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Georgia Sexual Relationships

I love to make new friends & have open relationships. I am interested having relationships & enjoy Talking .
I'm sexy thick black female. I'm thick in the right places. I love to eat pussy I just want pussy in my mouth 24/7!! I like to be ate out as well. But I love putting my face in a sexy female pussy!! I will eat u for hours. I want someone who is actually really wanting a sexual relationship and that's it!! I have a husband he doesn't know that I'm doing this on my own first!!! Then maybe later he can eat u too but I want to eat pussy by myself I can come on ur lunch break before u get home wherever I like to eat pussy where ever and when ever!!! I'm in Atlanta Georgia area!!! I would love to eat u from the back!!!
A 46 year old man who has had sexual desires for men since 12. Desires only getting stronger as I age,even after years of heterosexual relationships. Also attracted to transgender and hermaphroditism. Very,very confused.
[color:Blue][font:Georgia] We are the Webmasters. This is the account that you should write to if you need help on the site. Once in a while, we do have time to play with others. Look up BillnPattie on the site for our personal account. In short, we are always looking for friends with benefits to possible full relationships. It would be awesome to have a fulltime or partial live-in to help out with things! ;) We have an insatiable need to develop and improve upon this site, and can commonly be found coding late into the night and designing our own custom graphics or brainstorming about new great ideas that other sites haven't thought of yet. We are driven to provide the best service possible and to produce a solid, safe, quick site full of content and useful tools which will make searching for like-minded people quicker and easier. If you need help with the site, you can always refer to the [i]Click Here For Assistance[/i] button located at the bottom right of every page on BP. Or, if you still need help, you can contact a Moderator, Assistant, or write to us anytime. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun place to explore your fantasies and desires. Listed below are some Questions and Answers that might be able to help you right away.[/b][/b]
42 year old white male from Albany or on here from Albany Georgia always horny always ready to get off looking to have some fun maybe meet up hit me back
I'm a date-able kind of guy with a wild sensual side. I'm a sensual, passionate & masculine. I love meeting new people for/in all kinds of relationships including non-sexual friendships.
We're a very open couple. We love to play with other like-minded people who enjoy sexual relations with other consenting adults. We enjoy the closeness of the relationships, as well as the heat we can all generate.
Handsome, sensual male interested in meeting couples. Seeking long term relationships and intimate friends. Want to be closely involved in their lovemaking a well as helping them please one another. Anxious to explore the intimacy of a loving, sexual couple. Want to share my body with them to enhance their relationship. Open minded to taboos and preferences.
Recently from Southern California. Swung for about 6 years, same group of friends. Always safe always clean. Moved to north Georgia almost 4 years. No friends, no play. Wife a bit shy. However once warmed up, good to go. Looking for bedroom friends.
We are an open couple who loves to have fun and find people with like interests. Our personalities: We are very dedicated to each other and anything we put our hearts into. We're very honest and we always try to be kind. Bill has a great mind for learning new things quickly and can do anything technical or code-related. Pattie is great at organizing things, and managing projects. We are open-minded and feel that everyone should be honest with themselves and their spouses, because the best life is the one you enjoy, and one that you don't have to hide. We always try to do the right thing, whatever it is, and we love talking to people and helping them find what they're looking for. We tend to spot BS and drama a mile away, so we do our best to make sure we don't bring any of it into a situation. Emotionally, we are very happy when we're together and there's nothing in the way. We have lots of interests that you may be compatible with and to read more about them look at our "Non-sexual Interests" answer in our profile. [color:Blue] We've grown together alot through the years and are really up for many different kinds of situations. It depends on the person or people who we are with. We've had awesome one weekend stands to long term poly relationships. We've also has a few special individual relationships. We would enjoy doing any of them again with the right people. We do tend to be flirts and enjoy being flirted back with. [/b]
Bisexual married man. I have had bisexual relationships with other married men. I hope to meet a mature bisexual man living in Northern Virginia interested in mutual masterbation and oral sex (my greatest pleasure comes from receiving and giving oral sex). Once friendship and trust has been established I am open to satisfying any and all of my partner's sexual desires and fantasies.
I'm.... androgynous. I don't feel male, but I don't feel female either. I am biologically female, but I dress very "male". I've had sexual relationships with both men and women, and I'm not usually hung up on gender. As I read someplace and will paraphrase- a bisexual is never "trapped", only pleasantly surprised. At this time I think I'm mainly interested in transmen, as I'm beginning to sympathize and feel very masculine myself. It's unlikely that a transman will be interested in my "type", though, but I'm open to genderfluid individuals and transwomen as well. Cheers!
