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I'm gay........have been with women but they don't do it for me sexually, although I love a naked woman's's beautiful but sexually guys are for me........I can remember my first MMF rendezvous.....I worked with the guy and his wife wanted to see him suck another guy while she fingered first it was akward but after a while I just forgot about her and let him suck me off.....then a few days later he stopped by at night and asked if he could suck me again as he liked it......this went on for a while then one night he asked if I'd fuck him.......welll, fucking isn't something I normally like as I am definately an oral guy but after some heavy foreplay I fucked him and he loved it......when home and told his wife......she then wanted to watch so we made arrangements and they came to my place......was a noce threeway, then I entered him......she got so excited I think she had an orgasm just watching him ride me......we did this a few times and then it abruptly ended......she now wanted me to let her suck me while he fucked her....he got jealous and we never did anything again......and this was something they both fantasied about, a MMF I ask all who read this, how many of you guys who wanna try doing something with another guy actually have gotten the nerve to seek a guy and do something with him? Was it enjoyable? Did you like it? Was it everything you fantasied about? Have you done it several times since the first time? Was it with the same guy or another guy?? Have you ever gone to an all male ORGY?? Has anyone ever fantasied about that(all male orgy)? Have any actually gone and participated or just shyly watched?? Any guys jack another guy off? Sucked another guy off? Tasted or wallowed another guys cum? Anyone ever participate in a circle-jerk??

Look to hear back from you guys......I know I askd a lot of questions but I'm quite curious to know what you bi and bi-curious gays are actually doing about your "fantasies."


Sorry I haven't Been with a guy yet but am wanting to be with one.

I've had several encounters where I received oral from a man, sometimes it was in a car, or outdoors, all different men over a period of 5 yrs or so, with one occasion where I reciprocated, all were enjoyable. Then I had a MMF with another serviceman and a woman who lived off base, and her husband who watched from his easy chair. Everyone was awkward at first, but I took the lead (funnny, I was the youngest at 18) and had her suck me while the other airman took her from behind. Then I switched her around, with her on the bottom and when she sucked him she offered me his cock, I licked it and we shared it while I fucked her nice and slow. then she stopped the action and told the airman to suck me while she straddled my face, I was happy to lick her as she and the airman blew me. No one had reached orgasm yet, but we were really close. Then she had the airman lie on the floor, straddled his dick, and then asked me to fill her ass, and I did. It took 5 minutes for all of us to get off. There were a lot of firsts for me that night, but the most important thing that I learned was how comfortable it could be with another man and a woman at the same time. No jealousy, no games, just three people pleasuring each other.

Wow Biliteral I got excited just reading that. It sounds very interesting to me and enjoyable, Thank you for writing it so everyone one like me can view it. What I mean by people like e is New people to the experience of being with a man you make it sound so pleasurable and not like most people make it sound, like hey I want your virgin mouth or your virgin butt. You have a way with words that could drive a man or women crazy. Thank you for the inspiration to help me decide to go forward and really try to find someone. Thank you from DareUs2DoU2

Hey there Keith, I'm glad that you liked it, just got lucky that night. I didn't know the other airman or the couple with the horny wife, it could've been really bad too. Ahh the foolishness of youth! Hehheh...
Just remember to get to know someone first, and not just on the net. Watch out for those that are obviously out for the sex, they will not give a damn about your feelings, nor will they respect the effort you put forth in taking that step. I wouldn't want you to get bummed out. The right people ( couples are good for a start ) will insist on getting together socially for a while before becoming intimate, and then only if everyone is comfortable with it. Also keep in mind that no matter the gender, you are dealing with a human being, and though we all have the ability to pleasure one another, some just don't have the desire to be considerate.
Well here's one from a bi-curious, I've been in a couple m/m/f three ways and yes I have tasted another man but that part of it was a dissapointment for me, the other party claimed to be open minded and such but when it came down to it he could'nt get over the male ego of a m/m experiance and the taboo of it all .
Otherwise the rest was great I will never forget the look of pure pleasure in my wife's eye's as she was sandwiched between two guys touching her every where, watching someone drool over her and take her ! Now what we're looking for is a person who can overcome the ego thing and do it if it feels good, But after the first m/m one she really wants to see a m/m encounter that goes all the way ,for me now the tought of being with a man and having it go all the way while she watches , would be the ultimate experiance for both her and I

I have. M-M, FFMM, FMM. Wonderful people.... hot sex.
Actually I'm the active bi in the family.
Stasi is very comfortable with that and even encourages it.
She has been so supportive.. Besides is so much more fun enjoying the touch and feel of another man when your wife is watching... So... for lack of better words... Taboo.

I was introduced to bi fun by a girlfriend in Germany. She set up a few threesomes and this lead to that and finally I took the plunge at her urging. After that we saw a couple of bi couples on a regular basis. On several occasions we had three guys playing for the gals entertainment. Not that we minded. It is always nice when the women like to watch the action then join in.
I've had sexual experiences with three guys... and one was a sex-only relationship that lasted almost two years. As a couple, we're still looking for our first threesome. We can't wait!

Well, I was going to respond to this guy but it would appear the last time he was online was the day he posted this challenge. I don't think he really cared. Sounded to me like he just wanted to vent. I have found that a lot of gay people, just like straight people, don't quite grasp the the concept of bisexual. It acctually seems to threaten them. Oh well, there loss. I think I'll start a topic. Experiences: First time and beyond. I'll start to work on it soon.


I'm a bi-sexual guy,and have been since i was a young teen,(a cousin introduced me to sex with another guy), i'm 47 now.. so have been bi for a long time, I lived with a gay guy for a few years in flordia while in the service, and enjoyed it,or relationship and that life style we shared but I enjoy woemn and could not stay in that lifestyle. I have been with both 2 women and with a few couples, which was very hot..and geat experences.

Until 2 years ago, I had freinds that would cum hang with me in NY,and share soem hot male to male action..but living in small towm had to be discreet as I was a bussiness owner and Martial arts instuctor their..

I now live in marina del rey,with a lady..who due to a bad encounter is not open to swinging..but I enjoy both sexs and hope to meet other guys,couples, or women for soem hot encounters. I have not been with two guys yest..and would love to try that..or a true t-girl. I have been with a few cd's which was pretty hot..

so..if anyone is looking..well i'm pretty open,verst. very oral and yes well hung,discreet and hiv-..

Growing up in the 60's and early 70's, we are all a part of the ual Revolution that awakened the world, then came HIV and AIDS.

My sexual awakening happened in 1968/69 timeframe with my best friend and first lover. Yes, he was a boy, and my age. We discovered masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex together over the first 3 years of our relationship. He was my first and I his. We had a few friends, that joined in, all of us experimenting. So, at an early age, I guess I could say, I was more Gay than Bisexual. Then I got involved with a few girls. Oh boy, was I in heaven. Girls were my life all the way through High School and the first year of the military, (I spent 20 loyal years in the service) and hooked up with a co-worker by chance one night. We started discussing the bashings that were happening in the area.... I knew from his demeanor, that he was gay, and I was acting totally straight around him... Until I got a glimpse of his rockhard member in his shorts....

We made love with each other many times over the 2 years we were stationed together. We also brought in some of the bi and lesbian women into our little party. Had some really interesting parties....

I was hooked, over the time I spent in the military, I had at least 10 full-fledged relationships with men and three relationships with women, and I married to of them. Both ended in divorce, because of lengthy seperations, and the 2nd couldn't understand me being Bisexual. I was totally honest with her, she even tried her bi-side, but couldn't handle it.... Oh well, her loss, not mine....

Since the divorce though, I have only had sexual relations with either a man or a woman 8 times. That is with protection, and would not have it any other way, unless I was in a long-term relationship with a person. I mean, you just can't trust anyone, when it comes to your own health...

I've been with both a woman and a man, just one on one, and I have to say that the man was much more fun. We were in Boy Scouts together (Surprise, surprise) and I can't remember how it happened, but it just came to the point where we masturbated together, and then each other, and then went down on each other on every campout, and then we started spending the night at each other's houses. I miss those, days. Haven't done it in a while though...

Its kinda interesting how alot of people mention being Bi as some sort of "graduation" in MMF sexual encounters, like its a badge or something ........hey even somebody "earned it"in Boy scouts
We dont consider bisexuality an "act" but an attraction to the same sex in varying degrees ..... sex is about the mind right? The way we see it, if you tried a "bisexual sex act" (which is really a "Gay sex act" if you think about it) and liked it, you were bi all along, but just didnt know it...and just because you have M/M sex without a woman present doesnt make you "gay" (like somebody experienced) since you still LIKE women TOO.... even if you hadnt yet had sex with a woman yet in your youth!!

We agree with milehigh.........alot of gay people dont get us Bi people at all.......we've found they can be just as bigoted and irritating as people who watch the "700 Club"!

I started fantasizing about guys 8-10 years ago, enjoying pictures of naked guys, really loving the look of cocks, and finally visited a gay bathhouse in a large city near me. I have visited bathhouses often since then, always starting out with a feeling of great excitement and anticipation, dreaming about cocks and sucking. The reality never lived up to that expectation. I did suck a lot of cocks, but sort of felt turned off by it all while I was doing it and afterwards, especially because I was in such close proximity to a naked guy when I was sucking a cock. It was always anonymous and casual. I never connected with a guy as a person. He was just cock. And yet I continued to have massive gay fantasies all the time when masturbating at home. They eventually included anal fantasies as well, and even romantic ones. A few fantasies involve MMF or MMFF or MFF, though mostly I am either feeling in an opposite-sex mood (MF), or a same-sex mood (MM). But I rarely felt attracted to a real guy on the street or in a bar.

I'm still suffering from the same problem. I have just had, though, an incredibly erotic oral experience with a guy in a sex club recently, with us sucking each other for a couple of hours. For the first time I let a guy cum on my face, and I couldn't get enough of it. It was such a turn on. I rubbed his cock and cum into my face like crazy, just loving it. I think I could have fucked him (the vagina is the only place I've been so far), I was that turned on.

My continuing fantasies, plus that experience, still leads me to believe I have potential as a bisexual. I think I need to make it personal, though--to meet a guy that I am actually really attracted to, get to know him as a friend, as a person, and feel intimate with him. Perhaps that will help my confusion. I'm sure a big part of it is the anti-gay conditioning that our society has given us throughout out childhood and adulthood, leading to my having guilt feelings in the bathhouses or something. I'm not sure. Things would be so much easier if I could just decide: straight, bi or gay? Then again, maybe the entire principle of bisexuality and its wide spectrum suggests that I don't need to decide. I should just have fun with whoever, whenever I want, as long as it is done safely and without harming anyone (e.g. no cheating). Now, that would be sexy.

