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Does anyone know of any. Contact me please.
I am bisexual and queer and gay. I am trying to meet someone here Bristol Connecticut. It’s been awhile since I had a cock to suck on No one wants to answer on here. I also love wearing woman’s clothes. I wear panties 24/7 And pantyhose’s when it gets cold. This is my cell phone number I only wish
Someone would call me. I need some cock real bad.

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Bisexual Swinger Parties
really looking for bi swinger parties/house parties in the northern Virginia area for some good dick sucking
Sex Toy Parties
Now from what I hear [color:Pink][b][i] SEX TOY PARTIES [/color][/b][/i] can be losts of fun and some of them turn into sex parties. hmmmmm think we will have to go to one. Posted some pics of some Sex toys as well. IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
Bisexual Swing Clubs
If you are in Southern California.....check out They have the best bi/tranny/CD/TV parties that I have ever been to.....San Diego all the way up to LA and Riverside. I have had many fantasies fulfilled at these parties....once I was being fucked by a bi guy while he was being was awesome!!!!! ~Ladibug ;-)
Bisexual Swinger Parties
MWC looking for bisexual swing parties/house parties in Ann Arbor/Jackson, Mi. or surrounding areas? We would love to hear to hear about upcoming dates/locations. Please let us know. Thanks. Kiss
LOL, house parties are the best! Been to a many that where staged as swinging. Never as a bi house parties. And those partys were full of 30 people enjoying each other, not just 3 or 4. So yes orgies would be very fun in if they were with a lot of folks fucking and sucking each other no matter the genders!
Circle Jerk
I hold a couple of parties every week....a circlesuck on Saturday nights, and a circlejerk on Thursday nights. At both parties all sperm goes on my face, I LUV seeing a spurting cock and feeling that warm semen hitting my face :) Anyone near Woonsocket RI is welcome to attend!

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