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Well I Love Playing Pool. I use to play it every wednesday night when I was sixteen, but have not played it in a long time. They just opened up a pool hall not to far from where I live so Looks like I will be getting me a new pool stick for x-mas IconU4Dragon
I Love playing pool and play most every nite at my VFW where i am a member of the mens auxl. We have pool leagues Mon,Tues nites and open table nite on Fri. I used to play a long time ago and am just back into it and my game is improving. Lisa challenged me to a game in the Poconos( almost put an E there like dan quaile).
We shoot pool just about every night of the week on a regular basis every monday tuesday wednesday and thursday and when we have nothing else to do we shoot on the weekends too. we definetely love the game and we would love to meet other people who like to shoot. we have always thought that putting a team together with bisexual bi-curious and very open minded people would be awesome. if you live in the area close to us and would be interested in shooting on a league team just let us know
I like to play pool where the bet is a blow job. Winner gets head. I always seem to lose. . .lol regards, kookoo
I love shooting pool. I use my Tits to help steady the pool cue. It feels so good that I take long slow strokes. Lindawantabe
Billiards on Bisexual PlaygroundBilliards on Bisexual PlaygroundBilliards on Bisexual PlaygroundBilliards on Bisexual Playground

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