Has anyone else had such confusion?

Many thanks,

I agree that being bisexual is not an act or a decision that we arrive at one fateful day, or something earned as a result of a sexual encounter but rather that of possessing feelings and emotions and having an attraction towards a person of the same sex. I have always considered myself as being straight until I experienced , quite by accident, my first encounter with another male and was totally amazed about how I felt. ( See my post in the forum, First Time Experiences). After that experience I attempted to think back about my feelings to figure it all out and I remembered an incident that did not result in a sexual encounter but did in fact provide some insight at why I was not shocked or offended at another man touching me and his ability to arouse me. I wondered if I had allowed that first man to do me at that initial exposure to the idea of m2m if I would have enjoyed it. I was amazed that I even remembered it. I recalled a time when I was 21 and in the Navy, I was about to be honorably discharged in a few days. I had just returned from a tour in Vietnam and was temporarly stationed in Boston. Although I had masterbated on a regular basis, I had never imagined being with another man and in fact was very naive to the idea as I had been raised in an extreamly religious envirnoment as a child and I knew very little about sex. This particular evening, I had gone out for a few beers and was hitch hiking, in uniform, back to my ship when I was offered a ride by a man older than I. As we approached the base, he pulled over to a warehouse area, we chatted a few minutes and he asked if he could suck my cock. My immediate reaction was to say no and explain that I was getting out of the Navy in a few days and didn't want to jepordize my discharge by getting caught in a sex act with a man. He was understanding and very nice about it and dropped me off at the base without further incident. I didn't think about that situation again until my first m2m sexual encounter at age 23 and I began to search my mind as to how I could possibly have enjoyed sex with another man so much. I discovered much about myself and how I thought and better understood why I was not offended or scared that time hitch hiking. The idea of having sex with a man didn't turn me off but only the fear of getting caught doing something I was told was not normal. Since then I have accepted by bi-sexual feelings although I did supress them half a lifetime and am now seeking a companion to share lifes pleasures with; to include much desired m2m sex. I enjoy hiking, camping, biking, Motorcycling and am an excellent cook. If you would like to chat I am available. If you are bi-curious and do not live anywhere near me but just want to explore your desires and feelings I would enjoy chatting. I wish others were as open and willing to chat about this topic as I myself have many questions and much to learn. I look forward to hearing from you and/or reading your stories, I think it would be great if more people shared their feelings and experiences . Something you say could have an impact on someone that could help them to solve a delima or answer a question they are having concerns or desires about. We are all friends here and it would be nice if we would consider helping each other with issues pertaining to our lifestyle. CAT

I'm a new member and I'm not sure how public I want to be, but I have had some wild, hot, and steamy sex with another guy or guys. When my wife died, I was out getting pretty crazy when I stumbled into a 25 cent movie arcade. Punching the channel button requires seeing all the movies showing. And pretty soon I was slowing down to watch the gay movie showing a guy with huge one, driving it into a guy with a beautiful butt. It turned me on, but I went home and did it by hand.
But I kept thinking about it, till one day I wandered on purpose to a nude beach. I dropped my drawers and walked around in a thong, showing off my smooth shaven round butt. I got very turned on knowing some guys were licking their lips watching my butt. I dropped my towel and laid down pushing my butt high, hoping for attention. It took all of about 5 minutes to realize their was a big buffed guy standing over me. When I glanced back he smiled and asked if I needed some sun lotion on "that sweet ass" of yours. I was nervous but said ok please. I was shaking when I felt a cool lotion drip between my cheeks. I groaned and my hips started humping, when his finger started to probe. AGGH it hurt slipping in, but he was careful and gentle. He rolled my over, and put his big member too my lips. I was going crazy I wanted it so bad. Then he got between my legs, threw my legs over my shoulders, and introduced me to anal sex. I swear I still want a woman in my life, but I will definitely need a good poke from a well hung guy at least once a month

Guess you could say I'm Bi. But what does Bi mean?? I do enjoy sex with both females and males. I lean more toward females, "BUT" sometimes I just need a cock to play with. I get a real kinky feeling while sucking a cock. Especially if it is Shaved [like mine]. The feeling of a cock growing hard in my mouth is wonderfullll, knowing I'm making it hard is great and rewarding. I have been doing the Bi thing on and off from a young teen. [13] With a friend the same age. We sucked and fucked each other as often as we could, anywhere we could. We both looked upon it as Pure LUST.
Have never done a MMF yet but would LOVE to. What could be better than cock and pussy at the same time.
I have had a group sex thing with my GF and 2 other couples [ I blew it and stayed straight].
Have had a few all male 3 somes. Damn hot. Even did the cross dressing route [ found I like to CD, makes me feel real sexy and kinky]. Really got off sucking 2 cocks at once. And the feeling of getting fucked. Have only been ass fucked a few times, mostly do to I'm paranoid about disease.
Thanks glad I found this great group.
PS any of you go to the nude beach and get horny looking at all the s and s.

If you read in the success story section.. I have written out all of my man's encounters with other men..
I would definitely be interested in a MMF or a group of men. I fantasize about it all the time. I am looking for an opportunity, and will do almost anything. is great.
Wow, I must be a total slut. My first time with a guy was when I was 23 after a friends wedding. I had wanted to be with a guy for a long time and decided that I was going to visit a nearby bath house. It was late, I was drunk. I found a gorgeous guy with a beutiful cock and let him touch me, suck me a little and I was loving it. He laid back and I knew it was now or never - I took his cock, the most magnificant one I have ever seen, kissed the head, licked the sides and finally took it into my mouth. What an incredible experience. We 69'd and I let him fuck me. I wish he would have cum in my mouth but instead he blew all over my chest. After that I was hooked. I met guys about 4-5x/year for some random sex all the while dating women. Once I got married I eventually told my wife about my sexual attraction to men and thankfully she said - I know and I love all of you. Eventually we got into swinging and the first time we were with another couple, as I was fucking her missionary she was blowing the other guy. She took a short 5 second break, his cock was staring me in the face and I went for it. It was the first time she watched me give head and it was a great experience for both of us. Since then she has let me go off and play with other guys when the calling comes.
What can I offer after all theses BI males before me have said. with another male is some thing that is out of this world. I love women and enjoy sex with them, but with another man you can not discribe it.John.
I've had plenty of bi-experiences. Mostly oral. Some jack off. I had a couple MMF experience with another couple that I met through an ad. That was a lot of fun. I loved sucking his cock. I remember his wife jerking herself off with a vibrator while she watched me and her man sucking on each other's cocks in a 69. I'm concerned about safe sex , otherwise I would have loved to have him cum in my mouth. I only had a guy come in my mouth once and that was when I was about 14 (he was 15 ). We were young and only doing it because we couldn't get any girls to do us. I gagged and ran to the bathroom to spit it out. Now I would love to taste a man's cum and swallow it. Oh well. I would also love to be in a MMF where the guy is fucking me in the ass while I'm fucking the woman or she's sucking me off. That's my big fantasy. With the couple I did get to do my fantasy of a daisychain where we were all eating and being eaten in a circle. Nice!
This is a great topic even if the person that started it has not been back as stated above (I didn't check). I really enjoyed reading everyone's experiences and thoughts on the subject of being Bi. I just believe if you are Bi, you enjoy sex period and it doesn't matter if its a male or female. Yes, you/we/I may favor one sex over the other (male versus female), but having sex is having sex or making love is the expression I like to use.

I am looking forward to my first experience with a Couple. I haven't written any couples on here because of what someone posted previously about Singles, however, I did respond to a Couple. In joining a Couple, I feel the Single should follow the lead, direction and wishes of the Married unless of course he dictates this responsibility to his Wife and everyone involved has been advised.

We, as Single Bi-ual s, should consider it a privilege and honor to be invited and accepted in a MMF "making love" experience. I also believe it is best to become acquainted in a MMF experience such as going to Dinner or having tails on a few occasions before anything takes place. s, kisses, touching and flirting can take place at these meetings if desired. Such prior meetings would make everyone involved more comfortable, the experience more enjoyable and the friendship maybe everlasting.

I am also looking forward to finding a Bi ual to become a Couple as in Roommates. I realize this is harder than having that first Couple experience (MMF).

Like this site states on the Home Page, being Bi doubles the sexual positions versus that of being Straight, and I say it also doubles the pleasure for everyone involved.

I consider myself a fairly well balanced Bi guy. While I would have to be honest and say that I lean more toward the ladies, I often find myself enjoying sex with the guys. I don't mind being with either one-on-one, and when with couples have absolutely no problems with giving the guy that extra bit of attention that only a guy can supply to another guy. I have found that some guys that consider themselves bi are really only orally bi, meaning they don't mind a little sucking and licking, but for me bi, and making love/sex means total involvement = kissing, foreplay, licking, exploring, being filled/filling...the whole nine yards. Why miss out on the glories of male-to-male sex? You shouldn't, you should explore it in the same depth you would with a new lady, and why stop there? There are some really beautiful people out there that are transgendered, and lots of fun to be with. I guess I'm saying that if you're going to be "Bi", be bi totally, with abandon, and passion, exploring every facet of your sexuality.

Well Said Arlbiguy(Michael).For me being Bi has opened that Entrance to surrender,passion and exploring every facet of being a sexual being,person,ect..Transcending all the lables we play head games with.While just being completely open to the potential in making love,and the profound bliss in being able just to experience giving, recieving and enjoying the best of all worlds in love,Be-d and Loving.I simply being the sexual person that iam and Iam becoming.And Those That I and make with.

Hi...reviewing some of the comments to your question I can only say that as a bisexual male I dont have any problem with man to man but I prefer other bisexual males and MFM situations. Getting to know each other and liking each other makes the possibility of sexaul activity hotter for me. When I am with a couple, MF, it is all about making sure that the female is well taken care and to date I have not had any problems with the 3 couples I see from time to time. The guys like the attention paid to them by both her and I and the women to watch as their men savor my little guy orally.

As for the group scene I am not as comfortable with that as it is not as intimate for me....yepper no kiss and tell here. I have done a few M to M scenes but that was with some special dudes that are also bisexual and married and where the chemistry between like with the couples work. The key is communication and chemistry.

Lou Allentown, PA

I have had a few encounters with other males. {Thats why i want to do it again.} I realized i enjoyed m/m oral sex while i was in So Cal. My first time in Cali was on the beach, a nudist beach. {I had other experiances, not as fun} I remember him, {a friend}, going down on me, then I wanted to try. I decided that i enjoyed watching my g/f's doing me, so i wanted to see what it was all about. So i took him in my mouth and slowly worked him with my tongue. I started taking him in mouth as much as i could and then slowly out. I liked the way it felt sucking his cock, I felt him get hard in my mouth and the way he moved in front of me made me even hotter. and I realized he was really turned on by what i was doing. So I just kept at it. I was just doing what i saw my g/f's do. I was having a great time doing it. I must say, I enjoyed it right from the first, we got together several times afterwards.
Oh yes several times, just look at the pics in our profile. I've been bi all my life and been with several guys. my wife has seen guys fuck me as well as women with dildos.

