all do get older ..........don't we. I am not the same age I was 20 years ago nor for that matter 5 years ago. I may have cut my hair to prevent it from looking like I was trying to hide the bald spot where I now apply suntan lotion instead of mousse but I am the same person. I am not in my fifties and Im not planning to know what I will be in my sixties but I know that I will be the same person. I know when I was first attracted to this form of sex I was predominantly geared towards finding older men.. It seemed alot safer than trying to find someone my own age. Maybe thats why I feel young. Its an odd saying but it seems to have some truth in it. Many people might think otherwise.... like hanging around people younger than yourself makes you feel younger. Well, thats like lying. If Im older than they are then I Am Older. I know this puts me in a bit of a bind but like I said we all do get older, well I think the best we can hope for and the worst we can fear is that everyone will find someone sometime somewhere (maybe here) who can make them feel just like the way we want. And if its some one your age or older or younger than it really wouldnt matter after all. Would it?
I am looking for a 40+ older white man that would like to view me on skype... I really love older men and I wouldn't mind making one cum. An older bisexual man is perfect... both tops and bottoms...

I am an 18 yr old black bbw.
200 lbs 5'4"
I have short hair and a pretty pink pussy.
Let me know if you're interested !!! :) :-P


Older Couples
older couples are the best source for great sex any time older couples are very good with it ,. I love older people they want it eat it they love suckng dick and sweet tasty pussyl hug it lick sweet ass;
Father Daughter Role Play
I have an older man fetish! The older, that much better. Specifically enjoy an older man who enjoys giving oral and lavishing me with his attentions.
Bi Men Looking For Bi Men
Looking for by bi older men and older crossdressers for mutual fun and oral. I can host in my home. Be close to my age or older
Older Woman
Since I was a child one fantasy I've cherished is intimacy with an older woman. I'm getting older now but I still find myself checking out the older women when I'm out and about. Many of you are so sexy and I just love the thought of being your romantic lover Flower Hug Kiss Kiss Hug
Older Women For Younger Men
The first woman I was with was my high school English teacher. I was 18 and she was 47. I loved it! I am now 52 and it seems women my age not to mention older just don't want a man my age for sex. I would love to find an older woman. 1. the don't play games. 2. they know what they are doing. 3.they don't want to get attached. GAWD I WANT AN OLDER WOMAN!Hug
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
I enjoyed a MMF threesome with an older couple when I was in my 20's. They where 50 something. The woman was really keen for me to wank off the guy whilst she watched and encouraged., They had met some young guys previously but I was the first to bring him completely off. I would love to know if older couples on here have also enjoyed a younger man.


We are very glad to be members of this group and hope to be for a long time. We have posted the web link in a lot of yahoo groups that we belong to. We really like the way you have things set up here. And are glad that you stay a part of the groups interactions. Hoping to find what we are looking for right here in this group. Thanks heather and Kevin