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Orgies Near Me

Orgies Near Me on Bisexual PlaygroundOrgies Near Me on Bisexual Playground
I am an 18 year old athletic male who is interested in orgies, bi orgies, ts, women, and big booty bottoms.
I am seeking bicurious, bisexual or even gay males jion me and some hot bi male friends of mine for orgies I have monthly in my area. Let me know if you may be interested. I am the only female present at the orgies.
Professional Chef loves to dine out, cook at home, wine, gardening Into mixed orgies, same sex orgies, one on one, circle jerks and more. Have a place to host parties
I'm a guy who just wants to have fun and try out new and exciting things...i have been in 2 orgies and i want to have more orgies or just one on one sex with guys or girls. I'm 5 11 250lbs brown hair brown eyes....and for my attributes ask me that i promise you wont be disappointed.
I am a very open minded, v ery experienced bisexual man. I have tried everything from straight orgies to bisexual and gay orgies.
I'm open to all sorts of experiences and my girlfriend likes making love to men and women. We've had some good threesomes and orgies but we want to have more threesomes and orgies with both men and women of whatever race. I hope people are interested in us... Get in touch!!
I go to naked orgies in West Saint Paul Minnesota lots of fun sucking cock text me if you want we can talk about sucking cock and orgies and I'd like to show you my cock
Does anyone realize that usukme probably never read one single response to this post, maybe never even logged back on after posting it? A shame. Its a good thread.

I have had quite a few experiences, both with my wife and by myself. 1-on-1 with bi and gay men and 1 with a guy 'on the DL' as they say. We have been involved in groups as large as 9 with 7 guys and 2 women. I have been to all male hotel orgies but only managed to suck and be sucked there (at one I sucked at least 10 different cocks and had 3 in my hands and mouth at one time, though didn't finish any of them off. Want some day to have several men tagteam my ass and finish by having them all cover me with their cum.

all male hotel orgies (very erotic!)Flower
WOW! I would sure like to cum to your orgies.

Now some Man Orgies
Hit me n my man up for orgies
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Lesbian Orgies
any lesbian orgies in ky
always looking for orgies, please invite me!! Thank:)Hug
All Men Orgies
Any male orgies in SW michigan
Male Orgy
Any male orgies in Illinois.
How to find orgies in Atlanta
Looking for Wild Orgies in VA , MD, and DC. Please invite me


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!