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Sucking dick near Willcox Arizona
No reciprocation needed just pleasuring you. Cut or uncut .
Close to I-10 truckers , travelers and locals welcome
Call me I want to fuck you

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18 Wheeler
Any truckers wanting head and or tight ass coming down I-10 in Arizona ? I'm near Benson and willcox can meet at TA in willcox or the rest area by dragoon
Any truckers going to the TA in willcox arizona want some head ? Have tight ass for you too I have condoms
You can get head and butt at the dragoon rest area between Willcox and Benson , or in your truck at willcox TA .
Any truckers ever come east or west on I -10 ? Willcox TA or the rest area between Willcox and Benson ? That would want a blowjob and or a piece of tight butt ?
Glory Holes Arizona
Depends where your at I'm 75 miles east of Tucson and guys don't want to drive that far because of gas prices and I don't blame them . I'm between Benson and willcox only 20miles either direction but they don't want to drive that either and it seems in willcox and Benson they don't need a blowjob
Blowjobs While Driving
i,m a retired senior who lives in prescott valley arizona. last summer while driving down to phoenex arizona about 95 miles south, i picked up a young hichhiker. he to was going to phoenix. i was wearing short pants. after about 5 minutes he ask me if i,d mind if he could put his hand on my leg. i said no i didnt mind. he put his hand on my bare nee and then moved his hand up to and into my shorts. it felt very good.the speed limited out here is 75 miles per. hour, i slowed down to 50 miles per. hour. he then unzipped my shourts and gave me a long slow blow job. we exghange phone numbers, but to this day he hasent called back. i wich he would.

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