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Tell Me How You Want Me to Fuck Other Men Captions

Tell Me How  You Want Me to Fuck Other Men Captions on Bisexual PlaygroundTell Me How  You Want Me to Fuck Other Men Captions on Bisexual Playground
18 year old femboy CD , honestly sissy captions mushed my brain
I'm 41 and horny as fuck. I fuck hard as and I want be fuck and suck dick but I want my dick suck and balls sucked and licked and I want eat pussy and women's ass and guys ass and I want fuck a woman and get my ass fucked at the same time come fuck daddy
Iam out going very wild and very blunt I love to hangout and chill with my friends I am looking to hook up with a couple and fuck like animals I am very new at this it be my first time with a guy I am a virgin just saying in that way way but I love pussy I am a sex maniac a freak I like kinky I want fuck most have a car and can come pick me up and I no it be well worth it looking around for a couple in Baxter cookeville area and I ain't a small man I am blessed in ways I also good with my mouth I want fuck bad so if interested HMU I'll shoot address and y'all come get me and we fuck I've never fucked a guy before but am wanting to experience new things and I want to fuck bad
I can fuck her till she quivering and screaming then she loves my cock and I love seeing a lady getting gang banged and I'm sure she fantasizes about being gang banged by huge cocks. Shes a great fuck and beautiful too. I want us to fuck everybody. You only live once. And I'm dying to fuck some new pussy
I’m just a 29 year old guy who wants someone to let me fuck them and fuck me back and even though I may scream fuck my boi pussy good and fill up all my holes, will come as I am or crossdress and beg for your cock or strap on
We are cool like Fonzi...and we don't give a fuck about others ideas concerning our sexual nature..We like to suck & fuck and if you don't...FUCK YOU!
Here's one for ya that my dear friend Willy sent me. If you can't read it, the title at the bottom says "Anal Sex Serious Business" and the captions say -- Girl Chipmunk: "When a girl tells you to fuck her in the ass, you don't make stupid jokes you fuck her in the ass!" Boy Chipmunk: "Yes Ma'am."
ROFLMAO!! charlie you are just too much!! thanks for the laughs & keep them coming!!! i love your captions for the pics!! too too funny!!!!
Omg that is so funny, And so something that would happen to
Well not buying super size tampons though..lmao
Gets me to thinking about one of my favorite little captions...
If men had Periods, they would brag about the size of there tampons..lmao

Thanks for sharing Dede...Hugs
Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me and Sweet Fucking Yes FUCK ME ...(^_^(?... and The More Rock Hard COCK"S That I Can Get 2 CUM and Yes To FUCK ME ? The Very More I Get To Taste ---> Mmmm U"s Getting All CUM -MY ? I Want all of that and more ---> Interested ? ? ? Do Say Hello Back Any Time and Let"s Get VERY Wet Soon --> But Bye 4 Now ---> Dennis ...
I would Married. Because that is what I do when I fuck my gal. I eat my gals ass and pussy before I fuck it. You know why? If I cant lick it I wont stick it. So yes Molly I would definitely fuck you like I would a gal if you would let me eat that pussy and play with it before I fuck you in your sweet lil stocking and cute buns all cumbered up and ready for me!
Besides its sexual connotations, this incredible word can be used to describe many situations......

Greetings - How the fuck are u ?
Dismay - Oh fuck it ...
Trouble - Well I guess I'm fucked now...
Aggression - " Fuck You "
Confusion - What the fuck ?
Difficulty - I don't fucking understand...
Incompetence - He fucked every thing up ...
Disbelief - Unfucking believable...
Lost - Where the fuck are we ?
Fraud - I got fucked...

Hug Kiss :-P ~ Farmy ~


Posted a contribution. Aught to have "captions" though They'd read, 1st one, "Wear these!" 2nd one, "Or, I will!" God, it's nice to be a cd bi switch ;)
Horny Truckers
Wish one of you trucker would come and get me I would love to suck your huge cock and let you put it in my ass and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and then pull it out and come in my mouth swallow
Having Sex While Other People Watch
WHEN I go upstairs to fuck my neighbor we always fuck rite by the window just so the men in the next building can watch us fuck..The thrill of letting people watch me fuck turns my hot ass onKissKissKissKissKiss
Men That Want To Be Fucked In The Ass
FUCK ME and FUCK ME ---> Sweet FUCKING Yes, FUCK Me Again and Again 1 on 1 or in a Group of VERY Hot and Horny Male and Female Bisexual"s ...(^_^(?... any Time ? ? ? Kiss Just Say Hug
Kiss Me While I Ride Your Hubby
I’m a total bottom for the man!!! But I’ll be anything the woman needs me to be for her!! Strap one on and The both of you fuck me!! Him and I can fuck you!! Or he can fuck the both of us!!! I would love it all!! And the more we misbehave the better!!
White Guys Getting Fucked By Black Guys
I would to get fuck,suck a black gay. I'm a bottom that love to get fuck. I think about get fuck and sucking a black all of the time. I'm in mid Missouri so if you would to fuck my bottom and get the off your cock when you email me. I'm for real. I have a big bottom and deep throat.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!