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I love to have a guy under about 5'10", with a cock no bigger than about 5" or 6", come up behind me and start running his fingers lightly over my chest and nipples, rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks as he does this... makes me want to drop to my hands and knees and have him fuck me doggy style...mmmmmm.... feels so good....

Anyone out there that fits the bill? I'm free during weekdays in Northampton/Allentown/Bethlehe m!
It pleases me greatly when I meet a guy with a thick throbbing Cock and he not only allows me to Blowjob on it, but has me get on all fours and takes me Thong anally. Only thing that would make it feel better is is there were several Men waiting to do the same. Yummy... Wink
I live in Washington DC, and would like to meet with str8 and bi TOP men who fantasize about fucking a tight bubble butt bottom. I live alone in a private, relaxed, comortable setting and discretion is assured if necessary. Looking for someone who I might be comfortable meeting on a regular basis. I love giving head, and getting fucked. I also LOVE rimming a clean butt. I am very talented sexually, and have a rape fantasy that I would like fulfilled. Please be D/D free and clean. Get in touch!
hi im a single white bimale from savannah tenn that would love to find at lest two are three well are verry well hung guys that would help me make my fantasy of trying a gangbang become a real thing im d/d free and you must be to and if your d/d free with proff i would love to try a bareback gangbang for the frirst time thanks
i m a 49 year black man .I live in Atlanta,GA.,and I would like to meet some good Top men,who want to fuck my ass.I have been fucked in the past and enjoyed it very much.Kiss
47yr old male bottom 280lbs work out regular,looking for a top for friendship and fun,I love anal BUT I an carefull. H ope to make friends with a DD FREE PERSON. Have a look at my profile.
If you're in the KC area, I'm ready...
round cheeky hot tight virgin ass near sacramento to be educated.
I'm here in Pheonix wanting and waiting for some/ group of gentlemen who would like a young white guy to use all day/night for every carnal pleasure they can think of. I like it forceful and rough so don't hold back. Very open and willing. More the merrier as long as i'm the only bottom. Let me know. I thoroughly love anal (and DP) and love facials and swallowing.
I'm in So Cal and have never done anal! I would like to give it a try. I have never been a bottom.
Iam a total-bottom who loves to have a man working his fat,hard cockhead into my tight,pink,puckered asshole! Especially a black or latino cock! I love
knowing that they are enjoying having a white man on his knees with a dick up his ass! I don't feel like I got laid,if my asshole doesn't get fucked with a big,hard cock.
i must say that I'd like a hard cock in my ass right now.But alas there is no men that will take me up on my puckered up ass!i'd prefer to suck a nice cock until it cums.I never had a mans cum in my mouth or ass,but I've sucked a ladies hole clean after my man friend fucked her.Could I lick your ass after I came in it?
I would love to have an interracial or all black group of guys taking turns Fucking my Thong having me Blowjob their Cock's after thay have fucked me ;)
I agree with Billy... It would be fantastic having a guy fucking my ass while a group of guys are waiting to fuck me. Of course, I am sucking the next guy's dick to get him hard enough to penetrate my tight hole:-D I guess we both Love being fucked...I sure do!Laughing
Have enjoyed a few scattered events being ass fucked by a guy. Multiple males in an extended session of long stroking my ass is very enticing.
i do love 2 Suck on very Big Cock's --- So if you got a Big & Hard Cock and want Fuck me --- i am in philly so do say hi some time and let Fuck soon o.k.? to all to say hi to me, but bye 4 now / Denizen;)LaughingKiss:)HugFlow er
I am hoping to get fucked someday. Never been taken but would love to have a nice hard cock pound my ass and come all over me......
Hmm,now updated.Have had a man drain his vien in my ass.Small and didn't feel it,he sighed + was happy.So call me a slut,would love to feel my ass filled with a nice cock now.probably would take a BBW with a strap on
I love to be fucked by other masculine men. I have had several over the years but my favorites are a gay couple that lives near my home. They are both natural tops and love one another. However, neither one is into being fucked that much. I always have a nice time satisfying both of them. Once they each fucked me twice.
