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Oregon LGBT

A fun couple who like laughter, sensual attire, costume dances. Like to go to beaches, often along the Oregon Coast, we`d like to find simular couples where the female is bi or bi curious, to engage possibilities arrising from mutual friendships. To go out to dances, beaches, and share laughter and fun. Summer is approaching so lets get together! Down to Oregon alot on business.
I do not speak english very well. I'm shy I like to know more about sexuality. I like to read stories and imagine about LGBT I don't know what else to write....
Kinky Bi Australian Guy moving to San Francisco for the LGBT lifestyle and looking for friends for laughs and fun !
Single. Pretty. Curvy. Smart. Funny. Independent female. Seeking someone to help better educate me about the LGBT population.
I'm a 20 year old IU student home for the summer. I'm gonna be bored as hell, so I figure I may as well try to meet some others in the LGBT community while I'm here! I'm pretty open, so hit me up if you want to talk/ask anything :)
35 y/o guy from Oregon, and I just want to go for it
The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court along with
Mr Gay Oregon XXXVIII Chad Hammer
Ms Gay Oregon XVIII The Notorious Savannah Veronica Jackson
Miss Gay Oregon XXXVI Candi Wrapper
~ Presents ~

Mr, Ms, Miss Gay Oregon Pageant 2008
"Behind The Velvet Rope at Studio 54...A 70's Explosion!"
Saturday June 28th, 2008
Reception at 5pm Pageant at 6pm
$20.00 Cover to support
Q Center, SMYRC, and The Pride of the Rose Scholorship Fund
The Melody Ballroom 615 SE Alder, Portland Oregon

Mr, Ms, Miss Gay Oregon Friends & Family Party
Friday June 27th, 2008
Reception at 6pm Party at 7pm
Free Cover
The Embers Avenue 110 NW Broadway, Portand Oregon

To get more information on this, email me and I will send you the contacts

46 year old bi male in wsetern oregon is wanting to hook up with othor bi males in oregon
i am bisexaul and i am looking for some one in oregon close to monroe oregon. i had one experiance and i want to try again.Flower. if you are interested or have any questions please fill free to contact me.Kiss
In July, we attended the local meeting of the LGBT organization that puts on the PRIDE fest here. I say PRIDE fest, because it supports the entire LGBT community thus its not GAY PRIDE fest. After 2 hours in the meeting feeling like nothing was accomplish, I voiced my opinions to the Co-Chair and reminded him every time I spoke, email or saw him that there were bisexuals out there. After the 5th or 6th time, he agreed and changed the web site to display not only the rainbow flag, but all 4 flags...LGBT. So many times the bisexual community gets lost in the gay community and clumped together. We are not gay, nor straight. We are BiSexual and have our own place in culture. I have changed all my icons on chat services to proudly display the BiSexual flag and answer all questions when asked what it is. In today's society, there is room for us all...LGBT and Str8 and more than enough respect for all desires and people. Next time you see an event hosted by the local community, look to see if indeed there is a BiSexual flag flying in the breeze just as high as the rainbow. If not, ask "Why isn't there a BiSexual Flag flying?"
Thank you for your post Sassy. I too am disturbed by so-called Christians who advocate bigotry and hate. I was a Christian for more than ten years and I learned "Judge not lest ye be judged yourself." and "Love the sinner and hate the sin."

I'm not saying being LGBT is a sin, but a "good" Christian would know better than this church who's endorsing the bill.

And it seems lately the preachers who seem the most bigoted towards LGBT turn out to be closeted homosexuals themselves, so it is pure hypocracy. There's no other word for it.

Sorry if I got too preach.

I hope Obama gets re-elected. Personally, I would never vote for someone who is openly against the LGBT community seeing as I'm bi and so is my sister.


Seems like a few of us are interested in an "Oregon" topic on Bisexual Playground, but no one's kicked it off yet. I'm adding this entry on 1/4/09 to see if there's any interest in the new year in an Oregon Journal. Would be a good, simple way to hook up.

Bisexual Women
bi female looking for same in oregon
Bisexual Women
Looking for a teacher in Oregon! Anyone out this way? Hug
Guys Who Eat Cum
hot bi guy in oregon looking for hot bi couples.
BBW in NE Oregon looking for some BBW lovin Kiss.
Yea lets get the Oregon thing going

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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!