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Will someone with a huge Cock bang my wife please!!! Then Let me suck it. :-D
let me bang someone's wife
I would love to have my wife banged by a stud and then me eat his cum out of her after they are finished!!!
nothing is more erotic than watching my wife watch me as she goes down on him ...
Oh Yes there is nothing like watching a hung guy slam it into her and then having her show him how I like to clean up her pussy! I enjoyed this more than sex sometimes, when i am in sub obedient mood! I havew cum just watching a guy make her moan and groan, she never did with me so it was a cuckold thing you know!
I would Love to have someone help me bang my wife again. :)
to answer lalyjoey's question..uh, yes! yes i would!!

You and like the same thing! My honey is built a lot like yours, and I LOVE seeing another guy pounding her pussy and hearing her moan, watching and listening to her in the throes of an orgasm, and then getting in there and licking her to another orgasm and then cleaning her juices off of his cock with my mouth and tongue... maybe we should get together and fuck each other's wives and then clean them up the way we like to? I'd be more than happy to clean off your cock afterwards, too!
I want to watch my wife enjoy herself with another guy
Do you get hard imagining me fucking your hot wife with my double dick, deep and hard, pussy to pussy, while she feeds on my tits, and I use your cock for a butt plug?

How 'bout DPing your wife together?

Or I could fuck you while you fuck her.
It all sounds likt it would be some much fun.;)
Someone fuck my wife long and hard then let me clean your cock and suck it hard again.
who want a hot asian woman to suck your hard on cock or cocks. very tight pussy and big ass titties. she loves to suck and get fucked 2 or 3
I would like to have a hot cock bang my wife while I watch. I would like to play with your balls wife you bang my wife.
I am not married, but when my (ex) gf and I met with guys, I loved to watch her take her pleasure banging them and I had the added pleasure of :-P the cum from her afterwards she liked being ravished by another guy while I watched and sometimes 'helped' with fingers and tongue. We met with a number of BP members and had lots of fun. Laughing
I would to watch why girlfriend getting banged by an other person man or woman :-PHugFlowerKiss:-P;):-D
Hi there to all reading this

you probably will not be interested but i thought i would post anyway

my wife has had some bi experiences in the past but not for a while, she is not totally into all of this yet and i am seeking bi females to make friends with her and try and help her to open up and be more open minded relaxed and have fun, take her out to the movies or for a meal maybe hang out with me aswell or she would wonder why i never want to be there and then when the time is right make your move, flirt with her chat her up and maybe even go for a few drinks and help her relax more and then try it on with her flirt more and seduce her

the main thing is to becoem good friends with her and make a lasting friendship as she needs more friends and then over time slowly introduce her to your interest towards other women and her etc

remember she must not know of our little arangement and must think this is all unplanned and natural and it must be done slowly over time so she gradually takes to it and doesnt get scared off the idea

just to add i (the hubby) will never be involved this is not an attempt to get a threesome