Well the best way to describe me for this site is I'm a guy in a really unique and fun situation. I will be playing as a single but I believe in being upfront, honest, respectful, trusting and caring of others so that everyone feels comfortable and gets pleasure from meeting up... well, we believe that. Now when I say we I mean my amazing sweet generous wife who wants to explore the road of open relationships. To start off, this is exploring is just a plus side of our already wonderful relationship. We love trying new things and we hope you will explore with us. This is NOT one of those relationships where the guy is sneaking. In fact, if all goes good we hope all three of us can meet. So this is where the special part comes in. She definitely wants to try the open relationships and we are starting with me and another girl together in the bedroom. This is why: She gets VERY VERY turned on to watching me with another girl. She is sitting next to me now and telling me to add another VERY in there :) Want more details? The more turned on I am, the more turned on you are - the more pleasuring that is going on - the more awesome she thinks it is. I have to admit, its a pretty cool situation and we hope someone special will be part of it. Now about me: Well I'm 6'3 245, I like people who are openminded and enjoy life too, 420 friendly people are fine too. :) I usually have lots of energy, and am very openminded in the bedroom. I can pretty much play any role if it is fun - so if you have some wild kinky fantasies, let me hear it and together we can try to fulfill them. Anything from vanilla sex to blindfolds and beyond... the naughtier the better :) I am also open to varying styles of relationships including a friends with benefits to just sex partners to a more intimate, relationship style ones. Non sexually - well let me ask her: She says I'm smart, sexy, sweet, caring, the most honest person she knows, thoughtful and she can continue if you want to hear more. I do have pictures but even though we are openminded, we are still private so I'll need to send them to you once we talk a little and see if you like ;) I'm really hoping we can find a right girl for us... for me. I want to believe that being open and upfront in my profile is the right thing to do. I really hope that you are cool with our situation and you'll be open to meeting us both and hopefully you and I can have some amazing times in the bedroom together.
Am romantic like girl for fun build relationships
Fit Professional Man, well groomed, DDF, easy going and always respectful of people and their relationships. I am 5'9" and weigh 170 Lbs.
We are mwc/45 in North Georgia...F is Bisexual, attractive, w/ perky tits, beautiful eyes...and VERY talented...has Super personality! M is straight, clean shaven, average height/weight...Sincere couple...Good friends and Great We like toys and new friends...are members of Trapeze Club & 2Risque Club to dance and meet new people... Open for new and friendship important.We make a great team...have lotsa fun, and are sincere in our friendship.....we have met many very nice people and enjoy having fun - in/out of the bedroom...can't have too many friends...!
Very fair and levelheaded. If no one gets hurt, why not enjoy yourself. My experience has been primarily gay relationships for the last twenty years, but I did explore bisexuality during my college years. Enjoyed those times very much, but discovered I could never completely commit to a hetero relationship. I love the male body in all its various permutations. Would like to find an easygoing male/female couple to continue exploration in a no pressure environment. I am currently in a gay monogamous relationship of eight years, and my partner does not know of my feelings. I am struggling with these feelings so I don't know if I would ever go through with any actual sexual activities, but knowing this website is here offers a safe outlet grounded in real people looking for looking for honest communication. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Happiness to all, and I hope you all find that for which you are looking!
Yes.. I know its early.. But.. This is a heads up in Georgia that the Snail is coming to town. I have a Conference in Atlanta Georgia April 2004. This should give me plenty of time to see whats Hot in Georgia B4 i get there.
Many people are 100% gay or lesbian, and are drawn sexually and emotionally only to partners of the same sex. Others are completely heterosexual, bonding in sexual and intimate relationships only with people of another sex. But what about everybody else? A significant percentage of people do not fit neatly into either of these categories, because they experience sexual and emotional attractions and feelings for people of different genders at some point during their lives. For lack of a better term, they are called bisexuals, although many people prefer to call themselves "pansexual," "non-preferential," "sexually fluid," "ambisexual," or "omni-sexual."
============================== ============================== =========
Bisexuality is the potential to feel sexually attracted to and to engage in sensual or sexual relationships with people of either sex. A bisexual person may not be equally attracted to both sexes, and a degree of attraction may vary over time. Self-perception is the key to a bisexual identity. Many people engage in a sexual activity with people of both sexes, yet do not identify as being bisexual. Likewise, other people engage in sexual relations only with people of one sex, or do not engage in sexual activity at all, yet consider themselves bisexual. There is no behavioral “test” to determine whether or not one is bisexual.
I am solely attracted to women, but fantasies of sex with men and couples. I think about oral and even anal sex with men on a frequent bases. I married and enjoy sex with my wife. She doesn't know about my membership to BP, but I have been a member here much longer than we have been married. I am straight in relationships, but bisexual in my sexual desires. Some people have a strong sexual side and are uninhabited in sexual desires. Doesn't make them gay to want sex
Hi Tammy
Casey and Georgia here ( only 64 miles up the road)
Love what you had to say and are looking for. Please have a look at our profile, and let us know if you like what you see/read. Hope to hear from you soon.
Casey and Georgia
Hi Guys;
Casey & Georgia here. If y'all are interested, please have a look at our profile and let us know if y'all like what you see/read and haller back. We would love to hear from you,

