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Hi everyone,

I’m contemplating becoming a paid member the only thing is I’ve not seen many active UK members. Am I just on here at the wrong times or is there not many on here?
Not seen many to be honest, although I am new on here this week...

Hiya - im new today

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Nevada long last :) the vegas info up and running and ready for members to sign up! after much hard work on the parts of many, including and especially jack (licksuknibble) and our webbies, its all becoming real :) our room is selected, payment on its way, and planning for flights...the triple is ready and anxiously awaiting the next terrific BP gathering...more wonderful members to meet...and seeing old friends again Kiss...VIVA LAS VEGAS ! Love, sunshine,babe and brandon
Showing Off Your Best Pics
Wanted to show off some of our better pic's hope you all enjoy and hope to see some of the other members show off theirs also :-P Hug Please add yours also members
Bisexual Sex Group
We have started a small group 5 members in Malta. HugFlowerLaughing:-P|8B
Bi Male Or Couple For Poly Triangle/quad
How old were u when you first swallowed cum. Do any of you have incest with family members growing u? Please share
Dirty Panties
I love the smell of used panties. Any women members out there willing to send me a pair?
I think its natural to be running around naked and even masturbating in front other and all family members

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