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I was wondering....the peeps who know me I think will understand how hard it is for me to post this. I am really sorta shy in this type of gets like shakey? So I am gonna just ask.....does anyone feel like kinda horny and want it like NOW? If anyone gets the feeling of lonliness and just caves? like lonely and all that goes with it? I know I am not making this clear. So nervous. Just a Q I spoes.

I get lonely for physical attention. Just kinda faded away these last few years.
I get it (I think 😁). Not looking to change my situation, but sometimes it’s a downer...
Connecting here and the fantasy that it inspires is great... but, “the craving” for the physical part is still there...

I agree Paul
Welcome to how most men feel 24/7 . . .

I'm pretty much a loner and enjoy my solitude. I play here and there, not really a fan of a relationship persay, but at times miss a naked body behind me in bed and the play that follows. But I get my fill and good again being alone.

I believe I’m following the conversation properly. For several years I was in a terrible rut and burned for real physical contact that I wasn’t receiving. I had the good fortune to find a incredible partner who turned me around. I then discovered that the craving I had, was an extension of my withering esteem and loneliness. The mental, emotional, and biological needs we have are all connected. To address one, you address them all.

I understand Becky, if I was a pretty girl like you I'd help in an instant too.

I'm lonely a lot these days and for me I know it's the lack of physical contact that drives the feeling. I am a naturally affectionate person and because I have no one to shower with that affection I get down. I know that my love language is physical touch and because I have been starved of it occasionally I cave and end up with less than satisfying experiences.

Bek, it's a good question that goes to our human nature as sexual, sensual beings. Part of our make up is to desire and be desired. It is expressed as horniness...we want that physical contact and release. It's great when we have friends/partners for those times. That1couple has expressed it well...the emotional, mental, biological needs align and we just need to have the physical satisfy the craving. Glad you were brave enough to ask....we all experience it.

I can definitely relate, especially as a woman...
Life is very confusing just hang in there and generally things work out in the end bruce419 And try to remember happy happy joy joy

BekDen all seem to somehow way or another. And it sure means alot.

Yes. Welcome to the way most men feel 24/7.

Hi Bek, I think it happens more than we like to think about. Even when someone is partnered, that there can be a lack of physical contact and especially encounters of the erotic kind. I usually come here and fantasize!
Hello beautiful
Yes me u like to watch

AllenMarks is correct. I've been married almost 23 years and my wife won't even look at me much less have any sort of physical intimacy. And forget anything kinky or different. I am VERY lonely, but seldom alone.

Dang...that doesn't mean exclusivley to men...Dang. Ayanna....I know. Sometimes I think I can be in a room full of peoplle and still feel alone.

I wish I could respond to each of you...Allen we have been friends for some well as Ayanna....and more. I sure didn't think this would draw so much attention. And I am sure I didn't state it as well as I could have but I think you got it. And that's what friends and lovers do and I thank you so very much. s n es. It's somnething I fell we all go through at one time or another and I'm always willing to help.


I feel alone a LOT. I do understand how you feel. If you ever need to talk, just shoot me an email.

ya girl!


It’s hard for me, I totally get it. I got burned a while back and now that I’m past it, I crave a real woman who wants more than just a fling. You each are right, we crave that which we cannot have. I’m happily married, he doesn’t have any issues with me having a gf of my own, but I can’t find a woman that I click with. I did the settling thing, and juicyp6 is right, it winds up less than satisfying. I feel very alone. I almost wish I could shut that part of me off.
~Mrs Rebel

Lisa...ty and BIG s back at ya.

Sweet sexy lady, you are NOT THE ONLY ONE. It has hit all of us at some time or another, just hit's some people way too often. So put on your big giurl panties, go out for a drimk (Only one , no DUI here) an know many of us respect and admire and love you. Buck up sister.

Rebel....I don't think any of us can flip the switch to shut it off. But It's a great thought. I am not crying in my beer so to speak...but it is a part of life I think. It's like taboo to even say that it seems. It can open wounds that are better off as a scar.....again...I don't have the prose to put it into words.

Bek, you said it very well. Most of us need the physical contact, but don't always get it. Good point Juicy and Mrs. Rebel, settling is usually unsatisfying. SloStroker nailed it when he said, lonely but seldom alone.
Here a little something
I’ve always loved you

A all.

always great to chat bek
yes very much so

I can't believe that this would be sooo interesting. But thanks....and I love yas all.

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