Casey and Georgia
Hi ya Neihgbors lol
Casey and Georgia here. We think we could have a match. Have a look at our profile and let us know if y'all like what you see/read. ove to hear from you.
Hugs and Kisses
Casey and Georgia
I'm a 30 year old bi sexual women who has been in a lot of lesbian relationships I just looking to have some fun make new friends so pls holla me Hug Kiss
The question is "Why are there so many Bi-curious Middle Aged Men"? My answer getting down to the nitty gritty is that a man, in general has 10 times the Physical drive that a woman has! Why do men typically have to PAY for sexual enjoyment when most women do not? There are many exceptions to this, but I feel this general rule holds! Many middle aged men have been LOCKED down in relationships that may be mostly exclusive and they are supressed or prohibited by those very relationships sexually! Women in our society have been bred from the very beginning to resist sexual pleasure and thus women are supressed in that way! Isn't this really kinda sick when we do things to supress people? As we get older, some of us realize that allot of the constraints that were put on us as youngsters just do not apply anymore and we are now ALLOWED to actually enjoy ourselves uninhibited, whatever your personal choices. After all, who are we hurting when there are two or more consenting adults participating! True freedom comes from allowing yourself to do whatever you want, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS OR EXPECTS! After all, we only have ourselves to answer to when the end comes, so why not enjoy life in whatever capacity you can.
Good question Paul.

The term bisexual is just too broad, there are just so may levels of being Bi. The term bicurious really doesn't cover much either.

Carol, my wife, is completely bisexual and has relationships with other women based more on the feelings towards one another than just the sex. She does enjoy bi sex with a women outside of a relationship also.

I don't consider myself bisexual or bicurious, although that is the term I end up using in my profile just to inform others of my interests. I consider myself "Situationally Bi", meaning I only get involved in sexual activities with another man in a threesome, couples, or group setting. One on one sex with another guy holds absolutely no interest for me, and I doubt I would ever get into a relationship with another man. My bi tendencies are strictly sexual, and usually something that happens at the moment. I enjoy it, find it exciting, and never have regrets, but bisexuality isn't something I personally would pursue without my wife.

I do believe that non-Gay men can have a relationship based on feelings. We have a number of friends that aren't Gay, but have had long-term relationships with other men based on their feelings for each other.

-- Danny
Thanks for asking! Let's start by defining the person, for example, one person was a virgin until her 18th birthday, when her drunk boyfriend decided he had waited long enough. When she refused his drunken sexual advances, he hit her in the face repeatedly with his fist until she complied with his demands. She ended up in the emergency room requiring operations on her face and vagina. That was 10 years before we met. At 28 she saw that she could trust me, and thus began a multi-year experiment in providing positive sexual experiences, building her trust in me, re-building her self-confidence, and restoring her faith in men. Another person trusted me enough to express that her sexual fantasies were of women; I provided her with the trust and faith and space to explore her desires with a lesbian who lived in her apartment complex who seduced her at the pool one weekend. Still another person, after being divorced for a while, needed a guy to express genuine interest in her as a trustworthy person before she could release her passion.

For me, each relationship starts with dating, then evolves into a nurturing relationship - for both participants. While I am not licensed as a sex surrogate, I use the phrase because I have not married anyone, nor am I looking for marriage at this time. Instead, I am looking for the relationships I should be in at the present moment. I make my past relationships sound very clinical but they are not, generally speaking. In fact, in most of my relationships I have experienced great pleasures with women who finally feel a chance to release their inhibitions and celebrate life and its pleasures! While I am a self-proclaimed "heathen", I have to admit that patience has its own rewards.

