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Naturally Hairless Dicks

Naturally Hairless Dicks on Bisexual PlaygroundNaturally Hairless Dicks on Bisexual Playground
I have always fantasized about a threesome. I just decided to look more into it. I am very attractive with a swimmers build. Naturally hairless. 6' 165lbs. I run and bike.
Slim - attractive in shape - naturally hairless and fully shaved with a 7.5"c Newbie starting out. Just 3 experiences.
Naturally hairless with little tiny tittys and a fat bubble butt and 7 inches. Just looking for a couple of friends or sissy lovers
I'm a naturally hairless transfeminine cross dresser, I'm very submissive and 100% passive means its extremely easy to dominate and control me, I'm hosting regular feeder's 24/7
5'8"tall naturally hairless every where except pits legs and a mustache/goatie soft smooth, shaved in all the right places , i am a sub bottom in nature that loves to be talked dirty to as i am being used by you
I am 6 foot 1 brown hair blue eyes average body almost hairless naturally. I am really looking to find someone will fun and good times sorry not looking for a relationship went through that lets be friends and play
Well I do not know if it will or not, but when I have my first chance to give a blowjob. Iwill reply again and let you know if it cums naturally or un-naturally. Oh any hints on how it cums un-naturally? Wink
We always shave each other because we both love the look and feel of totally hairless. We like the women that we play with to be totally hairless all around the pussy, the vagina and the asshole. We like the men that we play with to be totally hairless all around the cock, the scrotum and the asshole. Iy is so much nicer for licking and sucking.
Hi jc,

We would be interested in meeting you while you are in Portland. The only problem is that we have separate homes, and on those dates we will be at Lorene's home in Dallas, OR. It is near Salem and about 60 miles from Portland. We have an appointment there on Nov. 10 and another on Nov. 12. I think we could still arrange a meeting with you. I hope so because our interests are very similar.

You say that you like shaved cocks and lots of cum. We also much prefer hairless. Lorene naturally has very little hair and I shave her when needed. I periodically get a Brazilian waxing, so that I am totally hairless.

I also love semen - both my own and other men's - but we would try to let you have it all if we get together. However, rather than having you eat your own directly, we would like to enjoy it first then let you eat it. For example, I would love to suck you and have you cum in my mouth, but instead of swallowing I will kiss you and give it back to you. We will both fuck Lorene and cum in her then you can lick up the creampie. When you pull out of her I want to suck your cock clean of your cum and her pussy juices. When I pull out you can do the same. Lorene does not do any anal sex, but I would love to have you fuck me and cum in me. Then I will try to push your cum out of my ass so you can lick it up.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.
I only like hair on the head of the person, The rest of the body should be smooth and hairless. It is so much more exciting. A Hairless Vagina, MMmmm I can eat on it all day:-P
I have been hairless for the last 40 years. Love hairless cock and pussy
I enjoy hairless no long hairs get in my teeth. I have also done the same for her by going hairless my self below


Hairless Men
I have shaved the remaining hair off my almost hairless body from my mustache down to my toes and everywhere in between. Mmmm, I feel so sex as I oil my hairless body with coconut oil. I love my body shining in the sunlight as I walk around naked both at home and outside. Yummy and I taste like coconut too.:)Hug
Big Cocks
Looking for big dicks in Tulsa, Sapulpa, and nearby to give oral/anal to. I'm a total bottom and am almost convinced there are NO 'big' dicks in my area. I host only. Anything over 6 inches and THICK qualifies as 'BIG' (as far as I'm concerned) since everything I've seen so far isn't. I particularly love THICK CUT DICKS! I've yet to see a MONSTER, except in porn. LOL:-P
Male Orgy
The first time I went to an all-male sex party, there were over a hundred men there, all naked and most with stiff dicks. It felt a lttle awkward at first because i didn't know anyone there, but I was sitting in a room where a tv was showing some porn (all male, naturally), and there was a guy making the rounds of the room giving blow jobs He got to me, and when he finished, I grabbed his hand and got down on my knees and returned the favor. Then I followed his example and made the rounds of the room myself. By the time I left the party, I'd swallowed over two dozen loads. The parties continue monthly, but I seldom go because I don't have transportation. Anyone who wants to give me a ride can go as my guest.
frottage is hot, its just 2 guys rubbing there dicks on each others dicks. whether its standing and kissing and bobbing your dick off his dick or putting your and and holding each otehrs dicks together and rubbing them together.
I love to suck Japanese dicks! They have smaller dicks but they can be so dominating to cock suckers!
I want chicks with dicks n big asses small dicks


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!