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Wife Dancing Wit Strangers in Bar in Short Skirt No Panties Tubes

Wife Dancing Wit Strangers in Bar in Short Skirt No Panties Tubes on Bisexual PlaygroundWife Dancing Wit Strangers in Bar in Short Skirt No Panties Tubes on Bisexual Playground
we are a married couple that loves each other very much. we like to go out for our fantasy nights. we like when my wife flashes guys her panties under her short skirt. we are easy going and would like to be dominated by a well hung bi male.we like to role play when we go out.
Closet CD, only dress when wife out of town. love to dress in formal gowns or simple mini skirt or short sun dress. Love bras, panties, full makeup and wig. Feels so sexy when dressed that I have a hard time not touching myself.
i 'm 5'9/brown/brown,mustache,avera ge build, don't look my age,love to eat pussy,suck breasts,like a woman to show her cleaveage plus short skirt or dress no panties on.caress your entire body///wife wants to try a woman and eat her pussy,she loves butts,and tits she wants to play with you,please help us,1st timmers.
I am a senior type crossdresser who loves to wear panties, skirt, stocking, and a blouse. I am not passable but love the feel of feminine clothing on my body and being with others who feel the same. I am sort of easy going, but like my sexual encounters to be sort of equal - equal, as I an neither sub nor dom. Am 5'8" 168 lbs, size 6 panties, sz 10 heels, sz 14 blouse and skirt.
bi male, easy going, open minded that likes to try anything once. tasting and touching really turns me on. my first experience was with an older man who liked to put me in garters and panties and a short skirt before having sex, it turned him on as it did me
I had two brothers, one on either side of me, and my sister, the oldest. Mom would do the laundry for us and put it in the middle of the hall between our rooms, and we were to dig through for our clothes. I always came across my sister's panties and bras while doing this, and I loved the feel of them. I remember the first ones I ever tried were pale yellow and quite reminiscent of VF with about an inch lace at the top. I would also have fantasies where I was in the lingerie section of the department store, and I would take a pair of panties and a bra and change into them in the changing room, then run out into the middle of the store, yelling, "Help! Someone stole my clothes!" Everyone would turn from what they were doing and notice me in my panties and I felt like I was a girl when I did this. After that, I take her panties from the clean laundry, smell the fresh clean smell and put them over my head. When masturbation came around, I would wear them and sneak into her room every chance I got. I would put on her strapless bra and any panties I found and jack off into the gusset, then put them back on the floor where I found them. During college, I once found on a shelf in the middle of a hallway a sheer, black, pleated short skirt that had a black satin slip attached to it. I had a job where I could spend all night in an office next to a dorm, so I would sit there with no lights on and masturbate in my skirt and panties stolen from dryers or girls I knew while watching the windows in the dorm. I was on and off like many others until about 8 years ago, when the advent of the internet search engines showed me I wasn't alone.reminded me what I was missing. What I really wanted to do was show everyone what I looked like in very silky panties that I wasn't supposed to be wearing! Once I got a webcam for free when I signed up for DSL years ago, I couldn't possibly look back! I would dress in all kinds of slips, bras and panties, and take pictures of myself or cam with someone else, guy or girl. Mostly guys.
At a restaurant a few years ago my wife wearing a short skirt i talked her into spreading her legs so the guy at the next table could look up her skirt and see her panties
Gunman338 might be right. Show a few pics of your beautiful big cock hanging out of panties or a short skirt n you may attract more people. It would be a dream cum true to slide my hand up a gal's skirt n feel a big bulge in her panties. I'm on my knees BABY!!!
I love wearing womens panties, yoga pants, bras. I love wearing panties in front of other men and women. I loved stealing other wives panties on vacation and wearing them. When the wife (now ex) caught me and hated it after the phase she liked it was even more fun.. That pink pair looks amazing on you...
The most fun I had was on sundays we wpould both wear her panties and clean the house and tease each other... we would masterbate for each other.
I always wanted to do that with a guy and girl or husband and wife.. I want to wear panties, bra, sexy short skirt.. I want to be the perfect wife to both of you... I love sexy panties.. I just got new order from victorias secret. I bought two bathing suit bottoms, they are so fun for backyard pool parties. lets chat
I have worn panties 24/7 for the past 16 years. I thru away all my male underwear, I even wear panties to the doctor appointments and no one says a word, I wear cami's, slips, thigh-hi in public with women's short shorts, and I wear skirts around the house and yard. Its fun if you bend over outside in a short skirt and show the world what beautiful panties you are wearing.
Do you prefer a woman with a short skirt with panties or no panties if you have a nice pic let me see please
Crushed... well done! I like your way of gauging the desire level of new friends. We play pool. I wear high heels, short skirt, no panties... low cut blouse... Heels makes it easier to bend over for my shots. Plus I'm short and I'll never get my bum high enough for exposure without them... ;)


Women In Short Skirts With No Panties
I wore a short skirt with no panties once and my close f friend got a bit turned on by finding my commando she fingered while we were dancing very close in a busy club - was the best feeling mmmmmmmm
Women In Short Skirts With No Panties
I love watching my wife with a short skirt no panties tease the boys
Women In Short Skirts With No Panties
Love to take a female who is not comfortable with the idea of not wearing panties putting her in a short skirt and taking her out to display her goods and finger her pussy and her ass. The submissive side of me loves the humiliating and degrading feeling I get when my Daddy puts grapes in my ass after he has used it all day . He then makes me put a skirt on , no panties walks me through the hotel lobby and into the lounge for drinks and dinner where he gropes me and fingers me. Upon leaving it takes everything to hold onto those grapes so they don't drop down on the floor in front of everyone. His cum often does drip down my legs
Mini Skirts
A short ass mini skirt with no panties. Oh, bend over please.
Fingering Women In Public Places
An ex of mine decided he was going to get me worked up one night ...we went to this club and I had on a short skirt a low cut v neck that showed a lot of cleavage, heels and a sexy lace bra and panty set... while we were sitting in the corner and he started to slide his hand up my skirt. I was shocked cause he never had done that...the first time he just rubbed me thru my panties. Then stopped..when I wasn’t paying attention he did it again sliding his fingers just inside the panties..the third time he did it he slid a finger in my this time I was getting wet..he did this to me all the end of the night I went to the bathroom and took my panties off cause they were wet... when he went to do it again he realized what I had done. When we got to the parking garage he pulled me into a dark area and started fucking my pussy with his fingers...from the teasing he had been doing all night I came like a gush all over his hand....he adjusted my skirt and stuck his pussy juiced fingers in his mouth and started sucking them like lollipops... one of my fondest memories
The most sexiest thing is a woman with a short skirt and beautiful legs that run up her back and a petite ass with no panties on


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