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I'm no-T, no cock, non-binary with a permanent state of strong surrender, and I like it. I'm fun to look at and I'm looking friends to hang out naked with. If you want to cum in interesting ways, I'd love to assist If you are the Las Vegas area, feel free to give me a tap and if your fantasies are safe and legal, then let's play. I'm not here to judge and I like things that are different.

I want to fuck ur throat n ass

Feel free to personal message me if you would like to have lunch and discuss the terms of my surrender

Hi rob, while I don't do 'butts', getting on my knees so you can hold my head while you satisfy yourself, finishing with a balls deep squirt on my heart would be a pleasure.

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Object Insertions
When I am super horny and have to masturbate, I too grab the first thing I can find and just use the hell out of it. Recently, I have tried food like cucumber and banana in my hot wet pussy. The banana feels glorious.
Penetration With Strange Objects
Mmm, a banana in my ass...
Object Insertions
Mmm, I want a banana up my ass...
Sex With Food
carrots nice, cucumbers nice, banana not so much. cantalope nice ;) and there's always making a friend into a buffet :-P whip cream, honey, strawberries and cherries, belly button shots, and the list goes on. :-D
Men Sucking Men's Dicks
I am so into the concept of sucking my first dick that I have been studying porno bj's and practicing on a condom covered banana(not the same one the whole time). I actually have a script memorized that covers exactly how I will take care of the first two minutes or so. It includes 12 techniques and 5 tempo changes. After that I'll improvise adding 23 additional techniques. Idon't believe I'm overthinking this. Ienjoy my study and practice time and I think it will give me confidence when that sweet dick comes along. Anyone got any thoughts on how to improve deep throat techniques? I I would love to shock the hell out of my first guy by already having that in my bag of tricks at my premier performance

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