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For those who don't know, Bears are Straight, Bi or Gay men who are normally hairy, masculine, and have a inclusive, non-judgemental attitude. Bears tend to have some meat on their bones so ya don't break them when you squeeze 'em. One of the more common personality traits of bears is a gentle, warm, honest, and caring nature. Younger (18-?) bears are normally called cubs. In any situation, bears tend to be a man's man. If you ever hear a bear "Woof" at ya, take it as a compliment. This means he thinks you are worthy of getting to know better. :)
Hi all, I am really into bears, at least , visually; love the extra meat and lots of body/facial hair, I know it's a fetish. Would love to exchange email and pictures with bears (cubs, wolves) out there. Thanks! :)HugKiss
cute ones..
im a bear as well !! love those who love bears. i love smooth myself but all are welcum
Bear in mind that I agree with the description at the bottom! :-P
Not interested in bears!
Grrr, woof, etc. I am bear-like, and like others who are. That doesn't mean I don't also like the smooth guys and the slim Jims. I like bears who ride motorcycles the best, and the women who love them.
any bears out there want a blowjob, rimjob and to fuck my ass? Email me :-D c hillywilly
I adore those hott sexy hairy Bears.
I love those hairy sexy Bear MEN. Real MEN!!!
Bear Men are the happening Ones and the hottest ones too!!! Have you hugged a hairy Bear MAN today?
I'd love to feel your belly in the arch of my back and all your weight on top of me driving your big dick even deeper!!
Not a lot of men would like me and it seems like most men want super skinny, anorexic, feminine types. If a daddy bear type has a big cock, its a major turn on for me.
Love to suck bear cock and bottom too
Bears on Bisexual PlaygroundBears on Bisexual PlaygroundBears on Bisexual PlaygroundBears on Bisexual Playground

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