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  3. Bi couple needing a bi guy or 2 to do everything.. In Kentucky

We have been trying to find a guy or two that are bi that wants full on .. Get in touch

I'm down

I'm interested.

How good is his ?

How good is his ?

im ready to hav from and do everything u want let me knoq im horny as fuk

I’d love to share
Wish you were closer! I’m game!!!

Im available

I love it when my wife is a slut for me my friend but she is going to be shocked when I when my friend comes she we can both do her and I tell her I want that cock in my mouth I hope she likes it when I get down and take the cock from her my and put it in my mouth

Still looking.?

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Kentucky girl looking for other Kentucky girls ONLY to have fun with. The more the better
Men Wearing Lingerie
needing cum
Hello ! W e are a married couple that is very much in LOVE.
We are looking for a S/W/F/ whos looking for fun and good HONEST/CLEAN friends. IF you are a bit over wight it's okay. We w ould like to get to know you and if we all Hit it off. THan Fun awaites us .......We would like to have SEX/FUN/ FRIENDS/TRIPS/ AND HONESTY!!!!!!!!!!. Kiss IF YOUR needing all this please feel free to look us up..Flower Couples........... We are Just looking for others in K.Y. area to just hand out with . And beable to be our selfs not hide who we are........... So if you guys haven't noticed Im BI-W-F. Hubby's str8-w-m . we are looking and waiting while fun awaits us all:)KissHugFlower
Mutual Masturbation Women
This girl is needing some of this NOW!!!
Both Bi Couples Only
Wow--is this ever the best site and most direct way of narrowing down what you like and what, well, you just not sure about. :) My guy and I have had the absolute best time looking over the 'interests' section and seeing what descriptions we like or perhaps are not has helped us so much sort out and break through some barriers neither one of us realized needing breaking...:-D I find myself looking for others with similar 'interests' on their profiles...the thought that we could find a nice couple to play together with us is, just, well, exciting! Check us out--those little profiles can tell so much. Maybe we can be a great match. Kiss:):)LaughingHug
Bisexual Men Getting Fucked
In north carolina Needing anything

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