I think men can do a better job of sucking another mans cock then a female. Man take the whole cock in their mouth,females like to suck just the head. Men what do you think??

It took me a long time to realize I was bi. I had my first encounter when I was 23 and felt guilty about it for about 5 years I had feelings of fear and guilt but continued to have sex with men(just one night stands).Until I got drunk and went to bathhouse one night where I have had so many different sexual encounters with men I have lost count. s , orgies, circle jerks. If you want no-strings anonomous sex the bathhouse is the way to just remeber to use condoms. I thought I was gay but I realized I was BI . I love evreything about women. Anal and oral pleasure is nice but I love kissing a woman or licking her pussy. I have to say I love women with the occasional urge to get fucked or suck some cock. I have yet to have a MMF encounter and hope to one day.
i just wish i could find a big cock to suck on and get fucked by
well im not new to this i have always known i was bi sence my early teens. had my first encounter when i was about 20yr old. now i am married and just told my wife of five yrs that im bi . dont think she is handling it very well thou. her loss , i am hoping to get her to do a MMF soon sence she isnt bi . and bi the way i havent had any MMF yet but alot of MMM and MMMMM

I can remember in high school, two friends turned me onto what they were doing. I got involved with them both having many a pleasuring time being sandwich between two smooth bodies. I' ve sucked two cocks at once , been in one ass while mine gets pounded. Holding a hot hard cock between your lips pulling back forthe over the head is an indescribable pleasure for us both. In college, my roomate and I got stinking drunk, when I reached out and grabbed his semi hard dick. It sprang to life in my grip. The rest is history. We loved each other behind our door aand had girlfriends too!
Jaymac says it all inhis profile. I love to swallow and make my lover come two or three times to pleasure him.



i've been with several boys and girls...can't say one is better than the other, but boys are certainly more easy to find! i just spent the weekend with a HOT 18yo boy from london we're both waiting for the next time he comes back to nyc (possibly with his BF!!). MMM threesomes are up there with some of the most fun i've ever had...but so was DP my friend's girl too...i guess i'm hopelessly omni-sexual :P

I am looking fo rmy first bi experiance to be a mmf threesome. I just think having a female ther would make itgo a little easier for me.

I have some oral experience. I want to expand. I truly like the energy when it is a MF couple. I haven't had the opportunity to go all the way with a couple. I think 1:1 with a man or woman is nice. and a cpl is my favorite.IO haven't done a multi guy and havent givven it much thought although i guess it might be interesting.

Oh well just some musings.
well I did have the luck to suck a guy off while my wife sucked me at same time, it was so hot, she kept saying suck him honey, suck him hard I want to see him cum in your mouth, he did and I did cum so hard in her mouth, she loved it and asked me to do it again when we get the chance, soon I hope.
I had my first M-M experience about a year and a half ago. It took me about a year of talking with this guy before I did anything, but when I did I jsut went all the way. I used to j/o and fantasize about getting fucked in lots of different positions. Just trying any position we could think of.

So I finally just did it. I was nervous about sucking his cock, but I figured after a year of talking, I could trust him. I just went to his place and stripped immediately. He had a porn on and I got on my knees and pulled his pants off and started sucking his cock til he was rock hard. Then I sat back on the couch and leanded way back, letting my ass hang off the couch and I held my legs way back and he sucked my cock and balls for a while. Then we moved to the bed and I got on top in a 69 and sucked each other that way for a while. Then I jsut wanted to get fucked really badly. I just wanted to feel a cock in my ass. So I got the lube, put a condom on him, and as he lay on his back, I sat on his cock and started riding him, very slowly at first. Once I got used to his cock, I just wanted to try so much. I started leaning back and riding him that way as he stroked my hard cock, then I turned around and rode him like that. He wanted me on all fours so I did and he started fucking me from behind, kneeling and standing next to the bed. It really felt awesome. Whn he was about to cum, he laid on his back and I knelt between his legs and leaned way back and we came soooo hard. I've done it with him about 13 times now (he's the only one Ive been with, mainly cause I trust him) and now one of my favorite positions is me on my back, holding my legs back and him fucking me that way. It feels awesome when I stroke my cock and he rubs my balls as he slides his cock in and out. Now when he cums he shoots it all over my stomach and chest and when he does, I explode all over myself.
My fantasy now is to be in a MMF and have the woman tell me any and all positions she wants me to get fucked in. Would love to start by her and me sucking his cock together, sharing it and licking each others lips as we both suck him deep, then get fucked by him every way she wants. Anything she wants to see or do is ok with me

Tho this topic is old,the new guy will put in his 2 cents worth.I discovered at a perversley young age that it felt good to put things in my ass(on my own)and into my teens it became a masturbation ritual.Make do dildoes(Ban rollon bottles are fondly recalled) of all sorts went in.I taught myself to be an anal MASTER but had no attraction to males at all.Fantasized about girls w/strap ons,but a teen in the 70's knew not to act on THAT.My wild younger years put me in contact with street queens,pre-op TS,I figured it was a good compromise,let one fuck me...a disaster but I KNEW it COULD be good so I tried again,my way.Eventually,I got my brains fucked out by a hung semi queen in NYC,first time I kissed a male,and it was tonsil deep.musta been 21-22.I got it 4-5 times that nite,came each time.I still prefer women in all ways but my taste and criteria with males have progressed to true bisexuality.A cute guy who'se my type can get me going to where i'll give head(rare),kiss with passionate abandon,just totally GET IT ON,but the main event is the multiple fuckings I get,how I want it and on my terms.Must work 4 them,they always want(but rarely get)more!Timid gay bottoms are best and it works out because i tend to be a bit dominant sexually,even with a dick in my ass.I was 1st for a few and they loved it.the hesitancy I had in my youth about saying "fuck me" to an attractive prospect faded with the years so If I'm in the mood(like now),I go for it.How deep I get into things depends on who I'm with,I cant get passionate with a guy like myself,but I CAN enjoy a good "buddy fuck".Hope to find some soon inBP too!So thers the scoop on MY bisexuality!
Right on inkman. I tried the same things as you when I was a teen. I remember first using pencils! Of all things LOL !!! that wasn't much incentive but it made me fill my mind with the simple fact that I liked anal play. I was a definte turn on to it. I can remember looking in the kitchen for long cyndrilical instruments that I could wrap my mind around thinking how that would feel. Like a ketchup bottle, akin to a coke bottle that teenage girls were rumoured to have used on themselves. I always found it, unfortunately, to be more of mental pleasure then the actualality of doing it. Hey, Its not like I could really go out and ask anyone to fuck me LOL I still like thinking about it....I will hazard to say (HAHA)

I have had some experinces with younger men, which I prefer. Especially the newbies that are trying it for the first time.
Well i have had thoughts about men for years but did nothing until about 5 years ago, but that story is in my profile and really did happen. since that time i have been with about 3 or 4 guys, but did nothing but suck each others cock. if you want to know about others things i have done or observed with men and where you can contact me ok . I consider myself bi-curious and i still love women and would like to have another relationship with a women. I must admit i am still curious about men and a nice . Well its nice to hear about others and there experiences and hope everyone enjoys themselves

Mike "yguy4u " lol

The labels are really confusing. I love sex, specifically oral sex. Women are a total turn on, their appearance,smell, walk etc. I love women, love eating them, sucking their nipples, drinking their cum and fucking themI am very oral, and love to suck a cock. It is a huge turn on, the taste and feel are wonderful. You can feel the cock getting ready, it has a new vigor just before it shoots that provides a sensual experience that is hard to match. Men don't turn me on like women, but I love sucking cock. The taste is different and the volume of cum is another whole sensation. Since i tend to be a sexual sub, I love when the guy grabs my head and shoves his cock in and orders me to suck him dry.
Combine this with a dominating women calling the shots so to speak and I can litterally cum without touching myself.

Glad to see I got this topic going again,looks to be a #1 for me,I like it.Any newbies coming in want advice on how to get fucked and like it,just email me.Dont do it right,it aint fun!First time anal IS NOT painful IF you are prepared!

I have finally met some one from this site. He was new on here and we met in the chat room. It was all by chance because I was in Louisville,KY on business and he was coming here. We chatted for a while and arranged when to meet. The next day he showed up at my hotel a little early and after getting past the nervousness we had a great time. He ate and fingered my ass, which was a first for me. He sucked me off and swallowed every drop of my cum. It was a great experience.


well,the site paysoff!only here 2 days,i'm making a bi-curious guys fantasy come true within the hour.I get to be his first,he's very excited and on his way here.I get to show him how to fuck a man good,will update after.maybe start a new topic! "Teaching a 1st timer" maybe?

I have as well. Oral, fingers, masturabtion, everything except anal. But I will try that given the oppurtunity! I am completely into men as much as I am women and would hook up with just a man, woman, TS, TG, or any combo really out there.

yes i have. the best experience i've had, and only have had a few, was with a man and his bride. we got together for some drinks and small talk and the talk turned erotic. i told them i was bi and they loved it. we went back to the motel and had another wine. we started with a game of strip poker and the game was even as far as all getting naked at pretty much the same time. carol said she would love to see me go down on her hub. he said he would enjoy it also. so i did. while i was doing my best to have him enjoy it his bride came down with me. asked if i would like some competion. said i would love it and hubby said he would critique. needless to say i lost the competion as it was his wife and he is not going to say she lost. we all enjoyed each other until the sun came up. it was a great time and my best experience....

This is a really stupid question wrapped around a legitimate one. The phrasing suggests the author is as threatened by happy heterosexuality as many heteros are by happy same-sex activity.

However, there's very little question in my mind that there are a number of single guys registered here who call themselves "bi-curious" when what they mean is - yeah, I may let her husband fluff me a little as long as she is really attractive and I can f**k her six ways from Sunday. All you have to do is read their profiles and its obvious they have no concept of, nor interest in mutual same sex activity.

They are predators of a sort - mistakenly thinking that all bi-sexual males and their mates are easy prey.

The sad thing is, some of them are.

