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Drinking can be fun if you have moderation.. And gravity on your side!Laughing
Its good for hurricanes!:)
this is good shit
some drinks are good,if it gets people to relaxe an have fun.but not to the point that u are getting have thinks its more fun to have sex.if u drink to much to feel that way don,t .ask me to join u for fun.don,t need u that much.i,m sure theres better folks to play with.
I need a drink after this egg hunt
I'm A Faggot That Loves Recycled Alcohol From Guys Hoses, sucking cock, eating cum, facials, and having my ass fucked good..
I wonder if there is a way to have a threesome or 4some without liquid courage...
Personally, I like to drink beer and suck cock! Being the cocksucker for the guys while watching a game or a race is a treat for them and a thrill for me! Occasionally, I entertain at bisexual or all male parties. Beer in moderation keeps me going! A little more makes me daring! Add a shot or two and I turn into bendover BJ!

Contact me if you are having a get together and want an in house cocksucker!
Alcohol on Bisexual PlaygroundAlcohol on Bisexual PlaygroundAlcohol on Bisexual PlaygroundAlcohol on Bisexual Playground
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