More recently they had another gay gentleman over whose partner was having serious medical issues. They each fucked me and each of their cocks felt distinctly different. Even though my head was buried in a pillow, I recognized each by the stretch or depth of penetration. I took all three loads that afternoon and would love to do it again! :-D
The best experience I had was at a 'party'. I think that night, more than 10 different cocks entered me... I felt wide open. I could, also, differentiate them and I was dripping cum like a leaky faucet when all was done. We used to get together in Philly, but the guy how had the parties (and controlled who went in, the parties weren't open to the 'public') moved away and now we are high and dry!! That night we had so much fun and I felt like the town's whore. I think I was dripping cum for days and I love it. I particularly remember Ted. He and his big cock had a feast with my ass and I can say that he cummed at least three or four times.. Not always in my hole... There were other hungry holes to feed! :-D :-D I'd do it again in a 'New York' minute!! :-P
Ain't nuthin better than having a man cock working my hole. Well...havin 2 or more man cocks working my hole would be better..with another cock in my mouth. Any takers in SE Michigan?
I would to fuck some man-pussy.....If anyone is in Phoenix, AZ area, hit me up.
White goodlooking guy have been fucked many times and would like to get fucked while a hot chick watches and tells me to take that dick in my ass and love it. Would also like to get fucked by a group of guys and let them cum in my ass taking turns on my ass and mouth filling me with dick and cum.
I would absolute love to be the bottom for a bareback gangbang. I want to feel those hard cocks one after another sliding in and out of my ass, caressing my rectum and prostate. I want to feel their hot cum shooting deep inside me and filling me completely so that when the next cock slides in cum is pushed out. There will be a bowl under me to catch all of the cum that runs out of my anus. Then when everyone has finished fucking me, I can drink from that bowl and enjoy all of that wonderful semen a second time.
Love being Topped,,,Looking to SUCK COCK and be Pounded ANALLY, by more than 1 Man. looking in The Tampa Bay Fl. Area. Cum get some. Couples Wanted..Make me your SEX TOY.KissHug
anyone in the Chicago wanna FUCK me love to do a group of HORNY guys
It's great to find other butt sluts. I've never been fucked by more than one man in a day, but like you, I can't imagine anything better than being gang fucked for hours. I once rode my fuck-stick for 36 hours, and it was great. But how much better it would have been if I had been filled with cum.
I'm here in ocal fla very anxious to find a nick cock or two to use my tightass. would love the feeling of long slow and hard repeated fucks
Looking near Coumbus,Oh.
Very tight sexy bottom in NW side Chicago, Rogers Park, Looking for big dick can host interested ?
I also would like to be on my knees waiting for more than one cock to ente rme and shoot me full of cum. I would hope for enough of you guys around Daytona area could get together and give me all I could handle at least once.
what up ohio! I love to suck cock and never had it up the ass yet but I do want it so bad. So if your in the area and into hitten tight virgen ass hit me up
I started having anal sex with other men around the time I turned 24, but I always did some solo ass play since I was young. I remember being 14 and putting ball bearings in my ass while jacking off. I don't fantasize about it. I just enjoy how good it feels inside me. The problem i've had every time I've been with a guy is that they come too fast. It does feel good to have sex with the real thing, but toys last as long as i need them to do me for, which could be for 6 to 10 hours. I can grind a dildo till it breaks. length is not what you want. Girth it's where it's at! you want a beer can thick cock gaping your hole. The more relaxed and stretched I get, the better the feeling. It's like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I like using an enema before sex because I makes it easier and you don't have that going to the bathroom feeling after fucking. Any guys in The Orlando area, I don't care how big you are. If you want to have the time of your life with a wild bottom let me know.
any guys in michigan want to have their holes played with?