if you would be interested please get in touch and we can start aranging something
I would be happy to assist if someone wants me to fuck their wife or girlfriend. I am long lasting and a heavy cummer. Hug
I met a couple on another site and all I did was bang the shit out of his wife while he watched and sometimes video taped it. Some guys just love to see their wife screwing another guy.
would love to do it ""HugKiss;):-P
hi Olympia, Washington State male here, and would love to bang a mans wife while the husband watches and also wants to join afterward also, i love to play and would love to be watched banging a wife while the husband watches first and then joins om or even with the husband possibly filming it also.Kiss
Watching my woman get nailed is such a turn-on for me
I have free gangbang partys 10 minutes s of indy. my biggest to date was 1 hot 27 yr old doing 18 guys. and just had 1 party with 4 women and 13 guys. IF u r under 48yrs, and want to join hit me up. u must have a full body pic.
I love to watch my wife get fucked good and hard.I also love to have her suck me while she `s getting fucked,but I have to back off sometimes so I don`t get it bit off if she`s getting fucked too hard.Cum play with us
I am trying to setup a gangbang for my girlfriend on the 13th of November, let us know if you are interested.
It will be held in coopersville. mi
looking for a group of guys to bang my wife in early novemberi get to clean your cock and her pussy ,
i am up for gangbangs,i am orally bi not a must tho
this site is so hot.
this journal entry page is such a smart idea.
anyway, i want to share a related fantasy i have.
sometimes when i rub myself i think about a bi swing club with a special initiation rite. for each new couple to gain membership to the club, they have to go through the following initiation: husband (or boyfriend) sits in a specially designed chair. it's designed to optimize space around his cock so that all the wives (and girlfriends) who are current club members can kneel around him and suck his dick together. the chair is facing a plush, circular bed. on top of the bed sits his wife (or girlfriend). all the other husbands who are already in the club are gathered around her. the new hubby watches his wife get gangbanged by the other hubby club members while all the other wives devour his cock. once every male member is done cumming in or on the new wife, the new hubby is instructed to make love to her. once the new couple cums together, the initiation rite ends and they are admitted into the club.
I have been watching other guys bang my wife for our entire 11yr marriage. In fact her BF before me (that introduced us) banged her right up until our wedding. He only stopped because we moved. He and I did her together many times. I have many years of experiences I can relate of men both white and black banging my Darling Easy Wife. They have been nothing but fun times for her and I both.
I have been watching other guys bang my wife for our entire 11yr marriage. In fact her BF before me (that introduced us) banged her right up until our wedding. He only stopped because we moved. He and I did her together many times. I have many years of experiences I can relate of men both white and black banging my Darling Easy Wife. They have been nothing but fun times for her and I both.
Lalyjoey69, I cant see either of you having a problem getting it ...........Youre a great looking guy, and youre absolutely hot. I only wish I could get mine up on the floor dancing with you guys. I would have no problem swapping, and watching you with my wife.
I want to see my wife get fucked, if you want to help me let us know, she is willing to do 7 guys.:-P:-D :-P:-P:-P:-PHug|8B|8B|8B|8B
the idea of having my pussy fucked that many times makes me cum so hard
Available in Tampa area for wife banging. I am clean, in shape, multiple cummer.
One of the biggest turn ons for me is to watch my beautiful devoted wife on her knees infront of another man.Then timidly take his big, cock out, she's in awe of his size and girth. It keeps getting bigger as she strokes and sucks him hard. She's gets wild with unbridled passion as I watch her let completely go of her inhibitions and then spread herself open for him to really bang her pussy out deeper and harder making her cum over and over again. The thought of this drives me wild beyond words.
would love to have another man fuck my wife. i will never forget the first time i watched my wife with another man it drove me nuts and her too. then he stuffed her so hard she screamed and then creamed. let us know if you are intrested
My husband loves to watch me get fucked by other men. Being at an orgy is a blast for him when I fuck six or seven guys in one night.
I'm north of Dallas if anyone needs a horny cock to make a pussy extrat happy!
playful wife here
would like to see my wife being bang for the 1st. time
If your wife needs banged in NW Indiana lt me know
I wanna fuck some dude's wife while he watches and then comes over and puts his cock up in there while I'm still in her.
I love watching my wife get fucked and joining in putting my cock in her ass.... anyone interested ...... hit us up ....
we are looking,I will be part of it, maybe 2 or 3 more between 30 and 40 ;)FlowerLaughingHug;)HugLaughi ng
Watching my wife with another man is truly a favorite memory. Ready to see her take it again....
I would love to eat your wife/girlfriends pussy while you fuck me or suck my cock. In LAX Torrance,Ca. area.:-P:-PHug:-D
Absolutely mind-blowing experience :-P Indeed worthy repeating over and over and over!!!;)
I get so fucking hard when I picture my wife sucking cock, getting fucked , helping her to get all filled up. I have fantasized about coming home and seeing her laid out on the bed getting her ass drilled and mouth filled. We would love to do a web cam fuck session. Check us out and let us know! I know how wonderful that shaved pussy feels and want to see it filled with as much as possible!
We are still trying to put together a gang bang for her but can not seem to get enough guys or girls interested. If the group gets big enough let's turn it into an orgy with her as the pivot person for all of us.
IF you are seriously interested let us know and we will try to arrange it around kids and schedules of all involved. Kevyn and DonyeKissKiss
My wife used to fuck guys while I watched. It was a great turn-on. She stopped a few years ago and does not participate anymore. But the memories still get me hard and horny. Of course, I try to convince her to start again but she won't. So I fantasize and remember a lot. I Love to talk to guys about it and "play act" on the phone with them about them fucking my wife, then me. Phone sex is not the best but it is good.
