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How about Web cam chat?

This is a suggestion that has come up several times if you look thru site suggestions. I've taken the liberty to copy this reply that the webbies made on one of them if you dont want to take the time to search thru.

"WebCams are on our list of things to do. We are worried about adding cams to the site, partly because streaming video is a TREMENDOUS bandwith hog, and we fear that Webcams would slow the site to a crawl. We will add them when we have the resources, thank you for expressing an interest in WebCams, we will keep it in mind for a feature to add in the near future. "

The webbies are constantly looking into every members requests and weigh them all for the good of the site. There are tons of things that need taken into consideration and I'm sure they will do their very best to give us their all

Webcams are a great idea as many sites offer it. But imagine all members being able to meet face to face in the cyber place.

good idea. it
Mr. Shivering
Thanks for the info Di... They might be good so that people will stay at the site... No access to them for people who are into it have to use other resources... Can't wait till the site has them.... s an 's

Looks like the last time anybody posted about a wbcam was in 2006, well it's now 2018, why not a have a webcam set-up? Would make the site so much more interesting to be able to video chat with people!

Same reasons and you don't need the site to cam. There are plenty of cam sites out there.

I'm for a Cam connection on this site, would love to meet people I care for that are to far away!!! I like the idea of just clicking over from the chat site to a Cam site from that same area, just like cyber chat!!! that would be great!!!

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Cyber Sex
Ladies I've never even been on webcam, would like to try it out. Message me
I love playing on the webcam.anyone else? Add me!!!

Bob love to play on the webcam
Love playing on my webcam, just email me
Truth Or Dare
hmm we should do a webcam truth or dare game sometime

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