"Double your Pleasure; Double your Fun"

I am like slayer, I like the cock, not into looking at pics of gay men. I have had many get-togethers with men and 3-sums with the wife. She loves to see me with another guy. I dont think of it as love or anything like that. Its the sex I like.
We had one guy who would come over once in a while, she liked it when I fucked her and he fucked me at the same time. We did the daisy chain thing many times also. Its all hot if you find a compatable guy. Most come with an attitude, or just want to fuck the wife cause they dont get any at home and are cheating. By the time you weed out the dirt bags, there is none left.
Why cant anyone be perfect like me? LOL The wife likes that line.
Good luck searching

I'm a Transvestite from the Baltimore area. I've been with men, women, and other Tgirls and enjoyed them all. I think sex between two or more consenting adults can be great as long a their is some kind of attraction between them. Be it a physical or mental attraction if the spark is there, the sex is usally good. Nice people make good lovers and I like them all. The willingness to please your partner is what makes sex so fun!

I have!
I dont know if this says anything but I think I am in 'crush' with a crossdresser. Several months ago I went to Union St. bar in Providence and was entertaining, so I hope, I was lol, a tgirl. We were sitting at a table for some time not talking about much......Im not a very good conversationalist ot would appear LOL. Any way I She was was asked if she would like to go in a limo to celebrate a birthday for another grl at the bar. She told me they werent her kind of people but she would go just to celebrate the Bday. I was asked if I wanted to go and I said , "Sure" So we went in this limo and there we were One other guy , a gg and my "date" and the grl who was celebrating her Bday. We drove around for awile and did some small talk. Mostly asking me why I had come to the club . It really wasnt much of of anything that I can lay a claim of what a great night out it was but I can say that when we got back to the club and I was geting out of the car I hit my head on the way out and this ..wonderful wonderful girl said to me was , " Are you alright?" She was definetely a charming person and I was entirely captivated by her. I had shall I say roaming eyes on her throughout the road trip, which I cant say I felt guilty about. I thought I was being a gentleman thru out the night and although I found India very attractive from the first night I saw her, I was completely taken by this mysterious womyn who to this day I have not forgotten.
yes I have had a few s with other guys and my wife,I love my wife and still enjoy
making love to her-but sometimes we are both into raw lust.that is when we look for a
guy to join us in bed.She likes seeing me with them and I like seeing her have a good time.We like to share a cock-there is nothing like a nice hard cock in my mouth while my wife is licking his balls.

Since we started all this-a little over a year ago,I have sucked a few cocks,and I do like a
hard cock in my ass sometimes also,I have yet to fuck another guy,But I have been thinking about it.Nor have I kissed anyone other then my wife-I am sure with the right guy
I would do it all,and enjoy myself.

We have not had the chance to be with more then one guy at a time,She would like to be full of cock,mouth-cunt & ass and I must say the idea sounds great to me,I would love to wrap my lipps around a nice hard cock and have it fuck my face as another one is fucking my ass.

I am a person that likes to have sex with other people "maleorfemale" .

My only m2m encounter is having my girlfriend's brother give me a blow job once. I have come to love anal sex with women more than the traditional vagina penetration. I do believe i have become an expert at anal sex - I have read so much about it and the pleasure of penetrating it is awesome. This has caused me to become curious aboout trying a dude. I fantasize about it when I jack off and believe I will experience it soon.

I have both given recieved head from males, and usually enjoys swallowing a good load. havent done anything else other than j/o to orgasm..but maybe one day..still dreaming of the Bi MFM

Well I don't know if I am bi gay or what. I know up until my first divorce I was a gay bashing redneck. Then I moved out to CA and became really close to a friend of my brothers. I guess you could say I feel in love with him. We spent all our free time together and people said we were like an old married couple. Then day I found myself wanting to suck his cock and thinking of him when I beat off. One night we got really drunk and I tried to go down on him. This was a big mistake he would have nothing to do with me after that.

So years pasted and I got remarried. All was well but I still had an urge to suck cock. I started xdressing and really liked it but I still wanted needed to try bi,gay whatever you want to call it sex. My wife tried to take my changes in stride but it got to be to much for her and eventually we split up.

It was a year after we split up I had joined a bunch of sex sites. Not really sure what I wanted my desires changed as often as the weather. When I answered an add on one of the sites I belonged too. They were a couple and she was bi and he wanted to try bi. We meet things went well and we went to their place and all got naked. We were on the bed and I was eating her and she was sucking him. I had to take a break my knees were getting sore. I moved up and watched her as she sucked on his cock. She stopped sucking on him and wagged his cock at me and said want to try some of this? I thought for a minute do I really want to do this. Then I thought it's now or never. I moved up grabbed his cock licked the tip and slid his cock in my mouth as far as I could. Sucking cock just seem to come natural to me before I knew it he was groaning and came in my mouth. From there I never looked back.

Since then I have meet with couples,single guys and girls and have enjoyed it ,them all. One thing I have noticed though I do prefer sucking cock to eating pussy now. I am not sure if it's the taboo or if guys are just easier to please or what but I know I like what I like. So call me gay call me bi just call me lol.
We did it yesterday and it was a wild fun erotic experience that we really enjoyed!. We met a nice man off B.P, and he contacted us ,we made plans to met at a local bar and had a nice conversation. From there we went back to our house and our plans we already discussed between her and I and she was hot and willing to take control of the situation and when we walked in the door we made drinks and she went too work! She moved in on him on the couch and got his pants down and cock out and kept looking back at me like she was giving the cum and taste this look and finally she told me to cum help her and thats when I went and got my first good willing taste of a nice cock . From there on out we did evry postion possible snd the she wanted to see me get fucked in the ass and it was a little difficult but he finall just shoved it to me while she was giving head it lasted maybe a dozen deep strokes and I blew my load everywhere! Thanx to B.P. we connected and both sucked and fucked!!

Great subject - I've played with couples, done a m 4sum where I had a cock in my mouth, ass and got sucked at the same time, was a GREAT experience!!!! Did it twice, just wish i wasa repeatable experience!!!

I have but not often enough lately if anybody is interested in changing that hit me up

Does this answer the question at hand.

I enjoy m/m a lot and as an anal bottom I have found I love m+. Sometimes my wife likes to watch but often she is not involved. When playing with other couples we tend to be more sub but switch more often. We both enjoy it.

i wish i could say i have but still have wet dreams at night about it (so does my wife)
i keep fantasising about getting a hot cock or strapon in my ass and a real hot cock in my mouth blowing its load... but so far its still a fantasy
i have sucked some men and not others, i am picky abot the cocks that goin my mouth

Im bi and have been with a few guys. Ive gotten and given head, rimmed and been rimmed, and given and recieved anal

i am a bi guy and have had a lot of male to suck and swallow cum,love anal,and my wife loves to watch ansd join.have had 3 guy 3 way where both the others came all over my face and in mouth.
been with several guys . a few times with men & women

I have been an oral bi for about a year and a half and have met a couple of great people from here that I have played with, but I have been in several MMF at the swinger's club I have belonged to for about 7 years.....Matter of fact my introduction into oral bi was at the swingers club when my ex and I got with another couple and they introduced us both to the bi side and we had a blast......It turned my ex on big time watching me suck and get sucked and it was never a problem for us.....I enjoy the feel of a cock in my mouth and making it get hard, making him feel good and then take him all the way....I must admit that until recently I couldn't do the 'cum in the mouth" thing, but one night at the party I was with this couple, she was bi, he wasn't but wanted to experience it (he turned out to suck pretty good) and we just got carried away and he shot his load before I knew it I had a mouthful of cum and then snowballed it with hi wife.......So now, if I am comfortable with the guy I will let him cum in my mouth....... will always be number one, always, but the feel and pleasure of sucking a cock is a nice added bonus to some hot sex play.
not yet......mail me if interested

I am 100% bi (whatever that means) I have enjoyed both men and woman for a long time now. At first I was very insecure toward my desires for men. But when the time came I found pleasing a man to be indescribable. I have always found satisfaction in pleasing my partners. Oral sex was all I experienced for most of my bi life. It was a woman that peeked my interest for anal pleasures. Her love and desire not to mention how lovely it was to watch her orgasms while being taking had me desiring the same. At first in my insecurity I found myself playing with her dildo's and it was great!
I soon bought my own. Today I love being with a man in ever sensual sense of the word. But the touch and feel of a woman is equally desired and to have one without the other is unthinkable.
I have had the pleasure of being in a MMF relationship with a married couple in the past. We were both in the military at the same time, and had a bond of friendship. His wife was all for it, and although I am primarily a dominant personality, the three of us tried every possible variation that there was. I have been on the "receiving" end of anal, the giving end, and in both ways orally. She was an absolute doll about the entire thing, and actively participated in all of the activities. It continued for over a year until he was transferred, but it was the most wonderful sexual experience of my life. Being totally free to express oneself in all ways possible. I have been seeking a special couple to again rekindle that enjoyment.......

Thanks to the internet I have been able to remove the "bi curious" tag and have been able to enjoy the new found sexual enjoyment.

As a youngster, pre-teen, there was a guy my age who used to suck me off, and I him. As I grew older, I'd had a couple of occassions where a guy, an older friend, would blow me. I'm very orally fixated, and love to lick pussy, and have my cock sucked. I've thought a few times about sucking guy's cocks, but have never really done it in my 30's and 40's. Sometimes when the wife and I fuck at night, I use a toy on her shaped like a big rubber cock, and I get her to put it in my mouth. As of now, I have a running fantasy about having a with my wife and some imaginary guy, and while she's sucking his cock, and I'm kissing her face, she turns to me, her hand tight around his big cock, and smiling that wicked smile she has, guides his cock into my mouth. Putting her hand on the back of my head and pushing it down on him. It's never happened, but I think about it alot. In fact, just writing this has me so fucking hard, that I must jerk off.
I am a bisexual and have had 2 experiences fro this site 1 good 1 bad.i have had my dick sucked and sucked dick have been fingered and have been rimmed and have rimmed.i just chalked up the bad experience to he didn't want to even talk he was on me so fast i couldn't breath.he sucked my cock i sucked him he fingered me an came on my chest.the good experience was a lot of fun we spent time getting to know each other and when we got together there was no jumping on me immediately.we sucked each other i rimmed his ass we fingered each other and came repeatedly.the next month his wife joined i was never so turned on ,her presence was so sexual and she loved watching us suck each other off it was a great time they have since moved and hopefully i can find another man or couple
hi billateral how are doing

I've enjoyed being bisexual from a very early age... It just kinda happened when I was younger....then took kind of a hiatis from bisexual activity until I was about 31yo... My curiousity and the mere thought was so overly exciting I had to try it... I quickly learned that my interest was specific and I'm not versatile... So up to now I've given seveal nsa, no recip bj's/hj's and this is from hosting to meeting in parking lots, the woods and one glory hole... Only a few have I been so attracted to that I let them top me.... And last year I was finally able to fullfill the fantasy of two guys and being the middle fo a spitroast...

