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Would love to have a man treat me like his personal slut. Put a gag in my mouth, bend me over a couch, and ride me hard no matter what I want. Make me take it all balls slapping my ass and afterwards make me clean his tool with my mouth
Fuck yeah, I fuck you ll I me tge slyt you are, u fuck pound that while pulling you hard towards my trusting cock, I will straddle you wilh my kegs wrapped around mine. Pulling you close and tigh as I s gring it, slapping each cheek grabbing your dhouldrez , thrustin gard abd deep. Would you wear panties, or are I U jot into that? It's cool if not. I just wanted to pull Iur panties to sure whole I spread you ass. Sliding my erect clock across iir hole, my head all tge way down to my shaft, my cock will be thrusting so hard, it will grow 2inch in gerth whe inside you and 3 inch of length giving it 9.5inches inside you., I will roll you over and let you take every Last drop of my cum. I want to fuck you fur fucking bad
to be dominated and fucked hard even in a group
I want an older bigger man to make me his little sexy girl. I want to be played with and teased and have to beg for your dick. I like dirty talk and want to make sure I’m allowed only your dick.
I'm str8 and spun out and looking for someone who will make me a dirty little slave and I will do whatever you want to make you cum

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