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Stories About Curious Straight Guys Sucking Other Straight Guys

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Straight to the point guy here. looking to hook up now with guys in my area, I like guys under 35, prefer smooth to hairy. I like bi-curious or inexperienced guys. I like to suck and want to meet guys who like to get sucked. Reciprocation is not required but always enjoyed. I prefer to host in NE Miami. I would like to train a guy who wants to explore cock-sucking.
Love giving head to straight and bi-curious guys around my age, a little older a little younger that's ok too. I live alone so feel free to contact me for a bj anytime! --- I also have a 7" cut, REALLY thick cock that loves getting sucked on by straight guys who are into cock, and bi/curious guys too.
I am an easy going basically straight guy who is happily partnered with a great woman who is 100% straight. Several years ago after way to many drinks with a buddy of mine I wound up sucking his cock and discovered I really get into it. Since then I have become somewhat addicted to sucking dick. My woman thinks that's fine as I am not cheating on her if I am with some guy. My primary interest is simply giving oral sex to other guys. I am not looking for a relationship just casual discrete sexual encounters. Prefer younger straight, married or bi guys. Started off looking at the gay scene but really didn't relate to it. Just to gay. I am not looking for reciprocation. Just lay back and enjoy.
im a straight guy who just likes to have sexual fun with guys. i dont like relationships with guys. i like sucking dick, being sucked, being fucked, fucking, getting my ass rimmed, getting my ass fingered by guys. with girls- anything
Hi, I am new at this, and for years I always feels and get hard on when I am imageing myself sucking, fuck tight ass n get hung fucking too.. Prefer nice in shape Bi-straight guys with hung cock for fun pleasure. Must play it quiet, go the same for me.. ZIP ZIP.. Hit me up.. Email me any BI STRAIGHT Cool guys?
I'm 27, short dirty blonde hair with reddishfacial hair. I'm about 145lbs and 5'7. I have a slender build. I work for an industrial company and am bisexual. I'm really into straight or bi curious guys, and bi or gay guys who come off as straight. I'm not into female. Acting guys. I love oral and masturbating. I like fooling around and Cummings. I'm not really onto fucking but am down to do it.
My biggest thing that bothers me is straight guys who says they are straight that clearly are not. I understand if you write straight and your looking for only a bi-female. The guys who come in the chat posting seductive pics, hitting on guys, saying the want to try sucking cock or having a threesome with other guys. Those are the ones i am referring to. those are clearly bi. rather its just being curious or full out bi. One guy said he puts straight incase someone saw him on this site. they are only going to see it if they were on this site looking too. Your profile needs to line up with what you are looking for. dont put bi if your straight and dont say your straight if your bi. Dont give us mixed messages and make us try and figure out what you really looking for.
I am 100% gay, and I travel alot for work and that is why I joined this site. I have been forunate enough to meet several men from here, and beleive it or not over half of them are listed on here as straight or bi-curious. I don't really come on to them, becasue I have had straight guys get really pissed when I say Helloe and welcome to the site. But of the straight guys I have met here most of them approached me, and the others I commented on their picture that they were attractive or had a fit body. I think alot of straight guys are just curious and if they happen to meet someone on here that they would be a little curious about meeting and it is someting both sides want to try, got for it. I have met more straight curious or bi-curious guys guys here then bi or gay guys, and to be honest meeting up with a curious guys and giving them their first experience with a guy, is actually a real turn on for me especially when they tell me its only a one-time thing they are just curious and will never do it again, and then they contact me in less than 24 hours asking when we can meet again, it is Great. This is a Great site, I have been very succesful meeting guys on here, and there is something for everyone here.
Just an update:

It's been close to 6 years since we first made this post, and just a few days ago, on Saturday night, we had a Gang-Bang with all the same guys as were there back then! My old BP friend came in for it, and I actually had 2 other guys that I met right here on BP also show up. All together, there was 7 guys ( well 8 including Danny)

We had 4 Bi Guys and 4 straight guys. Lets just say the "straight" guys can no longer be considered "straight". By the end of the night, all 4 had sucked at least one cock, and one of the guys even let Danny fuck him in the ass! But the problem with playing with so many Bi-Guys is that they end up stealing all the CUM! I only had one guy finish in my mouth!

