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I'm missing my left leg...
I'm not a amputee fetishist, but missing body parts doesn't diminish sexiness
I'm certain anyone having the tragedy of loosing any anatomic part (internal or external) has a greater sense of how precious life is and how much importance the expression of ones passions are to feeling completely alive. I'd be a more enriched person to be fortunate enough to get to know, or have as a friend, someone with that fortitude and awareness.
I am missing my left leg (bellow the knee). Got bit by brown recluse spider in1997. Made me shy for quite awhile about sex.Then found out It is actually O.K.,because it doesn't get in the way(hahahaha):)
Well my right leg is gone above the knee.Well i had a guy over the other day and when he seen it he left.
I lost my left leg below the knee 2 years ago and then I lost my knee last year. I would like to hear from other amputees to talk to be friends with and maybe get and/or give support. Since this happened to me I haven't had any contact with a women and only one man.
I have also had my right leg amputated below the knee and I still have sex with men and woman and if anybody wants to talk just sent me some mail. You're all right and we do need support about a lot of things and just to talk to other people. Keep your chin up and have a great day:);)Hug
i'm an english lad with both legs amputated above the knees looking for fun in the uk
I'm embarrased to say I cut off half my middle finger on my right hand with a snow blower (so I'm stupuid) but I guess I qualify!:(
Delicious topic and I do wish there were a few females in my area as I have yet to experience such beauty. It is very sexy and hot and while I do agree with mine2c2 I would also say that it is unfortunate that so many equate sexiness with being whole. Body is just a vessel in which we travel and express ourselves. When we take those parts away it can only rob us of being whole if we allow it too. If we are healthy in mind and spirit we do not require those parts to express what it is we are. In fact I find it helps to expose that inner beauty
Amputations on Bisexual PlaygroundAmputations on Bisexual PlaygroundAmputations on Bisexual PlaygroundAmputations on Bisexual Playground

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