Any men in michigan looking to get fucked deep repeatedly?
What excites me enormously is being nude, on all fours, tense with desire, waiting and anticipating, while my lover is behind me teasing me and driving me wild...being taunted by his cock, him (or she with a dildo) telling me what he plans to do to me. Then, with care, and ever so slowly, he inserts the head inside me, leaving it in there for a few tense, nerve wracking seconds..then slowly working it in...inch, by inch until suddenly, with one great thrust he enters me completely, balls deep, until my heart jumps while taking my breath away, and I shudder in the sheer ecstasy of the moment.

Another thing that matches, or maybe even beats that, is when, while in the same position, I feel a well lubed finger being inserted into my asshole. And then, with the utmost of care a second one is slowly, and carefully added, and then followed by the third. Each one opening me a just little wider each time. All the while,turning, pushing, and getting closer, and closer to the final goal. The anticipation, the expectancy, and the hope are excruciatingly rapturous. The tension, and prospect of what's to come, is euphoric. And then..and then, suddenly and abruptly the seriousness and sincerity of the endeavor becomes clear and near to completion. When all five fingers are now inside, just waiting to clear the last hurdle...the last group of knuckles...the widest part of the marauder, my intruder, my lover gives one last ever so slight push further in, and whoooosh....the whole hand is suddenly inside me, sucked in, up to the wrist, into my ass, inside my body. The feeling is...beyond words...breathtaking...rapturo us. And...I love to give, as well as receive.


I'm a Bi MWM.
hello i'm a bottom looking for sex anytime, anyplace in vero beach, fl. i'll take it, give it, suck it and be sucked. also into 69 while e play with each others' asshole. will lick it too...... :-P Kiss Flower come look me up, i'd love to get to know you.....
I love a nice cock in my hole, one time I had an all nighter with a guy it was great he kept pounding me for about 8 hours non stop. I have not had it that good since then. would love to find another like him that lives close to me in the kingman az area. any takers!!.
I'd love to have s nice hard my ass right now. Someone to bend me over and fuck me hard.
i like to top or bottom. But i prefer to bottom i love to have a cock in me. I was 1st introduced when i was about 12yo. Then got away from it .I would fantcies and jo about it .Now i would love to find a steady to to fill me, so i could get to know him , so we could bare back and i can feel his cum fill me OMG. My Ass will start to pulse just thinking about it
love to be rimmed while sucking a cock. best of both worlds.:):
Fill me up guys, I'm up for more than one guy.:-P
I like to be fucked by a big cock. Get on my knees and start sucking a juicy cock makes me so happy.
I have been done few times but I'm having erection problem and decided to try bottom.First couple times had some pain but with experience it get better and better.I want it all time now.Last time he pounded me until I was sore for couple days.Need someone in my area to be regular top:)
Love to have my ass used and abused! Anyone in ape May wanna have some fun and turn my ass into your playground???
Love being fucked to completion. I am in SW Ontario. Contact me.
i love having a huge cock shoved down my throat i have had a couple 10 inchers in there i would love to push the limits i want to be fucked everyway possible big black cocks iv only seen in porn stuffed im my ass and down my throat
Hi all, Ken in Kansas City recent anal experiences, but I am looking for some fun people to help me ease back into it (vers)
I was just wondering how many of y'all enjoy having more then one partner during anal sex and if there are others out there who enjoy having their ass tag teamed by two cocks at the same time as much as I do...:)
350 lbs obeast partial disable 63yrs old bi curious like my breast played with bottom half don't work do to hernia operations and heart melds once lubed I can accept a dido very very curious with the real item at least 1 x per week. On my schedule does varie a lot mostly available daytime between 8am- 12 noon must have clean up time with in that time frame after our private time or semi time I'd really like a person to play with my man boobs or suck um while u enjoy ur self I would like to be mounted
While someone sucks my tits. Very little hair. If u prefer you can shave me No prob here I don't like hair there any way
I also use a vacuum cleaner 1 1/4 inch with a adjustable air flow valve or slide switch
Love that while being used w dido or I really want to be mounted by human
While the vacuum is sucking my non able to get hard baby cock 2" if I'm lucky ( this is due to 2 hernia operation s
Yrs ago. Plus I got man boobs that must be sucked while I'm being entered and till u fill me with ur juice
Or I'm not interested
My boobs are my portal to being mounted
Plus having a vacuum cleaner sucking my baby dick all the time while ur in me
That's what I need and want so desperately
I live in Phoenixville pa 19460 zip
I just can't believe finding someone that will ablige me with my wishes
It's ok if I'm not right for u
Could u help me find some one
Pass me around
Ty very very much
I'm curious about getting fucked...ppl on film make it look easy
Just got done sucking a thick cock with my butt plugged up with a strapon( huge)... I wonder if two giant throbbing cocks is better? Who wants to find out with me?
