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Perhaps it's because I'm slightly above 'average' height for a woman or maybe it's me but I love this position. Makes no difference if I'm on top or on bottom, I find this to be a delicious way to enjoy and satisfy while being enjoyed and satisfied. :-P
I enjoy it too, whether with a woman or a man to give and receive at the same time is such fun :-P Blowjob
I definitly get a kick out of this position! :-P
mmm i love it when a girl sets on my face or i set on a guys!:-P
I love a nice long session of 69 KissKissKiss yummy !!
I love this position!!! Feeling someone licking me while I lick them is AMAZING!! Hug
I love this position, man or woman it's so yummy:-P
Being very oral people this is one of Sue's and my favorite thing to do together and with our friends. :)
I Love to 69 with Men,sucking a dick and draining it my favorite thing to do,I liv to suck dick all day long.:-PKiss
I have found that 69 between man and woman is as good as sex can get, problem is many women don't go for it, Why??, Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Those who have shared this act with me have been throughly pleased & in most cases preferred 69 to simple intercourse. Right now I am seeking such a woman in the South Texas area. libidio1929:-P
Beings that I am very oral, this is one of my favorite activities. Male or female, doesn't matter to me. I do love it when the man is on top, pumping into my mouth as he licks and sucks away on me. I have found that laying on our sides can be more comfortable .
No matter if it is a woman or man I am with at the time I personally love this position as I love to be able to have my cake and eat it too.... :-P Blowjob Yummy! Wink
yummmm 69... someday I might get to try it with a female... but this is one of my favorites!!!
I had one of the best 69ing experiences. He and I sucked each other for so long and deep. We would do each other the same way...if he went deeper I went deeper. If he kissed the head so did I. We went back and forth like this for a long time trying to see what would make each other feel better and better. If I found something he liked he would suck harder telling me I was giving him the best BJ of his life. The more we sucked the more we wanted deeper in our throats. We grabbed each others bunns and pulled until we were all the way in. I was lucky that he had more experience and could take all of me. Meanwhile we could hear the moaning from across the room as our wives watched and played with each other.
A good 69 can go and go and go, then some fucking and back to 69 and fuck and 69 again... Ohhhhhhhh my, good stuff.:-P
I love to have my pussy licked while sucking a nice hard cock. It arouses me so much. Would love to be with a woman and try this. I would go crazy..Kiss
69ing either way is out of this world, and the more partnres makes it that more fun and tastier. I loave 69ing with a woman especially she has just beenfucked and a load of cum is in there to suck out. and also to 69 a man right after he has be in some juicy pussy is so delicious to lick and suck and taste so good we all go for more. Then when we are through we give each other a big wet juicy kiss and rest.:-P:-P
a favourite variation (MF): both of you lay on your sides, he has only the head of his cock in her mouth, she cups and fondles his balls with one hand and he strokes the shaft of his cock with one hand. His mouth is around her pussy, sucking on her labia, he has a finger or two inside her and she is fingering her clit. You both have control over your own orgasm and it can go on and on and on. Usually one person finally explodes and at that point, it's pretty much impossible for the other not to also.
One of my fav positions with a male or female...getting a giving pleasure at the same time...delish and wooooo hoooo!:-P
i could 69 all night
make them go crazy as the do the same to you. Love to suck/lick the same as getting it. Giving it or getting it, it works for me!!!! :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P
69 is a very fun sexual position. ;)
2 women 69ing with a guy fucking you from behind -- what a dream come true!!!!
Super HOT 69 no matter how you like it. Truly it's divine.
[color:Blue]I love doing 69. Kim and I haven't yet. We both want to do top and bottom. I'd love to be on the bottom and pinning her hips then licking her as she squirms, bucks, and squirts all over my face.[/color]:-P
To Mizzzzzkitty: I have the same "problem";)... the trick is to do a lot of licking & hand action as opposed to taking the whole cock in your mouth the whole time- that way it's easier to pause and, um, express yourself! Timing is key, when it starts feeling really good you stop sucking and start licking, then go back to it beteween orgasmic peaks.