I just posted this as I thought it was quite fun having all the same guys 6 years later, and not even as a plan! :)

Carol xoxoxo
I don't think its a matter of being bisexual, bi-curious, or straight here. I believe this has to do more with straight guys claiming they are bi-curious to enter into a couples bed for sex with the female only. Or guys who claim to be bi or bi-curious who upon meeting up with a couple inform them he is not really interested in having sex with a guy or just goes through the motions. In other words I believe everyone should be able to list themselves in whatever category they choose be it str8, bi, bi-curious, gay, trans, etc. However, if you do choose a category make sure you are willing to live up to what is expected as I would only expect a straight guy (if we meet) to want to have sex with Sue. Where on the other hand if he indicates he is bi-curious I know that he not only wants to have sex with Sue but is also willing to experiment with sex with me. Then there is the category I fall into which is bisexual where I could careless if a woman is involved or not when I have oral and anal sex with another guy as I totally enjoy having sex with a guy as much as I enjoy having sex with a woman....Wink
I love sucking straight curious guys and being the first man to suck their cocks. After I'm done sucking them I know I won't be their last. They always tell me what a great cocksucker I am, which is the best compliment there is. I love sucking married guys too, and sending them home with their cock wet from my mouth.
Maybe some single straight guys are looking for bi-women (well, what guy isn't? and some are really bi-curious but since they havn't done anything yet they still say straight. Couple that with vague profiles listing "looking for new things" and I have a hard time figuring out thier motivation as well.

As for being harrassed, I can understand being nervous but anybody that harrasses you better pack a lunch and bring a few freinds cause your one big goodlooking SOB (o.k. the good looking part dosn't have anything to do with how tough you may be, I just wanted to add it in).

So I do have one question to the straight guys and i'm not harrassing you, just being curious. What's the motivation to joining a bi-website? I'm not saying anyone should be excluded from the site, I'm just always curious about personal motivations.

P.S. It does make me nervous as well sometimes but then I just figure; how are they going to explain where they saw me?


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I am interested in sucking well hung guys (8 inches or larger and black guys welcome) to completion. I prefer straight or passively bi guys who only want to recieve. I do swallow. I am very discreet and travel all over north and central Fl. including the Panhandle. I especially enjoy having a woman watch. I am also willing to service women orally. I am bi and for REAL. Message me and let's get to it!
Giving Men Blow Jobs
I have become addicted to sucking men's cock, after being stuck home alone indoors during the crisis of 2020-2021. It was as if when I could finally be around guys, I didn't want to shake hands or hang out. I needed to blow them. I became so in love with the idea, I actually installed a Glory Hole in my place and advertised every where I could. It not just gives me endless cock, but every variety, and dozens of straight guys who would never let a guy suck their dick. Just that bit if anonymity made guys not care who was sucking them, and I've never been had so much fun and pleasure.
I'd love to hear some real stories of things that go on at Hedonism. I've been wanting to go and would really like to know what to expect. I'm a straight woman who loves bi guys and I don't know if it would be a good place to have some fun or not. I know they have different weeks for different interests, but not sure how to go about finding out what would be a good week for me.
Senior Men
I want to start a senior men’s cock sucking club in Kentucky. Straight guys wanting a VJ can cum too
pnp in lakeland looking for hook up with guys straight gay bi guys in area to pnp and watch porn and see what happens some real tasty party favors ..need to here from someone soon
Cumming Together
Med medium built guy here love making a guy feel good just have to do nothing to me just let me do the pleasure to you I live in Florida just south of Tampa Sarasota downtown looking to please guys like I said you don't have to do nothing to me I'm serious here very horny love sucking coming together having you come it's even better for me I don't have to come because when you come I feel like I come please contact me I like phone sex to you want to talk about it I did it before it's cool but I really looking for a guy you can be straight bi gay bi-curious do you like to be sucked off please contact me


Thank you so much for being so attentive to your members. I never invested for a lifetime membership before. I have a warm fuzzy feeling about your site. You are really doing a tremendous service to people like myself who feel like a lost kitten. I don't like raw sex but I do enjoy multiple relationships within a group. How is that for an explanation. I guess what I am trying to say is I believe in polyamory. I did not know this until after I married for the second time. My husband is straight but I really believe he is curious about other men. I do not have the patience to convert him into his real nature. I have lost a lot of time not addressing my bisexual nature. Thanks for listening. And thanks again for this wonderful playground.