i am a married man for 30 plus yrs...but nothing like letting a MAN take me ..i get so anxious n eager to serve him ..57 yo biker/sissy here in albuquerque...hmu
If you visit Glacier National Park in Montana, you are close enough to stop by and fuck me. I have never turned down a cock, and I have been fucked by a lot of men. Locals know if they want to fuck an ass, I am always willing.
new, first oral last night. like to try anal.
In houston. And looking for someone that wants to fuck me and willing to do a lot with dick. Just fuck me. My ass is vigin and its time to enjoy a mans cock
Flower hi guys any of you looking for a nice bottom that love to suk and enjoies a big cock in my tight manpussyKissKiss
in the augusta area wanting a big cock
I was around 18 when I was forced to have sex with two men. That was the first time that I sucked a dick and was fucked in my sissy white ass. That first night I hated it. In the morning they told me I was going to be their sissy bitch 4, 5 maybe 6 times a week for as long as they wanted. Each time I liked them using me more and more. It got o the point where I could hardly wait to see them again. You know I must have liked it. I'm 70 and now looking for BBC. I want to say that I deep throated 13 inches of BBC. That my sissy white ass took every inch of the 13 inches. That my white ass is still holding Black Seed. That I love the taste of Black Seed. Lindawantabe
Hi there will like to have a chance to get to know someone who like the same thing as well I will please you any way you want me to do everything in bed and have you cum inside my hot ass and mouth if you want. I'm from Lancaster PA and want to get my ass fuck by another bisexual guy, I'm a puertorrican guy and easy going bisexual.:-PLaughing:-DHug
I'm from Lancaster PA and looking for bisexual in my area to get together and have a great time. I can play both ways to please each other to the fullest.Hug:-P;)
I would like to get gang banged never done that
Hello to all of My Very Horny Friends, male's female's and you Sweet Shemale's on BP I am a Very Horny Bare backing Bottom Cum Loving Sissy Boy for your Sexual Pleasure's I Do Live in Philly Pa and I Can Host for you if Interested ? and I Love to Suck to Swallow and I am a Very Good Fuck to Get to Fuck and I am a Exhibitionist who Enjoys showing sexual pleasures to my Voyeurs friend's who maybe watching me getting very Naked with a few of our Horny ass friends and Sweet Yes You Can bring Your Video camera's and Photo camera's it is ok to Catch me on film sucking and getting Fucked by a few of our Horny ass Friend's I am a Awesome Party Toy to invite to your Next get together...
I Need a Good Thick Cock to take my Sissy Cock Loving Tight Ass-Hole and Fuck-it Wideopen For Me --- > IF INTERESTED I Live in Philly pa ...
am bottom and top for right person
I am a bottom. I can be versatile. I live in largo FL. I am very open minded. I am clean and disease free you be too.
i am so fucking horny after reading your storys
Anyone who would like to fuck me./I need it bad.

I need my ass to like that even more used.
Me next please, give me that cum deep in my pussi
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