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Hey I am in the Washington DC area and would and would luv to meet up with another woman who has a big clit mine is the biggest I has seen in person so far so any gyrls up for it hit me up you can leave a message here or e-mail me at and yes that is my clitty in the pic posted by thickthighz :-P :-D :) Kiss
I love wrappin my tongue around a nice juicy fat clit!!
love big clits
I would love to have a woman with a big clit like mine to rub. My husband calls mine a little cock.
looking for a nice big clit, love lisck and suck it, feel it very hard and kiss it again
I love women who have large clits. The ones that are as big as a small dick. Any women out there have one?
I was with a woman once whohad a clitoris as big as my thumb. I really enjoyed sucking and licking it and it was ever so sensitive. She got terrific orgasms from my oral ministrations. it is too bad that I had to move away ans we never saw one another since I miss her.
I am in the Chicago area and would love to meet a girl with a bi clit I love sucking on them they are the most sinsitive ones ever! I cum just sucking on a womans clit and listing to her cum and her pussy jucies squirt all over my face. If you live in the Chicago are or is fairly close please feel free to send me a message or im me on yahoo blaquepussycats247
Looking fo lady with a HUGE clit. I love sucking on the larger ones. The tiny ones don't seam as sensative. I sucked a friends one time, hers was large but not huge, for three and a half hours. She came six times and squirted the last two. She had never squirted before. She said she had the most intense orgasm on the last one that she thought she stopped breathing. I know she came all over my face. When she squited the last time it actually SHOT out of her a full foot. And it was the best tasting cum that I have everhad.
yummy that would be hot to find a bi-female with a big clit more fun plus more pleasure im from minnesota
I had one that was about 4'' long I love to suck on it like a cock it was so nice Hug
are there any women in idaho or utah that have a big clit.I couldnt believe how big they can get !!! Would like to find one and suck on it as if it were a nice big cock.Is it also possible that they can use it that way also ?
I love sucking on BIG clits they are much easier to access and they always seem to be hyper-sensitive. My fantasy is to suck the clit of a intersexed pussy, if that's you hit me back with an IM or email!!
i would love male or female to suk my clit, being fucked and having my large clit sucked at the same time
Hello. If there are any women in the St.Louis area that would like me to suck on their big clit,please let me know.I'm waiting.
Mmmmmmm have one to be licked and would love to lick one tooKiss
I would love you suck on a big clit while my husband fucks you. If your in the el paso area hit me up
OMG do I love big clits and hanging labia ( FLORIDA )
Love to suck on clits - especially big ones. They get so sensitive and make the woman SQUIRM n SQUIRT. Blackcherry -- give us a pic o that big clit.
I was once engaged to a girl with a large clit (about three quarters of an inch) and she had puffy labia minora. She used to have the most powerful orgasms I've ever known a woman to have. Also, I have to admit that I loved playing with it, both with finger and tongue. She never squirted, though. Still, you can't have everything, I suppose. It was nice, though, and is a fond memory.
Just had a clit so big I could suck it like a cock! Loved having it trapped between our bellies while we fucked - awesome! Wish she would've let me take a pic of it! :-P
WOW! It's nice to know that I am not alone in my desire to give a lady with a large clit a long, deep, sensual blow job. I've long dreamed of giving a BJ to a girl, and now I read of others who have actually done it! Amazing!! :-P Thanks for giving me hope!!! Hug
Love big clits. Can't be too big for me.
My wildest dream come true
I have this rather odd fantasy. Of being close to a woman with a large clit, and giving her blow jobs for her pleasure. I know, so weird.
WOW!! That is a hugh/really big clit! Bet that would feel great in my mouth, rolling my tongue around it! Then feel it up against my belly,' when I go balls deep into her pussy!
looking for women near Gillette Wyoming who have very small or larger clits huge, long labia who =cums lots
I want a large clit to rub against my pussy. Anyone in nj/ny ?
Looking for a woman with a huge clit want to get to KNO u better Chicago Il
Chicago il looking for a lady friend with a huge clit who loves to get Scissored& fucked with u if the chemistry
A big clit is just a small woman's
I wouldsuck cum off oit
Awesome pic! I would love for you to ride and fuck my pussy with that big hard clitπŸ’‹
Ladies in the NC area?? 😜😜
Looking for big clit woman in Nashville πŸ’œ
A favorite porn search
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