I love 69 - between a man and a woman, two women or two men - it's a beautiful thing however it plays out . . .
69 Ahhh .... My faviort number........ Just look at, isn't it nice....... all packaged so comfy. Be Happy Eat Out More
looking for bi female to join us in SC anyone interested hit me up!
What is the ? here? Everyone loves foreplay,that involves kissing,caressing,sucking,pett ing,talking.And eventually givng oral sex,giving and recieving.I mean if don't you don't like sucking a dick or eating pussy,or even both,why are we here?I'm just asking if all one has is a big cock and is limited to fucking only,or that a lady only wants to fuck,whats missing?Oral is the best,forever my forte,it leads to some heavy fucking with some real fucking,not just there with mr. macky
My favorite position.
Hummingbirdnecter, 69 with great, long drawn out foreplay,friendship,caring,rom ance,and Kama-Sutra a must-plus! The longer and more drawn out foreplay,the better! Sex is for 2 dogs in the back alley,get on and get off! Oh, the vagueness of it,animals ways of it,the emptiness ! Kama-Sutra,now that's true lovemaking,to an art! Long drawn out foreplay,well that's a painting in the process of creation! Worth a long look back as a very happy moment,a happy safe place to rest! The best sex in the world means nothing when the other isn't even your friend,nor cares a damn about you! Sure it seems fun at the time,fullfilling the ego,to a lie that your the only special one! But when the moment's gone so is that feeling,and the void and emptiness,aloneness, remains-deeper than before!You end up chasing a kite tail in a wind storm,trying to find that feeling again,yet never really can in truth,only lying to yourself that you can! For us Kama-Sutra is more exciting than the climax.In fact it will even inhance it to a pure Bliss! We say 69ing is great foreplay,a great way to show you care for love making! Shaved/waxed,good hygiene a must/plus. Please check us out.
Hello all, we're just here to say hiya! We're in Riverside, California!Kiss
Anyone near Columbus, Ohio?
Looking in Metro Detroit area or 60 miles from to experience a cock hanging down in my face and licking it till its hard then a little bit more till you moan loudly then quiver in my hands and mouth. sat hi to me how would you like it? Paul
When I 69 with a guy, I like to turn it into a blow job contest of sorts -whoever cums first has to bottom for the other guy and let him finish off in his ass. It is slot of fun, especially if u have an audience -lol
i love to eat pussy and hearing her moan, i never suck any cock but having fantacy about t. i would like to be in orgy . i love to be touch and touch others Hug Flower:-P |8B:
69ing with another man is so sexy. When i can tell he is about to cum ill slide a finger in his ass too.
I love eating pussy! But 69 with a guy is the BEST! For me, REAL SLOW! REAL LONG! And feeling their ass cheeks! And moanning when I get that surprise finger slipped in my ass! Hard to describe in writing. Anyone guys here from So NH? Write me back and we can try it out!
i would like to find someone close by when im home alone and the wife is gone so we could have a good time 69ing, i need a cock to suck and try to deepthroat
Any one in the Southfield Michigan area
I just just want to suck cock and be sucked is that a ban thing I can't wait to suck my first cock
I want a female in the monroe area or someone who is willing to come see me.
I like to 69 for hours. Just the feel of that dick in my mouth, growing longer, thicker, the jerking just before losing its load. Tasting his Cum sliding down my throat. Lindawantabe
Any one in San Juan Texas hit me up
I'm selfish I want one in each hole fuckin them both hard
Hey guys. HMU please I’m wanting to experience my first taste of dp threesome , love 69 n ass play
I hve always enjoyed licking a vergina and ass hole
Any woman interested in the Virginia hit me up
Any ladies searching in Nampa, ID?
That’s what I’m looking forward to
Looks very interesting and fun!
I always wanted to 69 with another guy
Done it, loved it, wanna do it again!
I have done this many times with a few different guys, and once we both came in each others mouth at the same time. It was awesome!
69 on Bisexual Playground69 on Bisexual Playground69 on Bisexual Playground69 on Bisexual Playground

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