we have had a group of 3 guys cum over and they all fucked my girlfriend. I love to watch and be made a cuckold bitch. But I want to participlate not just watch..she makes me blow them and get them ready to fuck her. Then while they're pounding her she'll tell me to lick their balls, or some other dirty act...We too want to get together a gangbang of about 6 guys to fuck both of us. If you're hot and hung and in NJ drop us a line.
I'm a guy who has been so happy these last two months because my woman has let herself enjoy the swinging lifestyle. She has banged 4 guys for me, while i watch and play. This last guy stayed over night and fucked her to at least 50 orgasms while he came over and over himself. Listening to my wife get fucked at 4 in the morning by the guy, while she screams in pleasure, and her bed banging aganist the wall, knowing he is gonna fuck her again in the morning is bliss. She was one happy girl, her pussy was swollen when he left but we had great sex that night and after and it keeps cumming. You know I was out when he got here, but when i got home they had fucked in three rooms already. He is strong and he picked my petite one up and carried her about. I don't mind her fucking when I'm not there, because it's hot hearing her tell me what happend when daddy was out. I already knew he was OK before, so i didn't have to worry about him being there with out me around. He is welcum back at least once a month for more overnight fun with my wife. Yes he is married but his wife is boring, and this guy is SOOO not.
anyone in the tallahassee florida want me to bang there wife
Misha & I have a meet & greet were going to on Sat in bellingham Wa. Several couples, singles, will be there and some just to meet Misha. Misha is going to Vegas in a week and so I want to get her pussy nice and sore before she leaves to last her thru the week. You know the type of sore a woman gets when she aches for more cock later, and reminds her of the cock she just had. Several guys will get a chance at entering her that night and I will look on. She can't say no to any request for sex unless the guy is a mess. I believe all her holes will be filled before we leave for the night. Hopefully the men will keep her orgasming, I know as long as their cock stays hard she will service all of them who ask. I'm sure on the drive home she will be taking a nap and fill quite content, (for a while).
my wife has been fucking a friend of ours,lets call him,,mike..she has had the hots for him for quiet a while,i knew that she wanted him,just didnt have the courage to tell me,it was the night of her 30th b-day,,we had a small party planned and i invited mike over,,i told him that alisha wants to fuck him,it came as no surprise as he told me that he knew that she wanted him
we had a few drinks,smoked a couple,as the party wound down i asked mike if he wanted to crash on our couch,of course he said yes,,me and alisha went to bed and started fuckin,,she knew mike was in the living room,,all of a sudden she started getting real loud,i told her,,baby,mikes in the other room,she said thats why she was getting loud,,my cock was ready to burst,i was so turned on,,i told her to tell mike to cum in the room with us,,she MOANED his name,,mike came in the room,naked,with one of the biggest cocks i have ever seen on a white man,,alisha saw that big cock and forgot about me,,that was also a turn on for me,,he bent her over our bed,and proceeded to give her the best fuck of her life,,we fucked for 6 hours that night,and she fell in love with him,,she tells me that she loves him and im a dirty fag bitch,,since we have done thiss,our sex life has increased 10 fold,,she loves to fuck him in front of me,while i sit on the bed and jack off,she has him cum in my mouth almost every time we get together,,,yummy,,life has never been so good
may i bang ur wife mine is not into this or sex much i am in athens texas area and a fantaasy of mine is to bang a wife and other women in an orgy. i am bi curious. contact me we can chat and gofrom there
anyone in atlanta area wanna hook up?
anyone wanna fuck my wife?
Are there any couples in NY/NJ who would like to meet up? I am extremely interested in MMF
and lets set up some real think im down to 69 cocksuk and so on : BI - GUY here
had this fantasy about my ex wife for a long time - a group of guys taking turns fucking her, she moans like a slut she is, and i am on my knees sucking off guys that r not busy fucking my wife. they all cum in my mouth and she sees every drop of their cum enter my mouth and me swallowing it!!!
I'm in the atl area ready to fuck ur wife in frnt of u
My wife are both bi and we swing allot. She told me that she had a fanitisy about being gang bang by a group og freindly guys and wanted to try it. So for her birthday one year I got 5 guys from our swingers group to agree to come over and fullfill he fantisty. We started one night about 8:00 on a friday night.We all had a few drinks and she told them waht she wanted and told us to get naked as she went into the other room. When she came back to 6 horny guys she was also naked and asaid let the games begain. We fuck her untill about 8;00 the next morning we all came in her atleast twice. She enjoyed being the the center of of and orgy and the only women there.She always has me eat the guiys cum out of her pussy after each guy came in her. This is something that really turns her on.She even had me eat my own cum out of her pussy while the other guys look on. She had a great time that night and enjoyed the hell out of it.she even had me suck some of the guys to get the hard again before the fucked her again. Once she had a cock in both hands , one in her mouth and one in her pussy fucking the hell out of her. I have to admit the I was really turn on watching her get fuck by the 5 guys and watching her love it. She love multi sex partners. since then we have one of the lovers that use to bring a friend of his over and they would take turns fucking her. It always been fun watching her letting go and haviving a good time sexualy wit all of her lovers.She has even had me suck off a few of them just so she could watch.
I was out at a Country bar one evening with this married couple that I had met at this bar a few months ago. It was a normal night and not much was happening. The guy had went to the Bathroom and when he left, his wife whispered to me that he had given her permission to take me home with them and fuck me, if I was into that kind of thing. She said that he wasn't sure of what my reaction would be, so she was tasked with asking me. I said that I would be okay with it if her hubby was. When he came back, she went to the Restroom and we talked. I told him what she had said and that I was okay with it if he was. He smiled and said that he was totally cool with it. He confided that he was also submissive. We agreed to pay our tab and go to their house.