My wife and I have found it difficult to find "bi" guys to play w/ us both and trying to find an attractive sexy "bi" woman to play w/ us has found to be even more difficult.... but it still doesn't deter us from dreaming and fantasizing that it'll soon happen again...

Does anyone realize that usukme probably never read one single response to this post, maybe never even logged back on after posting it? A shame. Its a good thread.

I have had quite a few experiences, both with my wife and by myself. 1-on-1 with bi and gay men and 1 with a guy 'on the DL' as they say. We have been involved in groups as large as 9 with 7 guys and 2 women. I have been to all male hotel orgies but only managed to suck and be sucked there (at one I sucked at least 10 different cocks and had 3 in my hands and mouth at one time, though didn't finish any of them off. Want some day to have several men tagteam my ass and finish by having them all cover me with their cum.

all male hotel orgies (very erotic!)

I've done it all with males and male orgies. With the right group it can get really erotic and hot. Haven't bottomed as much as I like. I prefer group sex and long for some females to be involved. Have had a couple mf encounters, one being a dominate and only sex was her with a strapon. The real thing is so much better. I love to top or bottom in a sling. One can get the right angle for a nice comfortable fuck. I don't seem to shoot unless it is in a sling or doggy style with a nice firm ass. Now if I am the bottom in a sling I stay nice and hard. I can time my orgasm with my top and like to shock my top as he is shooting by releasing. I am a forceful cummer and several times have been able to hit them in the face....LOL. I always say fuck, suck and laugh.
I have sucked off many guys in my time. Sometimes it's only one cock. Sometimes many. Like to do it out on the hiking trails in the forest.....yummmmm...

OKIE DOKIE then! Original question was how many bi curious guys out there------------------------- --------, well if they had done something they are no longer curious now are they? Doesn't sucking a dick or taking it up the ass pretty well answer all those points of curiosity? Maybe the question itself was just phrased improperly. Carry on.
it. Been to a lot of house parties and been having lots of fun. to get invited to more parties.

Arlbiguy said it all. Try it all. Find what's you.
I have enjoyed the company of many men one-on-one and want to experience a group of men too. I love to suck a guy to completion and I also love the feel of a hardcock deep in my ass.

I have only had some one on one or mfm interaction and only oral. I have yet to try being a bottom or a top not that I would object with the right person

All the real ones.
I did some stuff with a guy when I was much younger. Neither of us knew what we were doing, so we just did whatever felt good. I had my first orgasm with him. At the time, I didn't know what an orgasm was, so I had no idea what happened. I thought I broke something. Really wanna try something now that I know what I'm doing.
I've been with a few guys to see what it is like...Giving/receiving oral, anal, kissing, etc. -- I only get come on's from males on this site and really signed on to the site for couples with a bi male. I'm not turned on by males sexually but would bottom or top (as best I could) for sex with the wife/girlfriend's participation, even if she is only a spectator. Race doesn't matter to me as it once did if a female is involved in the play. Shallow and materialistic, some might say of me, but pornification and the commodification of sex means everybody pays one way or another. The escort services will be my next stop if I can't find an amiable couple.

Me personally want to meet a guy who will give/receive oral sex and anal. I want a normal size cock. Not too big to meet up with to have a night of hot sex.
Im a girl.Im Bii-sexual

i have been married to 4 women and have been having great sex with men for years.when straight people ask me why do i feel i need to have sex with men cause a woman can satisfy my needs i tell them. they have obviously not had same sex action.there are times and sex acts that being with a man is more satisfying than being with a woman.these are the same people who can not understand the whole swinging concepts. they need to know the difference between love and sex.

All of the above and loved every minute.
I have had my dick sucked by a few guys. Then I started wondering what it would be like to suck a mans cock. So I went to the local book store and waited for awhile then when the time was right I got my chance to suck my first cock, I loved having a long hard cock in my mouth. When it started to spurt in my mouth I couldn't believe how wonderful it tasted I swallowed every bit and wanted more tasty cum.
I have had my dick sucked by a few guys. Then I started wondering what it would be like to suck a mans cock. So I went to the local book store and waited for awhile then when the time was right I got my chance to suck my first cock, I loved having a long hard cock in my mouth. When it started to spurt in my mouth I couldn't believe how wonderful it tasted I swallowed every bit and wanted more tasty cum.
I've been curious for a long time now. I finally mustered up the courage to do something about it. I went into and adult book store and went into the video arcade. I just picked a booth and left the door open. It was setup like a maze in there, but then this older guy came around the corner, saw me and I looked at him. Normally I'm very shy, I guess, but I just started rubbing myself and then so did he. That lasted for a few seconds then I unzipped and pulled my cock out. The rush was intense. Then so did he. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. It was average but nice. It was like I couldn't control myself. I moved over and signaled him inside. When he sat down I just naturally went to my knees and held him. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. All i could think of was that cock. I suck on him for about 5 minutes, he was rock hard but then pulled my head away, got up and left. I was so disappointed but excited too because of the step I had taken. I couldn't leave, I needed more. And that's what I got. After being there about an hour I got to suck 2 more cocks, 1 a large one and another average one. Both to completion. I LOVED tasting their cum. I loved it all. Now I go back every chance I get. Someday I'll try it in the ass but for now just oral.
i have been with two dominate men and loved every minute of it. The first one raped me at his house. he said that he new he would have to force me, but that i would be willing after that. He was right. He also taught me to suck his cock. the second guy advertized for a man that would take the role of a woman for sex. i went to him and he said that i have an ass that belongs on a woman and proceeded to make me into his girlfriend on the side.H ug

i started sucking cocks when i was 10 and love doing it
I've given oral to several guys and some of them did the same to me. I even gave oral to two guys at the same time...that was a blast! I'd love to do that again! But I never found more guys than that to give oral to. I have also given oral to a number of women, and enjoyed that too. Also I found out that giving oral to a woman after having sex with a man was pretty wild, but that has happened only a few times. I really enjoy both sexes and both sexes love juices.

Tried it for the 1st time a couple weeks ago and enjoyed every moment of it... Looking forward to experiencing more and expanding my fantasies... Will be interesting to try more than 1 guy, grp... and the ladies can join in also...
My experience started at a very young age and was "all in the family" deal. My brother and I were invited into our sisters room, she was 9, I 8 and my brother 6 at the time. She wanted to show us her naked body. We did not know what to make of the fact she did not have a dick like us. She proceeded to tell us what she wanted and got us to each lick her for several minutes. Then she had us each lay down and she sucked us until we were each hard and she straddled us and rubbed her clit up and down each of our dicks for a while each. At the time, we did not know it, but she orgasmed several times. After my brother and I returned to our room ( we shared a bed until age 13) and still had our hard dicks so we began to suck one another until we finally unloaded our cum into each others mouth. My little brother was not sure what it was all about, but I loved it and continued to suck his cock for many years as well as meet with my sister to eat her and let her suck and rub her cunt on my dick. At age 15 I was interduced to an older man who was in his early 50's. He approached me in the bathroom of our school and wanted to hold my dick while I took a piss. I let him and he started stroking me as I finished pissing. He then began to rub his hard cock up and down the crack of my ass. He then turned me around and proceeded to suck my cock, but quit suddenly and asked if I would follow him to the store room. I told him ok. In there he asked if I would get naked with him. I agreed and we proceeded to do 69 with each other. He asked if I really liked doing that, and I told him I was use to sucking my brothers dick but had not seen one as big as his. We did this for several months, then he met me in town and asked if I would take a ride with him. I did and he drove out into the middle of the woods where we got out and laid naked on a blanket that he had brought along. We started sucking each other, then he asked if I would mind turning around and putting my ass in the air. I did and he had some vaseline that he applied to my asshole and slipped his big cock inside of my ass and stroked me for about 3 minutes and he exploded (tight ass I guess). I did not get to do anything but suck his cock a few more times that school year and did not see him again. My sister turned 17 and was starting to date guys when she asked me if I would like to see her naked again. She said that her body had changed a bit of the last couple of years. I told her that I had gotten some body hair also. She took me into her bedroom where she stripped down in front of me and show me her hair covered pussy and nice firm tits. Her tits I had never seen, so I was excited to be able to touch them and she allowed me to suck her nipples. She said that she was excited and wanted me to strip and lick her pussy. I did as ordered and enjoyed the thrill of the new experience with her. She never allowed me to fuck her, but after a year of having naked fun with her and not wanting to suck a cock again, she left home and got married. I was sad. I married 5 years later after serving in Viet Nam. Several years after our marriage, I asked my wife if she had fanticies about having sex with other guys. She said that she had a couple of guys that she would like to have sex with, so I told her to give them a try to see if they were game. She started having sex with as many as 5 guys a month. I would stay at home with our kids while she went out and enjoyed sex with these guys. Once in a while, she would not be where she could clean up before coming home, so when she got into bed and told me about her night out, I would get horny and want to play. I would start out eating her, which most of the time was alright because she was basically clean, but she would forget and let me start eating her and licking the guys cum out of her before she realized that she forgot. After a while, it was not a problem for her because I told her it was something I liked doing. Then she got me to started finding guys for her to fuck while I watched and in some cases join in with them. I would not openly suck the guy off, but would enjoy licking her while he was fucking her and licking her juices off his dick. Several times I would get him to pull out right after dumping his load inside of her and I would finish cleaning the cum from his dick then proceed to clean the rest of it from her pussy. She has probably been the sandwich more than 3 dozen times and I have enjoyed cleaning both of them up. She has also been the middle person in a 2 female 1 male situation without me being there on a number of occasions.

The range of human potential always seems to increase beyond definitions no matter how much we try to define it. The permutations and combinations are beginniing to exceed your averge pizza topping list. Is it possible to have too much on a pizza? Is it possible to have too much sexual variety? This question centers around the difference of being attracted to, or wanting to have sex as a man with a man. For Gays, this is just with women does not register as something attractive or wanted. For a Bi, this is one of the possibliies and can be wanted now, or not, or in the future...depends on the mood and the opprotunity. The only reason we allow our sexuality to define our personal identities is because of politics. We are all grouped together as a sperate cagtegory in the general population, one of those letters in LGBT, but this is for political demographic purposes and only matters in the realm of public policy and civil liberties. Perhaps we should just fall back to the old default's my body. I'm in charge of it. I'm responsible for it's care and pleasure. Not you, not your church, not your laws. It's my body. I choose what and who is allowed inside. You have that same right. And as far as I'm concerned, keeping score is not what it's all about. Just tell me, if you want....was it good?

