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She Was His Property: Dress in 5 Inch Heels, a 21 Inch Corset and a Constant Single Glove, Also a 4 Inch Neck Corset

She Was His Property: Dress in 5 Inch Heels, a 21 Inch Corset and a Constant Single  Glove, Also a 4 Inch Neck Corset on Bisexual PlaygroundShe Was His Property: Dress in 5 Inch Heels, a 21 Inch Corset and a Constant Single  Glove, Also a 4 Inch Neck Corset on Bisexual Playground
Sensual, passionate Cross Dresser, I like to dress sexy with long hair, red lipstick, corset, mini-skirt, and high heels. Looking to connect with GG or other CD for playing dress-up and have passionate sex
Older guy, 66 but you wouldn't know it if you met me. 5'10'', fit with a fat 7 inch cock. Not bald but I am grey. Enjoy being whatever she wants me to be. I have some lady's lingerie and stockings and love my 4 inch heels. I am flexible to the max. If she wants me to suck, I will happily suck him or her. I love having my cock sucked and my ass fucked. Tie me up dress me pictures or friends over. I have few limits and many talents.
5' 9", bi crossdresser that loves to wear slutty/sexy lingerie (bra, panties, garterbelt, stockings, high heels, corset, etc.) When I dress up I am VERY submissive and love to be use like the slut I am.
Tight 31 inch waist. 32 inch length. 6 inch cock. 152 lbs. five foot eight inches tall.
We a both in great shape. My wife is very busty with a nice ass and tight pussy. I have a 44 inch chest, 16 1/2 inch arms, 33 inch waist with a little cock
Im 5 9 220pownds i work out all the time i have 20 inch arms 54 inch chest blue eyes no hair on my body 7 inch cut I love to please and i like to make fatazys cumtrueilikebeingsomeonesextoy i like to get down with the sickns
Hot assed TV slut looking to pull together a group of guys to gangbang-guys that like to take some pleasure from a tight assed slut. I love to dress the part: 6 inch ankle strap heels, seamed stockings,corset with garters,long wild hair and cocksuckerred lips. I am looking for classy d/d free guys that want to drop a few loads with a hot cum slut. email me to get in touch. Suzy
5 inch or more girth at 6 1/2 inch - 7 inch long for anal... and for size, heavy cummers are the best.
I started with a 6 inch slim toy then worked my way up to 9 and 10 inch and 2 inch thickness it hurt at first but now it feels great . Now just to have real some real cock would be nice .
This past weekend I had my 1st ex. with a woman using a strap on. 5 inch girth and 7 inch boy did she know how to fuck, it was great... She opened my ass up for her husband. He didn't have the same girth but was 9 inch long, maybe more and he drove it galls deep.
I have continued to expand (pun intended) my anal pleasures. I can also relate with those who have difficulty taking anal toys or cocks up their ass. As I discussed above, I could take a 1 1/2 inch diameter dildo (and cock) very quickly. When I received the 1 7/8 diameter butt plug, it took about a month (trying 2-3 times a week) to get to the point I could take it with comfort. Along the way I bought a 2 inch diameter butt plug. It took me about 2 additional months to be able to take it up my ass with comfort. I believe 2 inch diameter is my limit.

My point is, as I approached my limit it took longer and longer time to be able to accept it. Based on comments from other people here, I believe everyone has their own "limit" on what they can take anally; it may be 2 inch, 3 inch, or just 1 inch.
The issue of where to mesure from seems endless but if you just take a 8 inch dildo and put it next to your hard cock, is it bigger of smaller? Mines over a inch bigger then any store bought 8 inch and I didn't have to suffer the quandry of where to start. besides afer you get finished checking out who's bigger there other fun things to do with that baby.


Bisexual Black Men With Big Dicks
Big dicks are great youbhave to lick the shaft more I can deepthrought 12 inch cocks it's a challenge I prefer a 6 to 8 inch dick to suck its not so hard on the throat I sucked a 6 inch tranny cock yesterday and it was awesome, I forgot how much I like sucking a cock it had been 3 years since I had a cock in my mouth I'm not waiting that long again
All Girl Sex Party
I need a few good girl friends, to dress me up very sexy (corset, platform heels..make me look like a sexually experienced woman) and then BDSM dungeon style I get tied up and have my holes played with and filled by toys by other sex loving woman like myself. Someone who can understand the need to be forced to enjoy my desires because I want it so bad but I would never ask for it.
6 Inch Dicks
Wish I had a 6 inch dick mine is only 5 inches but would love to get my hands on a 6 inch one mmmmm
12 Inch Cock
I have had afew 12 inch cocks most were black but they were all awesome:-P My largest to date was a 14 inch one, it got stuck in my throat.
12 Inch Cock
Hi mike I would be your sissy anytime. I want to get to know you. Inch by inch.
Deep Throat
OOOH WOOOW. theres just nothing like the feel of a big throbbing hard cock head down my throat. I enjoy just laying a guy down, and then taking my time with his cock. putting his hole cock in my mouth and feeling it get bigger and bigger, and harder and harder in my wet warm mouth. and once I have it big and hard. I start working it inch by inch down my throat. till I have every hard throbbing inch of it down my throat. big ones,littlr one, fat ones. I love how it feels to fuck my cock hungry throat. I think the biggest man meat I have had down my throat. is around 9 inchs or so. I would love to take down a 12 inch cock in my cock fucking throat.


Thanks guys for you nice message. Your site seems better then the ones I have tried. It is hard for a single guy to meet couples because they either want females or another couple. Well anyway thanks again for being nice and will be talking again soon. Jim