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Well I know on moderator that Loves auto racing and that is Brandonski also I belive curious1searching Loves auto racing as well. I Loe watching it on TV and well since I work for one of the largest auto parts distributers I am getting more into the street racing like on 2Fast2Furious but I hate those farting Mufflers. LOL IconU4DragonIconLRWolf
My (Ray) first encounter with auto racing was with nascar back in 1979 in martinsville, va. a friend of mine from high school had landed a job as a sports writer so with his press pass we were able to park right up at the track. no long walks like we have to do so much nowadays. one of the guys with us said to watch this new guy in the wrangler car so thats who i started watching the most although i still paid attention to the greats like petty and the allisons and yarbough. but this new guy had a style unlike any of the other drivers on this short half mile track. he would lay his head on the door actually looking down the side of the car for the entire race. i always though that was a wild way the drive a race car. he didn't win the race that day but he took rookie of the year in '79 and the very next year won his first of 7 winton cup championships. Dale, Sr. was and still is my hero.
first and foremost i have to set the record.. in 1979 Dale Earnhardt Sr. did not drive the Wrangler car and wouldnt until 1982 with Bud Moore in the #15 ford he drove for 2 yrs with 3 wins in 1984 he went to Childress and Ricky Rudd went to Bud Moore thats when both drove for Wrangler. Now in 1979 he drove for Rod Osterlund.. so if your ever going to talk about NASCAR PLEASE make sure you know what your talking about! and not try to sound like you do... Because when you have no clue you make yourself even dumber!
I totally love watching NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson (Go #48) and INDYCAR racer Dancia Patrick whenever I get the chance to chill out at home in front of the TV or have the opportunity to attend a race at a track while traveling around the country... :)
Auto Racing on Bisexual PlaygroundAuto Racing on Bisexual PlaygroundAuto Racing on Bisexual PlaygroundAuto Racing on Bisexual Playground

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