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had some fun times giving blowjobs to a group of bi men (personal best, seven men came in my mouth) wow, am I a slut! Laughing
Went to the adult video store tonight.........dressed like a sissy cocksucking slut under my clothes. Stopped in the bathroom and took off my t shirt and jeans and changed shoes. When I walked out of the bathroom and down the hall where all the men were leaning against the wall looking for hook ups. I was wearing heels, thigh high nylons, pink thong panties and a matching pink bra. I stopped at the the last large booth and looked back at them. Smiled and said" you know I really would like to suck all your cocks and even let you fuck me if you want" I walked into the booth and left the door ajar. Put $20 in the video machine, pulled down my panties and started lubing with astroglide and leaned over the arm of the couch, by that time there was a guy in front of me with his cock out and I could feel another guys hands on my hips and the head of his cock poking between my butt cheeks. When the guy in my mouth shot his load I looked over my shoulder and sure enough a seven guys that were in the hall were now standing around me with their cocks out. For the next hour I got to do my favorite thing......suck cock and take it up the ass at the same time. After an hour or so I noticed there was only one guy left fucking my ass.....but the door was wide open and I saw two more guys approaching.....when they came in I told them to leave it open.....unfortunately no others came to take a turn with my ass. When I started to leave I realized somebody had made off with may I had to walk out thru the video store in heels, nylons and a t shirt with cum running down the inside of both legs. I bumped right into a couple and she started laughing....Quite a nite:-PLaughing
While I love making love to my wife, there are times when only two or more males can fulfill my sexual desires... There is nothing better than having your mouth and ass filled with hard throbbing Cocks as another male sucks on your Cock... Blowjob Sex Wink
While getting involved in an all Male sexual encounter may not be for everyone. There are those like me who love a lot of Cock especially when Pussy is not available... :)
Well i agree with billysue but i only like to receive dick up my ass, not to give it to someone else...... and it's got to be straight men only...only men no women. or impersonators trying to be women. I don't mind gay guys but I'm the women on this baby....
I love watching 2 guys going at it . I can only watch for a short time becuase It makes me cum:-P
I broke my record on sat 5/27/'06 I went to a house party in Federal Way, Wa. and there were 8 other bi men attending. I sucked each of them off once and five of them a second time. and as a bonus, I was fucked in my ass by two of them as I sucked the others, so my personal best has gone up to 8 guys, and thirteen loads of cum swallowed in three and a half hours. Not to mention two in my ass. sweet. I am a turbo-slut, for sure.Laughing
i'm 29, white, male, 6'1, 190lbs, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, slim/smooth, boyish/cute, well hung, pouty lips, pierced tongue, very oral, safe, sane, discreet, and am very open minded...
Have wonder what it would be like to enjoy just some guys making out.
Experienced cock hungry bear here in SE Michigan. Can't get enough man cock in both ends. Any takers?
I have a reoccurring dream where I'm with a group of all men, and things start getting a little scary & before I know it, I've lost all control of the situation & I find myself being used & abused by all of them & there is nothing I can do about it..... This use to bother me, I'd get up, walk around, eat something, read or whatever t=it took to get it out of my mind so I'd be assured not to go back into that dream, But as of late, IT has become a nagging fantasy! I wonder if there is a subliminal message in here somewhere ? ? ? Be Happy D i c k:)
I had met a guy online once and we decided to meet at his lake house to play, Well we are just getting to know each otherI am having a beer and have already stripped anyway he comes up to me with his cock near my face so I take it in my mouth. what I didn't know was some friends of his had also arrived and they were videotaping. Well after i enjoyed his cock they told me I was theirs for the day or else the tape would go out. So what else could I do but spend the day being fucked and sucked and spanked. I was told as long as I was available to them they would keep the tape secret. And since I really enjoyed both the sex and the feeling of power over me I agreed After about a month they found a new slut to abuse but about once a year they still use me p.s. turns they also posted that first tape
i wish someone would call up on me i would love to suc k a c ock and be fu.. buy one to oh man i want that so so so so bad is there anyone out there that can cum to me and do me :-P
i love to suck cock & make love or i can cum over the internet
like i say show me a cock and i have a mouth and ass to please it
I loveeee male sluts that suck up tons of cum! What a turn on! I want to watch sooo bad! Hot
I like to suck cock a lot. The more guys the better because it means more cum for me to swallow.
Yes, I'm a M-F growing my own breasts and shrinking my little white dick. I love the feel of a dick in my mouth, my sissy white ass. The taste of hot cum running down my throat. The feel of cum crawling deeper into my anal canal. Any large Cock will do. Looking for my first BBC experience. Lindawantabe
Anyone in to sexting and trade pics im 41 and im like to crossdress
Still a fantasy for me
any married guys in Chicago burbs want to 69
I'm selfish, I REALLY want to receive. Over and Over
Looking for males that are looking for a male that doesn't suck to come sit around naked and naked so cam whatever they want I
it kooks good to me
Want your hard cock in me
I want some one in AZ that want I want suck and be sucked and fucked cum in me I cum but take me some time but good cock suck it dosen’t come on
Like to find a gay man with a big me come over and lick it suck it just have fun with your dick Lexington ky area
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