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Just throwing up a question for seeing others responses....

My wife said she's been told since I have diabetes 2, that the sugar in my saliva is causing yeast infections when I lick her pussy and tongue fuck her. She wants to research on the topic... and let me know what she finds out.

I've been given other excuses for lack of sex activities over the last year, but this is the best one .. some others were legitiment....
time to get a lawyer.

and move on. just saying.....
It’s a tough decision but it’s time to just live your own sexual life
Remember life is pretty short
There are some wives that figure that they have everything that they want and there’s just not much else to work towards and so they start to say no to being interested in you or sex
Save yourself there buddy!
Look for a lover somewhere else

And join b/p

It's obvious she is not that interested, might be old age, might be hormones, might be other factors, be patient and work on it
Might be writing on the wall, and you don't want to believe what you already know to be true. It's past "working" on it.

Mine has turned around

I turned around, bc I like to be a bitch.
Wrong chick 4 you

I think you need to invite me over as an old friend pour her some wine Chat till we can flirt a little see if we can get subject on sex. She jus might need a Three some Then we can have you dress like a caged slut and she can get some real cock

That would be great... and have mentioned the fantasy Many times... she's not interested... thank you for the offer. Great photos...

diffrence between gurls and women Gurls Never say NO
a cock on cock NEVER has a headache, or , I hope NOT

Not all of us women are like that. My hubby and I have sex quite frequently and we also enjoy some mmf and mfm playtime together.

Sorry friend but your wife's excuse sounds like BS.

Mine is a dull story. Never wanted intercourse, told me my cock is to big for her mouth, it isn’t, and she always licked .in the wrong place

I was married for 35 yrs and she gave up on sex, after months of therophy and consultation we divorced was 63 at the time and it turned out to be the best decision ever. I met CC and my life has been great since.
It was amazing, my ex and had been in the lifestyle for years, she had multiple regular BF's and then one day she said she was done. I said ok we can just play alone, she said no i am done with sex. I was not, and told her so. She said I could just hack off. As far as I know she has seen no one since.

You guy should try to marry a Asian woman, most Asian women would go along with the man, anytime you want to fuck her even she having her period, my wife would let me fuck her anytime I am in the mood never say no to me

It's a real thing. People with Type 2 diabetes have more sugar in their saliva, and sugar is really bad in the vagina or vulva. Offer to use a dental dam. Yeast infections suck.

Hell my wife wouldn't even get undress in front of me and if I walked around in my underwear she call me sick. She changed when we got married. I put up with that for nine years then got a divorce.

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