I was more excited then them because I am very closet "bi" and this was my opportunity to push the limits. Given my conversation with the husband, I had a feeling that I could get some cock myself if I played it right.

We got to their house and those two started kissing. I went over and started kissing his wife. After a while of heavy petting, she suggested we all go into the bedroom and get naked! One in the bedroom, I laid her on her back and started to lick her pussy and suck on her clit. She was soaked and I swear she must have came within seconds after my tongue was inserted in her snatch. After about 10 minutes of pussy eating, I told her husband to come over and taste how good she was. He dove right in! I then started to work on her tits and straddled her face to fuck her mouth. Her husband was still eating her out and watching me fuck his wife's face from behind. I then told him to stay at the foot of the bed and I slid down and stuck my cock inside her wet, warm snatch. I told her husband to stay on the floor at the foot of the bed and watch as I fucked his wife. That would be a hot view for him. After about 5 or 10 minutes of fucking her, I got off and slid to the foot of the bed and told her husband that I wanted him to taste how good his wife was. He started to slid up to eat her pussy but I stopped him and said that I wanted him to lick her juices off my cock. He hesitated for a moment, looked up at her, and receiving a wink from her, engulfed my cock with his mouth. After a few minutes of this, I stopped him so I could once again fuck his wife. As I was fucking her, he stood up on the bed and said that I was now going to taste how good he tasted, and stuck his cock in my mouth. I wanted to concentrate on blowing him, so we switched positions so I laid on my back, his wife on top fucking me, and he straddled my chest and was fucking my face.