In my mind, I was only bi-curious until my first experience. It was something I wanted to try (hindsight, I wish I hand not waited so long). Now that I have experience, I consider myself bi.... but, there are many more experiences to have. My first ended with a threesome, which was fantastic... I can't wait for the next time...

Max isn't what i would say is bi- curious but he did give me a present a few times now. i had always wanted to see him give a blow job. well he decided he would make my day and we set up a night to play. all i can say is it was amazing for all three of us. it was a night i will never forget. Although it wasn't as amazing as my feelings of the night he said he wold at times do it again for me. so yes max has been with another man for oral only. he has no wants or needs for anal he would like to have it with me. we tried several times i just cant seam to make it happen, i hope some day to give him a present like he has given me. i don't care for anal but i will not give up until max can have what he desires my ass. some day babe it will happen-i promise

I've gotten a blowjob from one of my old roommates. He was openly gay and kept among if he could blow me as a joke. One night we were both drunk and for some reason I asked if he would blow me...long story short, best blowjob I've ever gotten.

I have had a couple of MMF and shared a I have also been to a couple of hotel parties with both M&F's and have had on MMM all were very fun and exciting. I do enjoy giving BJ's as well as recieving. So far I have only had oral experiences.

I am a bisexual male and have been bi since I was in my teens. I sucked my first cock when I was only 12 and have enjoyed it ever since. During my teen years I played sexually with a friend well into our 20's. When I say played, I mean we tried everything with each other. Mutual jo, 69, butt fucking each other, water sports, older guys, etc. After we each married our wives we continued to play with each other as well as swing with our ladies. Today I am divorced but still very sexually active with both sexes but I really enjoy the naughtiness of having a cock in my ass and my mouth full of cum.

We've done it many times and we loved EVERY INCH OF IT!

i've had encounters with another guy and it was great, a cock in the mouth is such a good feeling. luved it getting hard and pulsating till it explodes and the warm, sweet cum spitting out and down my deep throat, even better when i kept sucking and more cum to swallow, and his 8"s gad a huge head

I have over the last year and a half been enjoying sharing men with my girl. It really turns her on, after my first experience I found that it wasn't anything like what I thought it would be, now I really get off sucking cock and being fucked in the ass. I love the feeling of it squirting in my mouth, I swallow every drop. But I must say that I'm not really attracted to men, would never be with one without her, but with her its soooo yummy. It always makes me wonder if I'm really bisexual or if its more that it makes her so hot and I get off on it. I don't kiss or top but enjoy being the bottom. I have even had 1 in my mouth, 1 in my ass, while she sucked me.... that was truly the most erotic thing we have done. Our next fantasy we will make reality is a bunch of men enjoying me while she bounces around fluffing everyone...... can't wait

Yes , i have had a few experiences over the years with males .

It all started with me in my late teens , when myself a my best friend where doing a job and travelling back from London in a van. As it was along journey as teens do we started to talk about women and sex , then out off the blue he told me for along time he had a crush on me. I was taken a back by this confession. After a few stunned minutes we started to chat again and we talked about what he had said, i told him i was cool with it all etc etc and told him it was alright . But tbh i found it such a massive turn on why cock was rock hard in my pants , we chat more about it, he then admitted he would love to try sucking on my cock. With a hard cock in my pants and now feeling horny as hell , i told him we should find a place to stop and have some fun together .
We pulled off the main motorway and found a nice spot up a dark country lane and we both undid our pants and we where both already hard , so we talked about who was going to do the sucking first and we both gave each other a BJ .
Over a period of the next few years we had a few more nights together while watching porn we would suck each other off, in time we would add a little more fun to our "porn nights" till we ended up having anal sex with each other.

When I was 21 I had a roommate who was a pretty horny guy. We talked about jacking a lot. One night he asked if he could see my pubes as he had never seen red before. I showed him. He showed me his cock. We both got hard and started jacking. We jacked together a few times. Eventually, we compared sized by putting our cocks together. That night ended with us jacking each other till we each shot our loads at the same time. We only did this a few times till he got married.
im bi and have done those things many times

In answer to the long lost original question, "I have." I did not see where the original poster requested a full length novel.

I had never even considered having sex with a guy until about 5 or 6 years ago.Got a divorce long time ago and dated women for 15 years.
Man friend ask me if I would JO with him then we jack eachother,then he sucked me then I sucked him.Then I began to hunt men for sex and found many guys ready.Now I suck/jack/bottom.Really like to be topped and I cum most everytime.
Would like to have a steady top but my guy is married and can't be here as often as I like
I'm still a virgin.

I was wondering this question myself. I started playing with men at an early age...boys my age and older. I have been very curious about sex since five or six. I have been with quite a number of men over the years. Three sums four sums, etc. As a photographers I have taken pictures of males in bathhouses to bedrooms or the woods. I am partial to men with good sized penises. I have had the opportunity to talk with many men whether in a bathhouse of during a photo sessions and it has fascinated me how many men never actually "do it" with another man. Think about it, watch the videos have toys, etc. What are your observations?

Hi,i have had sex with both. I enjoy boteh sides but prefer men. Yes i have sucked cock,swolled cum and been fucked n enjoyed it greatly. It seems alot of people on these sites r just here for the eye candy,sucks for them,they will never experience great sex between two,three or a group.
bi- sexual is a valid term but some insist on making it seem a cop out ,i think it was woody alln ,who said if you were bi-sexual you would have twice the chance of having a date saturday night.the people i have sent e -mail to say they want a blow job or this or that yet they are reluctantto act on what they say they want,what really bugs me are those who sound like a prospect but want to get money from you.or worse set up dates and cop out.well i keep on trying

I have to say I've enjoyed almost every combination I've tried. The one thing I've never had and really want to is 2 guys at once. I've loved the M-M, and M-M-F combinations and now I'm interested in being in the middle of 2 guys.

Based on the posts I've read and scanned above, I must qualify as a very experienced bi guy.

I'm in my 60s. When I was 18 or 19 I realized that the sight of a handsome athletic built guy turned me on sexually. Especially if he was nude in the locker room showers. Soon after that I started fantasizing about sex with another guy. I did some research. Before that research, I had minimal idea of what guys might do together other than the obvious oral exchanges. The big problem then was how to make it happen.

At the tender age of 20, I talked my way into the gay bath house in Boston - - the minimum age was supposed to be 21. That night I learned the pleasure of being sucked to completion by a man; sucking and tasting the cum of another man (I had already tried mine); and, when a guy took me to his room and had me lie down on the bunk, I was sure I was about to find out about being fucked. Color me surprised - - after sucking my cock to full hardness he got on top of me and lowered his butt onto my cock. I learned that night how great anal fucking could be. I've enjoyed anal topping of both men and women ever since. Did I get fucked that night? No. But I went back the next weekend and sure did.

How many guys have I been with in the last 40 years? I have no idea. A hundred? Doubtless. Initially I was having sex with men and women equally. Then I met the love of my life, my wife of over 40 years. We have an open marriage. I seldom get together with other women, and then it's usually them with their male partner. I am still active with men (and with my wife, who does not participate with others of either sex). Aside bi/gay sex with some local friends with benefits, I often attend a weekly all male sex group about an jour and a half away. I also attend a monthly gay nude pool sex party that caps it's attendance at 50 per event. I seldom leave that event without being intimate with at least 4 guys.

How many guys have I enjoyed at once? I remember once joining 4 other guys pleasuring a fifth. He was standing, a guy was fucking him from behind, a guy was kneeling in front sucking his cock, and there was a guy on each side alternating between kissing him and working his nipples. I helped out where I could - licking his balls and his nipples when free, caressing any other part of him I could reach. This happened my second night at the bath - the night I lost my anal virginity. How many men have joined together to pleasure me? 4 is the most I recall - and I doubt I'd forget an event where more than that pleasured me.

I've played with guys and women. Mostly oral top with guys and some anal bottom. I've also been with many women over the years. The best of both worlds.
I have managed to have three experiences with a man. The first was not that much fun, as the guy just didn't really do it for me. The second was much more enjoyable, oral and J/O only though. The third was too rushed, just a quick BJ... still waiting to get my anal cherry popped! And more than ready to join a couple!

I had one experience with a male I was with a couple me and the husband we kiss we jerk each other off and suck each off it was a good experience for me but would like more

Well, I've had my 1st experience this year... Had a great time and it got better the more we played at each visit, and got more comfortable with each other. Now its a blast, did a lot of oral and just recently, had my cherry popped... WOW!!!

But i still favor women.... Guess that's why i feel like my ultimate fantasy would be MMW...


I have been with a man on 3 occasions. First time I went to a bath house and sucked on a couple of cocks but was cautious as it was the first time and the risk factors were high. The second time was a bisexual orgy leaning more toward the hetero side. Sucked some more cocks that night. Quite a few in fact. Third was a guy I met through this site. We got together for a good 69. I still would like to try anal, but needs to be the right situation and person.
Still waiting for my first

Lots of great posts, I'll just add one more short note. I joined this site to see what would happen, Joined as a couple and I must say I have had the chance to experience it .all. This is such a great place to meet people and have most if not all your fantasy's come true. Hope you all find what you seek. . . s

I had my first blow job from a guy at around 12 or so and really liked it needless to say,but the other guys that were around gave me so much grief about it I just forgot about it. Then about eleven years ago I was living with a woman that didn't suck cock worth shit and had a mouthfull of really sharp teeth. There's an adult bookstore about 12 miles from where we lived so I went in too look around and low and behold, booth's with glory holes. Needless to say Aphrodities became a favorite destination or last stop before going home. I met some great people and had lots of fun and had a cock in my mouth for the first time, and it was so nice the way it filled my mouth, but he didn't cum. Since then I've sucked several cocks buy haven't let anyone, guys anyway, cum in my mouth. I'm waiting till I'm with a couple with her watching me suck his cock, I enjoy being watched having oral so it's a real turn-on for me.

I've had a number of encounters. In most of them I'd suck them to completion then swallow their load and the best I got was a hand job. That all changed with the last hookup. We sucked each other then he laid on his back and let me throat fuck him. After I shot my load, I rolled over and he fucked me, my first time. THe feeling was great. I loved the way I could squeeze my ass muscles to make him cum. Can't wait for the next time...
I've had one experience with another man... and it was great. I loved the feel of his cock on my mouth... I was surprised that though he was very stiff his cock was sooooooooo silky! I sucked on his wonderful cock and he soucked on mine and we kissed and in time we ate each others cum... I'll never forget that experience and maybe someday have another friend with whom to share such intimacy's with.

i just started sucking cock a few years ago and love it we have a regular man friend thats been coming over for 5 years and we met him on a chat line

I've been sucking cock most of my life. One on one and groups. Once sucked off ten in a row. swallowing and facials
I've gone down on a couple of different guys. I've been fucked for the first time just recently. As for a group of guys, not yet, but would like to give it a try.

