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my husband loves to suck the milk from my breats. the harder he fucks me the more turned on i get which means more milk and the harder he sucks on my tits
hell this is just another one of my fantasys that i would love to make happen
would love to meet woman who needs her breasts sucked and give me her milk.
Would love to experience sucking milk fom a woman. I am also lactating.
Would love to be breast fed while pumping her with a strap on:-P
When my GF was 9m pregnant and her hubby was overseas she decided that she could not wait any longer to have the baby and asked me if I would "help" I had never done anything like this before so had no idea of what was going to happen. We sat on her bed and she told me how uncomfortable she was and that she was very horny...she went on to explain that if she became excited she would go into labor...this was the goal. She reached over and pulled down my lace top to expose 38DD breasts which she then began to fondle, suck and kiss I thought I would go into labor! I can not lie I was very turned on even before this as I would touch her stomach and I couldn't help but to notice that her breasts were bigger and heavier than mine they looked so full and firm. I laid her back and begain to gently touch her and gave her light kisses on each breast she quickly got up went to the closet and came back with a box full of toys....nipple suction, vibrators, dildos..OMG I was sooooo surprised. I went back to my light kisses and she made it very clear that slow and easy was NOT how she wanted it! She held my head against her breast and I began to slowly lick her nipples while squeezing the rest to my surprise after about 10 minutes she began to leak a yellowy-white substance which I quickly lapped up. Next she handed me her silver bullet and held back her lips to show a very swollen clotoris--I held the bullet there moving it slowly and watching her start to moan and arch her back, I then rubbed her and could feel the wetness, she thrust a huge vibrator at me and I inserted it part way pulling it back and forth for a while as she moaned louder and louder..I then removed it and began to finger her after about 15 minutes of teasing and streaching out her vagina I was able to ger my hand partway in she was leaking all over the sheets from the liquid in her breasts and now was in a full blown orgasim! My job was done....she then kissed me and as I went about my business she called about 5 hours later stating that her water had broken and it was time to go to the hospital.... She had a beautiful baby boy and he nursed for the next 2 years, I had the pleasure of suckling when she became fully engorged and needed to be suckled to release the milk....Her let down of milk came in what seemed to be gallons but I was more than happy to do my part.
This is one of my fantasies have a nice pair of milk filed tits at my disposal to suck and drain anytime I wanted too......well maybe one day. Unless of course there is a female out there who is just dying to have her engorged milk filled tits drained :-)
I want to indulge a mouth full of warm body temprature brest milk! Anyone living in the Los Angeles area who wants to share this experience! Send me an email. :-P
this is my ALL TIME biggest fantasy. don't know if ill ever get lucky enough to but I sure hope so!
I have once in my adult life sucked milk from a woman's breast. And let me tell you, it would be worth doing it again and again and again.
been 10 yrs since I had fresh milk from my wife. I sure would love to find someone who can serve me some
The tought of feeding from a woman's breast, is well one of the most exciting things I can think of. Hope someday to have the chance to do this!!Laughing:-
oh I wish I had a friend who was pregnant. Pregnant women, in my opinion are the sexiest women. The way their body changes and their breasts...I am going to get too turned on here. Anyway...I wish I had more friends of pregnancy age.
this sounds so awesome! my man fantasizes about breast feeding...i think it would be so hot to be pregnant and let him suck on my breasts....they're so sensitive anyway, i could only imagine.
I have don this one time. My neighbor and I used to hook up from time to time. Just after she had her baby we got together I was sucking on her tits a milk came out. It turned her on so much, and we had the best sex ever. I wish She was still around. I love breastfeeding and would love to do it again. :-D
I sure would love the experience of sucking milk from a woman's breasts. Any woman in the Southern California area who wants to have their breasts sucked on send me an e-mail.:-P
I love breastfeeding. A lactating woman is one of the biggest turn ons. Oh god I'm cumming thinking about this.......Kiss
i love the taste of mother's milk especially if she likes to have her clit licked too
Our son is an adult now so it's been far toooo long since I've had any mother's milk. It's fantastic and I'm volunteering to help any local ladies who have an excess they'd like to share. Yum!
I love sucking a woman milk filled breast...looking forward to sucking even more
I had an opportunity to taste a stripper's breast milk once. I loved it, and I look forward to sucking on some milk sacks.
I think this has to be fantasy for many men. I know it is certainly one of mine.
Im ready for those lactating breasts in FLORIDA
I'm pregnant and lactating anyone close to sd want some:-P
Breastfeeding was always a turn on for me.
would love to get on with breast milk hit me up
Something I always wanted to do. Anybody in the New Orleans area that needs their breast sucked?
I wanna try breastfeeding
I'm in the process of lactating will be breast feeding in a few months.
For all the guys that fantasize about it. Let me tell you that it tastes like coconut milk and is delicious!!
Hi any woman in fort worth or find your self in fort worth look me up love to suck your milk from your tit's
Any lactating women in philly that would let me suck and maybe milk themselves into my cock?
Any lactating women in Michigan? Please get ahold of me.
it the best of the best the milk tates i get so hard my neighbor loves when I suck her nipples with out milk she say i am the best she ever had when it comes to sucking breast get with me any ladies on here
Anyone near belmont nh that has extra milk they need draining
Any lactating women in the Bay Area who would share a little?
Sure would love to find a lactating woman in michigan that would pump some milk out and allow me to drink it. I don’t want to hurt your breasts, I just want to taste your wonderful milk.
Lactating and looking to breastfeed a man or woman in the Charleston SC area
And women in vermont needs there breast sucked email me.?
Any socal girls need the milky tits drained Please send me a message
Would love to find someone in Harrisonburg Virginia who wants there breast sucked
I would love to suck on warm milk and enjoy letting down your tits as you feed me. I am in Apollo Beach Florida - Cum feed me.
No milk but would love to have my tits sucked.
Love your tits
Lactating in south Jersey…. HMU
I love black/brown nipples that want sensual sucking until you bust! In ThaLBC anyone interested?🍭
Needs some mothers milk for my coffee. Want to get it directly from the source. Any ladies in South Dakota need serviciing?
Love sucking the milk straight from the breast. So warm and delicious.
I love sucking breasts that are lactating But first I shoot a nice load of cum on them to lick off then start to suckle
Fuck yes
Hello friends
are there any pregnant women who are desperate for a man to make true there fantasies im a 58 year old guy and i will try whatever your desire😀😉😈😀❤
Mmmmm I love some tittys in Southern New Hampshire
Any lactating women in NJ that need to have their beast sucked?
Adult Breastfeeding on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Breastfeeding on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Breastfeeding on Bisexual PlaygroundAdult Breastfeeding on Bisexual Playground

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