It wasn't long before he was fucking my face hard and shooting a nice warm load of semen in my mouth! All along, his wife is riding my hard cock and having orgasm after orgasm. It wasn't long before I shot my load deep inside of her. Afterwards, we laid there for a few minutes. When I noticed that her husband was hard again. I told him that it was time he tasted my load. So, I made him go down on his wife and eat her snatch while I blew him again!

We all were satisfied many times that evening. I even watched him fuck his a wife that night and we both fucked her a few times.

We haven't done it again yet, but we still hang out at the same bar and I can tell they are still interested. That was two weeks ago so I am rushing it? lol
Im ready for her in FLORIDA
I'd like to try this hit me up about it. Bi curious single sexy guy in Ann Arbor MI, tall, semi shaved athletic body new member here look'in to meet a couple or single for fun.
Ask me for some, lots pics vids avail.
There is nothing better than watching your wife wrap her legs around her lover and watch them kiss.Hug
Hello to everybody,

do not hesitate to contact me if you want to have your wife banged by a BBC ... |8B

Its a new fantasy for me, but i'm jerking to the thoughtvof another guy fucking my wife while i watch naked playing with my cock. while they're fucking she's making fun of my cock size and making me suck his cock every few minutes during the fucking. I would love to see this happen. mmmmm
I'm a very respected person and down to earth and if you want your wifey hit by me hit me up ASAP:)
This is such a hot subject for me. I want to see my wife Fucked by a young stud. I know the slut wants it. Id like to be holding her arms above her head while she is getting it.
would luv to watch you on the net and/or in person,, I'll be in Dallas, plano, Ft Worth next week,, but can watch you on the net almost any night,,, just give the a heads up ( hee hee, take that anyway you want,,ha)
I always wanted to watch my girlfriend suck off a group of guys and watch her swallow all their cum.
I love showing off my hot wife. I would love to chat about uninhibited fantasies, kinks or role plays you would like to do with her. . I am 25 and she is 22. I was in a fraternity and she is still a sorority girl in college. Me and my girl have always been real open in our relationship and love showing off in front of others. From the moment I met her, she loved being a my slut to use as I want and wherever I want. She would blow me in front of my frat brothers and loved showing off for me by bringing one of her sorority sisters over and make me watch her have sex with her and then fuck me as her sister or sisters would continue to make sure all her holes were being used. However, lately, I would love to see her get fucked by someone else, while I watch or let the guy or his girl blow me as I watch or whatever role play, kink of fantasy most appeals to you.
My favorite fantasy is to see my wife fucked by another man. She put the "P" in prude and acts offended at any little reference to sex. When we have sex she gives great head and really knows how to suck cock. She loves to have her pussy licked ans sucked until she climaxes several times then she starts saying fuck me, fuck my pussy deep and hard and always wants me to cum deep i n her pussy. She likes to spread her pussy wide and have me watch my load of cum ooze from her pussy.
I want to see another man do everything from kissing her, sucking her nipples, she bites his nipples which she likes to do, sucking his cock and him eating her pussy. Then he fuck her deep and hard finally filling her with a huge load of cum.
Like I say this is my fantasy. I asked if she wanted another man once and thought she was going to have a heart attack she got so mad, She is 63 and her pussy to me is still very tight. Anyone know of a sex pill I could give her.
We are in poplar bluff Mo and my girl friend wants me to watch 8-10 men fuckin her I'm ready for her to get gangbang she loves to be treated roughly I'm going to give her the fantasy she has been wanting so any man around poplar bluff Mo she loves all cock back is her bag message if you are interested looking forward to seeing everyone fuckin her for hours and hours
I am going to be honest I enjoy watching my girl fuckin and she enjoys me fuckin a hot wife in front of her husband
Had my ex-gf suck and fuck a few guys, it was really a hot turn on seeing her enjoying it so much. Seeing her please small and large cocks was so hot.
Watching her pussy work and enjoying those cocks, with the sounds and smell of hot sex was intoxicating. I loved it as much as she did.
Bang My Wife on Bisexual PlaygroundBang My Wife on Bisexual PlaygroundBang My Wife on Bisexual PlaygroundBang My Wife on Bisexual Playground

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