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lol sounds real wierd but for some reason i love to lick and suck and just nuzzle the wifes armpitts while we fuck the nite away ,,am i the only one that feels like this and she loves it to Kiss:-PHug
not weird at all! i love the pure smell of armpits without deodorant.
Yes, I love a woman's nicely-shaved armpit. Just the sight of it can turn me on and I like to nuzzle my noze and mouth into it when she gets excited and a bit sweaty.
Hi. Iam Bill. new to this site, in north east oh. I love to smell, kiss, lick, and suck on girls arm pits, hairy or not, i love smell, the sweet, and the tast of girls pits, and some guys. All ways looking for more.
Arm Pits on Bisexual PlaygroundArm Pits on Bisexual Playground

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