I have been with many guys and continue to blow many. My best was sucking off ten guys at a party. sucking cock while being watched

Although i have realized from likethe age of 14 that i had some feelings for cock, i never acted on it until 2007. I met this wonderful gal that was into swinging and always wanted to play with bi men... so she made my first experience possible. Since then i have sucked 67 different guys both with her and after we broke up. Ive sucked white, black hispanic, and i love them all... as most I really love well hung guys.. I am able to throat huge cocks, the biggest having been like 10-11 inches..i have no gag reflex so its easy to slide it down my throat. I love sucking a fat cock. i also love getting fucked as well, although its not as easy to find a guy willing to fuck my old ass I've blown 3 guys at one time, but would love to try more. My ultimate fantasy is to get gangbanged by 5.

Been with many guys over the years. Each brought something to the experience that was a teaching for me, most enjoyment.
yes, MM and MMM

I'm bi and have been active with men, women, and groups.
I am bi and have only been with 2 guys. I have sucked and been fucked. This was many years ago, 99 2000. I really want to find a couple. It has always been a fantasy of mine. Been looking but haven't had any luck yet.

Had a few encounters then last New Years my best friend and I got really trashed. It was a good thing... Once our inhibitions were down, we discovered we were both into exploring our bi side. Had a few more encounters and can't wait for the next!

I had my first bi experience with a couple. She taught me to suck her hubby. That was back in the day of swing magazines. That was when I discovered I liked sucking cock. I sucked some dildos to get them wet for ladies but graduated to real cock with bi-men. I have met some bi-m here. Some are real, some were guys who just wanted a bj. Never met a cpl here. I have been to two bi-m parties. One was fun, one was slow and boring. I still like being oral on men and women and swallowing cum from a cock or sucking it from a pussy. Have been to glory holes but that is another story.

I hit the adult shops and suck cock. Sometimes one and sometimes groups

I have done something with a guy we kissed and we suck each other off the front of his wife it was the hottest experience for me

I've given oral sex to a man and fingered a woman, but that's it. I really enjoyed both.

I love sucking that leads up to the man putting it in my ass. Ohhh I so love the little lasting pain of his penetration. I make him stop where it hurts long enough for me to think Im surrendering my manhood to be his shemale. The I give or try my best to give him better sex than any woman.

Now I would like to find another CD or woman who wants it woman to woman.

Quit a few women are turn on for me also.

I love being with both sexes but really enjoy watching, tasting and touching a well formed cock up close and having it in my mouth and ass and also squirting all over me! Of course I love pussy as much...the taste is just exquisite and the different types of "flowers" are a constant source of joy and pleasure, but there's just something about taking a soft or semi-hard pretty cock into my mouth and making it hard until it squirts! If panties or being with a CD or Transvestite is involved so much the better having a panty and lingerie fetish myself!
I've never done anything sexual with another guy, and I've been around a few years. Oddly, after 6 years in a sexless marriage that's going to stay that way (her issue, not mine) I've started to fantasize seriously about bi-play, rather than merely finding another woman. I guess I've sort of over internalized the feminine side I'm not getting in my marriage.
My first time was actually with a small group. I'd just graduated high school and a friend of my parents invited me on a summer fishing trip at a cabin on a lake. It was him and three other guys. Their "fishing trips" turned out to include more than fishing.... so, it was me at 18 and these older guys who were probably 50-65. I had a good time and it was my first time exploring...

Oh, I want to but when I check out locals on bp, there's not much there.

My first real experience--the two times in my twenties that men sucked my cock I don't count, I was too uptight to enjoy them--was only a short time ago. I actually followed up on an ad. We met at his house and we were standing at the foot of his bed naked fondling each other's growing cocks in nothing flat. I enjoyed myself--we sucked and stroked and rimmed each other, I came in his mouth and he shot his all over my cock.
But the anonymity of it--I thought I'd love it, but no. Which brings me here, like everyone else, to try to find some compatible men and women--personally and sexually--that I can really relax and explore with.

My first time I just went for it I went to the gay park in kcmo this black man seen me and asked what I liked it was my first time and I didn't know how I would feel after ward's so I said I'm a bottom I was nervous but had to see if what I felt was real he had van we got in it and he pulled his dick out oh shit it was huge he asked me to suck it I put it in my mouth and gave my first blowjob to a man his dick was nine inches and thick I deepthroated his cock and swallowed his cum he then sucked my cock but I soon got my pants off and took his dick and guide it to my ass he put it in slowly I have used dildos on my self before but the real thing was better I Tom all nine and told him to give it to me good he did my first was a great fuck I got lucky and also I found out that night I was bisexual and I don't have any regrets cause now I'm more open and I can have sex with both genders I am a bottom with men sometimes I wear panties or stockings they turn me on and I'm a great fuck and I have good sex with women

Once a boyfriend of mine took me to a party where there were all gay men and bi sexual women, well it turned out eventually to be an orgy, so I started to blow my boyfriend, and another guy who was naked, walked up and asked to join in so we said yes, so I was blowing the 2 of them and eventually I had 4 guys there around me,and after they all got off, they took turns blowing me. That was my best experience so far and Lots of fun.
You know I am just the opposite. Mostly straight but love a mans naked body. Still comes out the same with MM sex for me, I love it!
I pretty much think that me being from the 80s babies and up generation makes us see things a little differently....screw all the things people want to.say ab it as if you can really choose whether or not u are who u are but I.deff believe we as gen y people.have a more flexible understanding of people's needs in general I wasn't bi at all before I was 18... I never once thought about my buddy who was jerking off right next to me when we were younger and watching.prn as kids bc we hadn't crossed over to actually getting pleasure out of the act I think there is.a general disconnect in people who identify as strictly one way or another I feel.we.are.all way and that's the.human way...say if a blind paraplegic lesbian girl was only around men and didn't know she was a female but wanted the best head a woman could give and a trans guy who is actually a lesbian girl in his/her head gives is that not human and somehow still what the.non blind un paralysed person would be for that person even may the.para lez blind women wanted we still some how connect and that's the human.binary vibe I'm talking ab I.could sick down but.the.person I.let top me.And be around one tough mother and no.doubt a keeper.but that's why.I'm.on here I.guess bc people just.don't vibe so.I.need bigger audience I.Will always love anyone that wants me to as long as they play safely and respect everyone.involved peace love and a white dove
My first true love was a beautiful woman (born male) in the Philippines. In asia I spent time with many cross dressers. Back in the states I've enjoyed my time with single men and couples. to find a group of safe and sane.

After many years of being bi curious I finally found the courage to meet up with a guy. I was very nervous at first but he was very considerate and soon relaxed me. We then started sucking and stroking each other which was totally incredible. He then lubed me up and started using some toys on me. This opened me up enough for him to slide his 8" into my arse and after a few gentle strokes he then fucked me hard. It was an amazing experience and made even more so by him wanting to be fucked too.
I have been with 4 men, not all at once though. 2 were oral only. other two, I had intercourse with (taking and giving)
i love sucking cock,, and pussy,,,both at the same time when i can.
i usually go to the park near work at lunch time and can often suck one or two.
theres a group of regulars that always look for me. several i have sucked once or twice a week for 15 years now.
when i can get there i know a couple theaters and book store to play at too.
lucky my wife is a major cum slut too and always begs me to bring men home ,,she gets a lot , but they mostly want her . i don't mind as long as i get to eat some creampie afterwards
the ones i bring home want both of us, and thats so exciting
i perfer woman but a real man needs a hard cock every now n then. n its been so long without a hard dick n my mouth. im frustrated n need to taste the high hard one.

I tried giving a guy a blowjob once, but I was too nervous, so no happy ending.

I've been with women i've been with men but never both together still dreaming of the day I lay in bed stroking myself wanting for it to happen mmmmm
I'm bi curious, I've never done anything with a guy but I'm hoping to really soon

I have been comfortably bi for many years. Nothing better than having sex with another man who is comfortable in their sexuality
I have sucked a cock but never been fucked. I am attracted to women but I get the urge to just give a blowjob and swallow all the cum. I would really like to know how it felt to be fucked

I am a straight dude and I have jacked and oral with some also straight buddies -nothing more
Sounds like someone is not getting as many meet ups as they would like.
I have done the following

I am bi and I have done everything with another bi man. I have only been with 3 men at once. I didn't think I would ever do that but it happened and it was the best. I would rather have one partner however.

I am a bi guy who has been with many men gay bi straight. I have always said no man will turn away a great blow job and that includes straight men. Get into a steamy sauna at a gym and you would be suprized how much cock you can find. Same with bi guys I like mine to be subs who enjoy having their ass played with and their prostrate massaged. I also like men who are into piss play. Of course you dont usually have to ask much with gay men they are pretty much into most anything. I have had many bi men who were newbies and all of them enjoyed their first encounter with a man. The young ones especially. They really enjoy it

I have been with five guys and given them all blowjobs and swallowed every load. Three of the guys were gay and the last man was fantastic... We had a great oral session. I am hoping to explore more and experience anal soon.

So far the only thing I have done with another male it was giving and receiving oral sex just the other day I went to adult bookstore video booth I want in one of the videos booth and I walked in the room with me and started performing oral sex on me and I'll return the favor and then he started rubber my anal with his finger and started to finger fuck me that was my first anal experience and I enjoyed it very much now I want to try a in my anal I want to know how it feels to have a cock in me for the first time I had given oral before this guy was my second guy that I gave oral sex to and I enjoyed it way too much and I want to try it again and before the other day I had considered myself bi curious now that I had anal play with and enjoyed it now I consider myself fully bisexuals now

dr lovewill, if u want to take a step towards anal, you need to get some toys. get a set of starter butt plugs and work with them slowly until u can take one the width of an average cock. It will make the anal transition very enjoyable with no pain. you can also use a vibrator. The trick when u insert is to not just shove it in but put pressure on your anus when u get resistance just back up for a second. it gives your sphincter muscles time to relax and then push again and repeat. once the toy is in there, it take s two to four minutes for the muscles to relax and then u will begin to enjoy the motion. and if u decide on the real thing, you should douche ahead of time for cleanliness purpose. anal is the bomb
I'm bi and have been with five men, always very good. giving oral and receiving anal. Two I sucked off to completion, the first was a heavy cummer so some ran down my chin, tasted very nice.

