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Sissy Boy Riding Sybian Tumblr

Sissy Boy Riding Sybian Tumblr on Bisexual PlaygroundSissy Boy Riding Sybian Tumblr on Bisexual Playground
She is bi exhibitionist into Sybian and other toys. She likes mutual masturbation with other girls, i.e.; riding the Sybian together. She also likes to have girls watch her masturbate, and we both like to watch other girls masturbate. Sexual contact between me and any other girls is not required.
Sissy bottom in training loves to wear panties and stockings and be trained to only orgasm through anal sex or toy riding and sissy hypno training that's forced and done in front of anyone master or mistress says as I'm laughed at an3d humiliated. Whore me out for you enjoyment. Into partying or being meth trained to help make me helpless and eager to please.. BBC train me. Make me a camwhore.
Want to see if I can rent a sybian
Interested in renting a Sybian
my name is jessica i am 22 i am bi i am 5' 4" 135lbs i love girls i love horse back riding four wheelier riding dildo riding i am a all american ril what more can i tell you jus ask
older cross dresser,(I LIKE THE TERM SISSY) Sissy Slut is married with my wife giving her SISSY SLUT HUSBAND Her PERMISSION & SUPPORT!I'm good with my age,(looks,mobility,self,havin g sex,etc) SISSY SLUT LIKES EXHIBITION so if you just need someone to watch,join in,play with,use,humiliate,etc.SISSY can do & will do most anything! I have a lot to give & there is always room to learn.Sissy is not religious is spiritual along with a good sense of humor! SISSY BELIEF'S MOST ACTS ARE OK AS LONG AS YOUR NOT HURTING ANYONE ITS ALL GOOD!
I have a sybian, and would like to find a few people who may be interested in a Sybian riding party! NH area!
I have a sybian, and looking for adventurous people to come over and try it out! Lets have a sybian riding party!
Who would like to have/join a sybian riding party? I am in NH and can host!
I have that same vibrator and I use it to help stretch my anal sphincter. It takes time to get there but it has started to feel better. The heating element doesn't work any more but I read a review before I bought it that said that would probably happen. I still have to use a lot of effort to push out on my sphincter muscles to allow the shaft into my ass but once it's in and I turn on the vibrator it gets much better. I also attach it to a cabinet and thrust back and forth on it to simulate getting fucked. It's a good training tool and I hope to bottom next week on my first date with new BF who is also an anal virgin. We're both about the same age and have not been sexually active in a long time due to varying circumstances but both ready to date and play after long hiatus from person to person sex play. I would also love to have a Sybian. Wish there was a way to rent one. What a weekend THAT would beeeeeeee. How about a BJ while riding a Sybian, WOW.
Well darn it, my VERY FAVORITE pleace to CUM bi and edge in the nude has disappeared as of 17 Dec bi banning "adult content."

Tumblr was THE BEST PLACE I had ever been to for fantasy masturbation (my most favorite form of SEX bi the way).

Do any "Tumblr Refugees" have a new place to play that is "like what we had there?"

Mind you, I adore this web site butt the "really good members" are mostly too far away to actually meet and get naked with.

BUTT, hope springs eternal.
id like to buy a sybian or fucking machine for her pleasure. that way I could go down on her while shes getting fucked and many possibilities, But u could find a guy also but sorta hard to do seems do you find out if a guy is hung or not and if he wants to fuck her etc etc & setting it all up could be challenging. the Sybian is a Garentee lol


We own a Sybian and Love to see other women have the experience of riding a Sybian. Debbie can do a Demo that will make you weak in the knees. If you are looking to ride one let us know. All we ask it to watch and what ever else you many want is up to you.;);)
We own a Sybian and Love to see other women have the experience of riding a Sybian. Debbie can do a Demo that will make you weak in the knees. If you are looking to ride one let us know. All we ask it to watch and what ever else you many want is up to you.;);)
Being Used By Men
Yes please do, I am a little cum Sucking Sissy Boi, please do come and use my Sissy Cock Riding Ass
Dominant Top
Say Hello To You My New Friend My Name is OhDenizen and I am a Bisexual Bare Backing Bottom sissy Fuck-Boy that is a Hoping To Find a Dominant Top or a Group of Dominant Top's to Cum and Play with me 1 on 1 or to do me 3 on 1 and up to 7 on 1 with me being the one that is being Handed around as a Little Cum Sucking Cock Riding Sissy Party Girl all Dress up in a Pink Dress ... I Do Have 10 Very Naked Photo's of Me in this Journal's Photo Gallery do go and take a Look and if you like what you will see do say Hello back anytime Ok my new Friend... Bye 4 Now from Me OhDenizen...
Women Who Lick Assholes
Would love to have my legs spread wide with a hot looking female eating my ass, one riding my cock an the othr riding my face.
Double Penetration
Wow, I've always dreamed of riding a guy and having someone come up from behind me fuck me in the azz. But having read some of these comments posted and experience got me so wet and horny thinking about riding 2 dicks!!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!