Did I answer the question?
Are there any bi and gay men into meeting others and forming a local meetup to socialize in NoVA? Hoping to appeal to men who put safety, sanity and long-term planning ahead of risky hookups.
Goal is to network, form male bonding friendships and meet that special someone or group for exploring sexual curiosity - newbies to experts who are DDF and seeking one on one or closed loop sexual relationships.
Contact me if interested. I'm in Arlington.
John at
Hi there Guys;
Casey and Georgia here; We'ld love to be part of the party, either in a group setting and/or with just both of you in a small one on one couple party. Please have a look at our profile and let us know if you like what you see/read. Hope to hear from y'all real soon
Hugs Kisses Flower
Casey and Georgia
Hi everyone. This is Casey and Georgia. We are laying-over in Charlotte on X-Mas day for our jobs. GGGRRRR, LOL but we decided to make the best of it and are looking for others with no plans for that day ( Could that be possible ? LOL ) We arrive on X-Mas eve and look for some fun company on X-Mas day with cpl or F, that have no plans either. We are staying in a downtown Hotel, but are not opposed to visit a F/Cpl/Group. Please let us know if you are out there and would like to get together. Please have a look at our profile and let us know if you like what you see/read. We check this add regularly over the next few days and would love to hear from you asap,
Hugs and Kisses
Georgia and Casey
We are looking for a lovely female to participate in our first threesome together. I am new to this so would be a fun learning experience! We are in the North Georgia area but would be willing to travel a small distance. We hope to make some friends as well as have some sexual fun. Looking for a female between the ages of 18 - 40. We have pics that we are willing to send if you think you would be interested or if you just want to know more just message me. Would love to chat!
I am looking for couples and/or women in the Metro Atlanta to the North Georgia area that enjoy geting a great massage and like being touched by experienced hands. I enjoy all forms of sensual, sexual experiences and look forward to leaving a lasting impression.:) Thanks for your time.
Ive had a few sexual relationships with females ...i enjoy it and im willing to help anyone with their first girl on girl
Hi Ashley;
Casey and Georgia here. Thanks for your beautiful posting/search for a Bi-Female and/or couple. We would love to hear from you. We are in Chicago almost every day for the next 3-1/2 weeks. We have very flexible schedules and love to get to know you and Peter and maybe get together. Please have a look at our Profile and let us know if we have a match. Love to hear from y'all real soon

Hugs and Kisses Flower
Love Georgia and Casey


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Are there ant bi swing parties in Alabama and Georgia?
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Are there any bisexual clubs or parties in alabama,florida or georgia?
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I would like to find j/o buddies(men,woman and couples) in Alabama and Georgia. We can also watch porn and have foreplay
i love to meet a ts for sexual fun an longterm Hug
This is what makes sex so special, I think, intelligence with sexual overtones.
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love sucking a big cock or two like bi sexual orgies
anyone in nyc /bj area looking?Hug
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I think that two bi sexual woman looking for a man would be fine with me. I think it would be quite exciting. I love to eat pussy especially if they are not shaved.
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I love having partners use me for their sexual pleasure pretty much however they like:) Kinky Fucking is great!
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Have traveled to Middle East twice and saw a lot of hot men. Didn't have any sexual experiences with any. Would love to meet some Arab, Persian, Turkish, etc.
My stepdad introduced me to naked ass spanking at a young age of 7 and it continued on till age 16. I'm not into it for sexual reasons if other guys are too.

Dennis J
Message me if you want to 69 and then mix our cum together and have a nice long passionate session of kissing with it in our mouths. This is one of my favorite sexual fantasies! Kiss
Women Dominating Men
For all those women who like to aggressively throw themselves at men, I like playing the defenseless male, too. I'll pretend that I don't want your sexual advances and that you're raping me. But you'll act like I really want to be raped by you. Cuz I do!
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I wear cock/ball bondage implements. Steel rings and split collars and also a leather cockstrap ballsplitter. I get a lot of sexual mileage with these.
Sex Slave For Couple
Is your marriage stressing you out? Is the passion fading? I put your minds at ease and help couples relax. And then I rev up the sexual energy. You'll forget about your relationship woes and want to fuck like rabbits in no time!
Couples Dominating Men
I love having a couple dominate and use me for whatever sexual fantasy they like. I would love to find a couple near me near Raleigh NC that would use me like that on a regular basis...
Lol,red heads,let me think here.1rst of all they are horny.They love cock.They like sharing sex too,damn them!Now tell me if I'm wrong,but is most redheads demanding?Their way or the highway?I know that all redheads like to have sex.Never met 1 that didn't.they are trulley sexual.horny as heck Ready for us all
Eating Cum From Pussy
This my preferred method of release! I want to eat another guy's cum out of my wife as my only sexual pleasure!I haven't had the pleasure of my wife's pussy since May 2005, and wife is training me quite well to live without it. I think she's getting the itch to try another cock, and I'm very welcome to that. Ring me if you want to chat about this topic. I love it! Ben

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Thank you so much for being so attentive to your members. I never invested for a lifetime membership before. I have a warm fuzzy feeling about your site. You are really doing a tremendous service to people like myself who feel like a lost kitten. I don't like raw sex but I do enjoy multiple relationships within a group. How is that for an explanation. I guess what I am trying to say is I believe in polyamory. I did not know this until after I married for the second time. My husband is straight but I really believe he is curious about other men. I do not have the patience to convert him into his real nature. I have lost a lot of time not addressing my bisexual nature. Thanks for listening. And thanks again for this wonderful playground.