Where to start; I'm Bi and have been since I started jacking off. First I love women their taste, bodies , and eating n playing with The pussy. Remember watching porn when I was 13/14 with a few buddies , first we were shy about our little hard ons. Then someone found a bi tape. Well I do remember by the end of the tape cocks were in hand as we watched it.So the three of us stared sucking and licking each other's asses . That lasted for two years. And yes by then it was nasty boy sex. I really enjoyed watching my friends cum!! Then I turned 18 started going to the book store and putting my young thick cock in a hole and watch this cock hungry , cum loving men , abuse my cock. Really enjoyed feeding them . Then in my early twenties I had a girlfriend who really taught me to enjoy my ass-hole. Before her I've only had a few cocks or toys up my ass. Well after sometimes a weekend of her doing my hole and being a sub , and getting a little nastier , I new I wasn't going to be a straight lace guy. Yes I live the normal straight world on the outside. My ole lady knows that I'm really anal, and kinky, but she's just not into it. Tranny's r really fun to play with get a little of both worlds!! Enjoy being nasty with other men and women. I'm turned on by older men . Never thought about dating a guy, just enjoy having nasty man on man sex. I've never had cock n pussy at the same time though, that's my fantasy ! To be in bed with cock n pussy!! To suck her mans cock and see how turned on she gets !! So let's play boys n girls!!

I am bisexual and only came out as bisexual to close friends and ex partners this year as I was swinging with an email gf and she asked if I would like to try the real thing... as we had played with toys for a while and she seen how much I enjoyed it.. so I have done a lot with 4 gys only.. from deep throat in swilling and taking it every way possible.. don't get me wrong I only fancy and want to be with a women and love making love and pleasing a women.. but also enjoy a man's cocktail to..
My ex got me into anal.she loved it.she then got strapon to fuck my was hot as n I cum so big.I then lived with a playful cpl n we sucked each other day I bent ova for him to fuck me n omg was so hot to feel his cock on my prostate.although his cock was small I wanted it every chance I could.I saw my gay uncle n told him I love cock in me so he got his huge 11 inches deep in me n I was in I see him n his mate's once a month too get my ass pumped by their donkey docks.I'm now a bi toy for you to use as you please.can suck cock n eat pussy till the cows cum home.tight ass is so hot around my cock.such a turn on to fuck ass while getting ass Fucked.I dildo fuck my hole when no cock to please.

I'm a bi trans female, prefer guys. I've been with a few guys for oral and anal and love it. Hopefully I'll be able to be with several men at once, something on my bucket list.

Been with guys lots of time and love sucking dick wife knows and loves it
I would love to be gang raped, the hought of having 4 men standing in front of me with there huge cocks, really gets my asshole wet, i would let them fuck me until i cant walk..
i have never been with a guy before, but is looking forward to it..I dream of being on my knees wearing tights all the time.
look do want fuck me I am transgender no op yet

I am married and back in 1974 I joined a mail sex club and meet with a few married couples and had sex a few times a week. and we would 69 while the husband would fuck the wife and when he slipped out of her. I would lick it and put it back in her cunt. he would like to suck me until I would cum in his mouth for him . it was a long time for me before I let him cum in my mouth and it was a long time before I swallowed cum and liked the taste of it now I like my belly full of it. he got me to put his 7.5" cock in my ass and fill it with his love seeds. And l started going to adult book stores. and then I found what the glory holes where for I spent around 15 dollars a week with my ass at glory hole and I wore nylon stockings so when the cum would flow out of my ass on to my stockings and not on to my legs. it's a shame theirs no book stores with glory holes in them -P

Being bi is the best of both worlds I luv the taste of cock as much as pussy they are both amazing. And the feel of a tight ass and wet pussy wow
bi curious cd wants to be someones girl

I'm married and bisexual. My wife know and she's more than cool with it. I've had a few m2m experiences in the it!
I have had an all male , been with bi/gay guys,also str8 ladies,wood luv to have a bi mmf 2some,on my fucket list

I have topped and bottomed for another guy. And we have done MMF threesomes where I licked the cum from her pussy. We like it. Want to do it again!
I have been sucked by guys and have sucked and swallowed a few. always been curious about how it would feel to have my mouth used with someone (or several someones) watching

Had been curious since high school and about 6 years ago I lost my lifemate and after about 6 months I was finally ready to be intimate with someone and was time to find out if the fantasies I had would be anything like reality and finally I'm naked with a man and going to suck his cock and I sucked out 2 loads and knew I loved it and been enjoying ever since and now I love sucking cock and very much love having a cock deep up my asshole and couldn't think of not being with guys and still love women too and I'm a passionate kissing and touching ,making out with both and have enjoyed many 3sums . So if you are curious then with some caution start chatting up a guy online and if you feel comfortable then enjoy the pleasures that only 2 men can know .Good Luck
One my 10th anniversary my late wife arranged for a hotel room that had an adjoining door. When we settled in the door opened and another couple entered nude. She told me this was her present to me (yes this really happened!) an introduction to swinging. Yet, she gave me the option of choosing the gender and the room.

The man was an Adonis and stood there hard as a rock. I soon was too and I spent much of the three days with him. We did switch it up with each other but, I'm glad I was much younger then and had more stamina. He was very experienced at being Bi and taught me to love making love to men.

My ex and I did it all the time, once she found out that I was into it. She especially appreciated giving me creampies! We never shared a cock... Blowing it at least, she would suck me while she was bouncing on his. I have not had the privilege of a man blow me, but I've had a lot of women blow me, and I have sucked a lot of cocks instead... A lot! I love it! My wife and I both had... I should say, my ex-wife and I both have a terrible, insatiable come fetish! We love it on US in US and especially in our mouths! We have both taken turns at the g**********, and snowball with each other. I've watched her be triple penetrated and I've cleaned the men up afterwards. I have also come in another woman and let my wife eat her creampie all the other sucked me dry and she was being double penetrated. I always clean her up and them too. Sadly, I have never felt another man licking my cock. I really want that, bad. However, I get a tremendous amount of sexual satisfaction by giving head, and eating pussy. In fact, I prefer it to intercourse. My current wife understands, but doesn't necessarily want to see it, although I suspect she does. We are swingers, and I watched her with seven men at the club, just last month. She loves to be watched. As long as you don't come in her, on her or in her mouth, she's great. However, that's the part about it that bothers me the most. She has seen me give head to one guy that I knew. I didn't want to do it though, it was just too big in girth. And the sex was bad. We've never seen him again. However, when we're at the club, and attention is being paid to her... She's a real slut! Lol! She gives very good head, and fucks like a rabbit! Just don't come! Go figure... I suspect, she really does like it when I suck cock. She was very fascinated by the idea, but the partner was wrong. So, I'm going to ease her into this carefully. Meanwhile, come and get it!

As I have a hand full of precum in my hand reading these stories I am thinking of the first time I was with another man for sex; I was married for 23 years, so enjoying the thing I loved the most with a guy was new to me. Jay and I met online, a local CL ad of his put me in contact with him. We emailed back and forth a couple of time then moved to texting each other. One Saturday Jay texts me to tell me his room mate was gone for the weekend, could I cum over. I said yes! I popped in the shower, got ready for whatever. And drove over to his place. Once there he led me to his bedroom where he was out of his shorts and on his bed, laying there waiting for me to join him. As I stood by his bedroom door I felt like the I was in the movie "The Graduate," ((?)) I moved to the other side of his bed, slipped out of my shorts and tee shirt and got in tight by his side. He was watching porn and said I could do whatever I wanted too; thinking about it, looking down at the head of his cock all 8" of it I went down on him. When he came it was great! Jay moaned, stiffened up his back, his cock was down my throat and he shot off his load. I caught it all. Before he came I told him just to cum, don't tell me when you will I said, just cum. I gave him the frredom to climax without caring about telling me, which some do killing the moment; anyway it was awesome!

I have had two mmf and suck and swallowed both Guys cocks and fucking loved it

Glory hole.
First time l had another dick in my mouth was at of my teachers and we got together a few times a week for several months. d to get down on big, hairy dick after him and found my stepdad ready to feed me. he was a truck driver and worked nights and my mom had a day job so we had all afternoon after school to have me service his big uncut cock. He was also the first guy to fuck me.
Nothing more sexy than being with other men and big rock hard cocks in your throat and ass cumming everywhere. Honestly I prefer a hot long cock(s) over women anyway now.

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Gang Bangs
hey there guys....
i would like to get a group or guys to come gang bang me.. the bigger the cock the better... 5 or more guys is what i realy want .... hold me down n take turns using my ass till u cant cum no more....lets do it guys
Cum Swallowing
I have this unbelievable fantasy that I'm being used as a sex slave by a group of guys (between like 2 and 5 or 6 guys. Through the whole ordeal, there isn't much sex really at all. But as the "host", I continually blow every guy there. I want to jerk someone off at the last second out of my mouth so I can cover my face with his cum; I want a guy to hold the sides of my head and face fuck me, until he fills my mouth full of his cum; and I also wanna try blowing a guy up to and through when he's cumming, meaning I don't take him out of my mouth, I just swallow as he tops my mouth out each time. The group of guys wouldn't be limited to cumming once either, I'd just have everybody take turns 'til we got tired... Teehee :)
Cum In My Ass
When I was young, preaids, I use to love having a group of guys cum in my ass. Would love it if could set that up again, group of D/D free guys use my ass as a cumdump.
Cum In My Ass
When I was young, preaids, I use to love having a group of guys cum in my ass. Would love it if could set that up again, group of D/D free guys use my ass as a cumdump.
Cum Baths
I noticed some guys love the idea of being bathed in cum with a group of guys jearking off on their naked body...I think it is pretty hot too! winks
Bang My Wife
My wife are both bi and we swing allot. She told me that she had a fanitisy about being gang bang by a group og freindly guys and wanted to try it. So for her birthday one year I got 5 guys from our swingers group to agree to come over and fullfill he fantisty. We started one night about 8:00 on a friday night.We all had a few drinks and she told them waht she wanted and told us to get naked as she went into the other room. When she came back to 6 horny guys she was also naked and asaid let the games begain. We fuck her untill about 8;00 the next morning we all came in her atleast twice. She enjoyed being the the center of of and orgy and the only women there.She always has me eat the guiys cum out of her pussy after each guy came in her. This is something that really turns her on.She even had me eat my own cum out of her pussy while the other guys look on. She had a great time that night and enjoyed the hell out of it.she even had me suck some of the guys to get the hard again before the fucked her again. Once she had a cock in both hands , one in her mouth and one in her pussy fucking the hell out of her. I have to admit the I was really turn on watching her get fuck by the 5 guys and watching her love it. She love multi sex partners. since then we have one of the lovers that use to bring a friend of his over and they would take turns fucking her. It always been fun watching her letting go and haviving a good time sexualy wit all of her lovers.She has even had me suck off a few of them just so she could watch.

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