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I really enjoy licking a clean asshole male or female. it is a gesture that shows your partner that if it makes them feel good I am ready to do it. I am not a submissive, per se, but it shows that I am eager to please|8BFlowerLaughing
robert56slave love to do this on aevery day basicKiss
MMMMmmmmm Love to suck on the Outer Clitoris of a pussy while a cock is fucking it and just after she cums and it runs all down between the cheeks of her ass and covers her ass hole as it flows over and inside it I LOVE to Lick, SUCK and dig the sweetness of the cum out of her ass hole as I fuck it with my tongue
I love to have my ass licked. love feeling of a tongue deep inside of me;)
Love doing this to a hot looking clean woman!!! If she's sexy enough.
I agree with chillywilly. Makes your partner know you'll do anything to please him or her. Plus it's a turn-on because it's naughty.
I find enjoyment from tasting a male or females ass and knowing that they are getting pleasure from me in doing so and I find even more pleasure in eating a mans cum off the body of a woman and eating his cum from her pussy and ass
I'm just a very oral man period! My thought on the matter is if you can't lick , how can you stick it. If I can't kiss you or suck your tits or eat your pussy, suck your cock, or lick your ass, How can I get a bj, fuck your tits,or fuck your pussy? Let alone getting fucked by a cock or strapon and getting my ass licked? o yes, I'm with willy on this one, gotta be clean. And its done with pleasure!!
i love to have my hole very clean then have a guy with a big tongue stick it up my ass and fuck me long and hard.
Love licking the ass of a man or women, yum
Sexy baby
Love sucking asshole pussy and serving a female love to be tied up and have the girlfriend or the wife making me suck her husband big Black cock
Ass Licking on Bisexual PlaygroundAss Licking on Bisexual PlaygroundAss Licking on Bisexual PlaygroundAss Licking on Bisexual Playground

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