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Satin Panties Sissy Bra Captions Tumblr

Satin Panties Sissy Bra Captions Tumblr on Bisexual PlaygroundSatin Panties Sissy Bra Captions Tumblr on Bisexual Playground
I'm 5"5' bulk hair brown eyes 185 my weight with many tattos and have a big fethis on satin panties, bras love wearing satin panties while having sex or or just stepping out not only do women I love seeming in satin panties I also getting horny seening a clean shaved man wearing panties haven't experience that yet want to because I'm getting tired of just looking at pictures of them
Living out some fantasies that have been begging to get out of me. Wearing satin panties while being fucked in the ass while fucking someone else. Giving a blow job for the first time. doing anal for the first time. wearing satin panties with a girl.funny, trim, and fun. Work outside all day and love working with plants. If you want to turn me on more than anything...if you want to talk me into anything, all you have to do is let me wear a pair of satin panties, and i will melt...i am all yours. Never been with a boy before and i have not been with anyone in 4 years. (by Choice)
love satin panties love to ware a womens cloths in plus size im 5-11 270 42 live in brookfield and love to get free panties from women that are clean most of my panties come from women any ladys has any satin panties to give me in
I am am a bisexual man that loves satin more thin anything I do wear satin panties and satin lingerie. I started at a young age of 11 yo with my sisters satin panties. I don't judge people for their likes the way I see it everybody should be able to live their life the way they want as long as they are not harming anyone and the other person is accepting. I fill this way I wear what's comfortable and make's me fill good and sexy and not what anyone else that is not accepting or judgemental about my fetish . I am not hurting anyone it"s only material.I don't like judgemental people. I also love other men and woman that wear satin. When I was married we had M-M-F threesomes and I have been with men alone. I do love oral sex and I have performed on both sexes before. I also had sex with both never had the opportunity to be a top with a guy but have been a bottom before.
i love my sissy cock in pretty panties silky satin thongs hold my smooth package so nice and the back rides between my tight ass cheeks and rubs my boi pussy. want me to cum in my hot pink panties honey?
I am into wairing satin panties and tshirt and I am really turned on by seeing a another man in satin panties.
I realize I said do wives enjoy husbands in panties but I think you’all wanted to show off. That’s okay panties are special. We each have a favorite material and cut. Mine is satin bikini. That satin against the jewels, the feeling is priceless. What woman doesn’t love to feel hubby’s junk in that satin. That’s why I love them, a nice warm wet pussy in that satin. Mmmmmmmmm
I get so turned on by wearing satin lingerie. From satin panties, to satin slips, garter belts and stockings. For the right occasion I do a full transformation.
Make mine satin, love the feel of my, and anyone else’s cock in satin panties. Love it when I can explode in a pair and lick them clean. Nothing beats satin.
Like my ladies in satin granny panties, nothing better then the feel of a nice ass in satin granny panties. I wear nylon boxers
I was about 10 or 11 and a friend and I were sleeping in a tent in my back yard. Well back then I was experimenting with women’s satin panties and satin slips under my clothes. I forgot I had them on and agreed to matching cocks. When I pulled my pants down and he saw what I had on he told me to suck his cock or he would tell everyone in school, before he could cum he then told me he was going to put it in my ass under the same conditions. So he pulled my slip up and panties to the side and without lube he jammed it in my ass hole. Man that hurt but after a while it felt kind of good and thinking back on it his pre cum must have been lubing things up and it didn’t take long and I felt him cum in me. He pulled out got dressed and left. After I pulled up the panties and sat there and thought about it and jerked off in the panties. Come up front, cum in the rear, the wet cum filled satin felt pretty good. From there on being bi was always a part of my life.
Obviously from my pictures it’s nothing but satin string bikini or satin thong, or open crotch panties. The only way to go


Taboo is super hot, I used to lick the little girl next door all summer she ran around in satin panties made her little tight ass look so inviting, so one day I was just getting out of bed with a piss hard on and she came in, she was about 5 and me 11 , and grabbed my cock and wow I laid her on the bed pulled her satin panties down and started licking her sweet pussy and jacking off. It was HOT
Sheer Panties
I prefe the Lacy panties/thongs and the satin or, satin and lace, even better
Satin Panties
I think men that were satin panties are hot I really love satin panties.
I'm a man that loves wearing women's panties everything feminine soft nylon panties satin panties silk panties i wear only women's clothing wished i had more wear leggings sitting in my ♿
Sexy Panties
This sissy has been wearing panties and other lingrie for years and still does i just love the feeling on my girlie clit and i always end up filling them yes the feeling is wonderful and i dream of a nice lady forcing me to wear hers and making this sissy fill them love large ladies panties slips and nighties I wear size 7 Vanity Fair panties they are the ultimate and even have some of my mothers god ret her soul those granny pinknylon panties just drive me crazy so if there is any large ladies out there that would love to put this sissy in their panties please give me a shout kisses to all the ladies and their granny pink panties
Panty Boys
I now wear them 24/7 and love it each day. I have enough that I could go over a month before I have to do laundry. Mostly I wear cotton everyday but have some satin and lace panties that I save for special occasions. Love to jack off and let it ooze into my panties. It would be nice to find a friend that also is into panties or at least doesn't mind that I am. I also do pantyhose, tights and a camisole.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!