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Any one out there? Pretty horny.
anyone wanna talk
Hello......wanna play
I'm looking for threesome with my boyfriend and more more woman it's been my dream to be with another woman there's a first time for everything this might be ongoing thing
Hello it's been my dream to be with another woman so me and my boyfriend decide to have a threesome this will be my first time but it my dream so I'm trying to make it come true so if this sound good to you email me
Asian couple here looking for another girl who is interested for 3some
My (straight) boyfriend of a year has been away for almost a month and he'll be home Monday June 27. I really wanna find a sexy bi female for a threesome and surprise him. He's never had a threesome and it's been too long since I've been with a woman! Our profile gets more into detail about what we're looking for so if you're interested hit me up! Will be a lot of fun, guaranteed!
Looking for a women to share with my man
Looking for another female for me and my husband and also looking for a female for me
Me and my boyfriend need a sexy woman to play with
Looking for a woman to join in some daytime NSA fun! One time or on going discrete relationship
Me and my husband is looking for another female to join our relationship. Looking for someone that is reuat worthy, honest, loving and funny. Someone who doesn't mind sharing. FlowerHugKiss:-P
Looking for a cute beautiful woman for a 3some with my man
Any single bi women in central ky
Looking for a women to play with while my boo is at work the we play with him when he get off
Hey, I'm looking for a women that is willing to kiss me, lick & suck my breasts and pussy and I'm sure I'd love it want to do this in front of my boyfriend. He has told me he would like to see me with another women. I haven't done this before but I'm interested and want to please him. He would want to be invited into join us and also have a three some with me and another women. Hopefully soon and someone willing to come to our apt. Harrisburg pa area.:)Kiss
No games my husband and I are looking for a beautiful feminine bisexual female that like have fun with both of us
Looking for 2 women in a relationship to satisfy me when I need to be satisfied :-P
Looking for a bisexual female to join us
Looking for one girl 2 girls or all girls lol I am down to have a train of girls run me till I explode and am down for whatever else
We are looking for a girlfriend but are not open to posting pictures at this time
Looking for another woman to trib for our first experiment together and my man watch beteen the age of 38 and 45 a lil over weight
Looking for a female to join my hubby and I.
Looking for a female to join me and my husband in a three way fun
Looking for local bi female to have some fun wit me and husband to being that spice back to relationship
Looking for local bi female to have some fun wit me and husband to being that spice back to relationship
Looking for female to have fun with the wife and me
Looking for a sexy bisexual lady to come let me play and fuck her in front of the my husband
Need a sexual discreet encounter for me and my husband
Looking for bi femail
35yr old male in good shape wants to fuck a wife or gf while other watches until he can’t stand it anymore then he begs to join
Want a woman for an ffm threesome. Sexy middle-aged couple interested! We are in Iowa!
Would like the opportunity to make love to two women at the same time and fully satisfy them both
This site keeps connecting me to all these out-of-state (and a Canadian). I refuse to believe that I can't fulfill this in NYC. For Pete's sake!
Looking for 20-30 year old local bi female to have sex with me and let me eat her all over while my wife watching me.
Searching female for my husband and myself in Knoxville TN
Looking for two women in the Alabama area that will take control and seduce me. This has been a lifetime dream. Come make me your slave.
Looking for a relaxed open female to come have some fun , while he ties me up and forces me to watch!
In college, two guy roomates dated two girl roomates down the dorm hallway. The girls engineered a "meeting" where I supplied a sexy, strip the clothes off type board game to start the fun, and the ladies had "written" most of the evening's rules of engagement (virtually none!). The game ended when the last piece of clothing was off (per the "evilness" of the game) and the women had already decided we would start with opposite partners! The dorm room rocked that night. At one point, my roomie was out of the room, but just down the hall in our 2BR suite's bathroom. As soon as he left, I rose up in front of the two ladies with a sheet for a cape and stood over them as they chatted quietly, sitting on the our mattresses previously pulled to the floor and smashed together. I opened my cape up high and wide, like Dracula preparing to take flight, looked down on our lovely girlfriends there and said, "Your old friend is back." A hand rose up, grabbed my handle that just happened to be conveniently within reach, and pulled me towards them. In a few minutes the knock came on the door from my roommate returning from the bathroom down our hall. I instantly replied, "Go away, no one's home!" He knocked again and just before I opened the door I blurted out, "Go away, you're ruining my first threesome!" lol He came back in, I then left for my turn where he locked the door and had his first threesome. Yeah college, go team... do I earn a letter for this? ;)
Looking for a female to join my husband and I in our first threesome!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!! My husband and I are looking for another female to play with or I can watch while you fuck my husband. Unless you're too chicken.
couple looking for a female wanting a threesome. in Missouri
couple looking for a female wanting a threesome. in Missouri age 38 to 60
Looking for yall
Looking for threesom in longview tx
Looking for someone near belmont north Carolina my wife is curious but she won't admit to it. I just want to watch but if possible I can join in. She's 43 a little heavy but has big and I mean big tips. Nice pussy that stays wet.
Looking for submissive bi female for Alabama couple.
Single man for 2 mistresses
I need 2 women to help me with all this big black cock.. and I promise to please
I’m really looking for FMF , I’m so hot y and hard just thinking about it , Cum on ladies hit me up Let Play !
Looking for a female 35 to 55 to join my husband and I in a threesome
Looking for a 3 some 2 women and me have to like anal and get your ass eaten
Any ladies in or around Amarillo tx that wants to join me and my gf tomorrow night in a hotel form some hot 3some action? She’s aching to wmeat some hot pussy and have hers eaten as well while I fuck her hmu if interested
Couple here looking for another lady to join us for some fun. Gf wants to please her pussy and have her ate and licked by another woman. Wanting to find that one lady open to all fun and kinks nsa sexy naughty fun. Lots of pussy licking fucking cum play toys and much more. Very respectful we will be in Amarillo tx tonight renting a room hoping to find the right one. Message us if interested in some hot sexy fun
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