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NOOOO dont look!!!....LMFAO, to late huh, your curiosity got the better of you!!
Hidden treasure is EVERYWHERE!!! I guess you can use your imagination....BUT, those Damn S.... SOMEBODY is hoarding them all!!!

I'll sell ya some then...😁

Stuck at 79. When does this end? Don't want to keep looking like a fool to find out it is over.

Barebear2, you'll know when its over as winners will be announced.
Keep looking... the more s you get the harder it will be to find them.

If at first you don't Succeed, Keep on sucking till you do suck seed!!!
e gG

who wants it

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Art Galleries
We Love visiting art galleries and museums that house various works of art and some of the worlds greatess treasures like the National Art Museum in Washington DC...
I'm about all egged out, but they are very well hidden !!!
I will 420 in a bar, I will 420 in my car, I will 420 if you're there, I will 420 anywhere. In a bar, in a car, if you're there, anywhere, If we're hidden or unseen, I love my little bag o'green.
I just love watching while someone gets off.
I also love hidden camera.
Makes me crazy.|8B
Cock Worship
Every man, has some form of cock worship, be it penis envy or penis desire. To suck a cock, or that hidden fantasy for a huge cock, to fuck your wife.
I enjoy erotica because it is such a pleasant mind pleaser. I dated a lady whose biggest turn on was going to museums and art galleries and finding different form of erotic art hidden in these places. Public places with quality, acceptable forms of erotica. What a great interest.Flower

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