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Well I chose this interest because bird watching could be really relaxing and where we live we have american bald eagles around us and not to mention the different species of hawks. We live near Starve Rock in Utica Illinois its about 30 min from us and this year if it gets cold enough we are going to go hiking and take some great pics of the birds during the winter.

I love hummingbirds. They are just such amazing creatures. I look forward to them showing up every spring. I keep my feeder filled with sugar water all summer long and of course, plant flowers that will attract them as well.

To make a simple sugar water....use 3 cups spring or distilled water to 2 cups of sugar. Boil on the stove until sugar is incorporated...let cool and store in fridge in a glass bottle. I change my water every 3 days in the hot heat of summer to keep the mixture from going rancid.
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I have a Blue and Gold Macaw, her name is Carmen. She is almost ten years old, spoiled rotten. I hand fed her when she was a baby and had no feathers. I am her dad she has bonded to me like she would to another male in the wild. She is a lot of fun but also a lot of work. She needs a lot of attention. She has quit the vocabulary also. She also eats a lot. If I am t the dinner table eating she is on my shoulder stealing food. You have to be very careful what you feed them. Like avocados, they will kill her, chocolate, no salt, no sugars, no dairy products. You try and take a pizza crust away from her. NOT. If you burn something in a Teflon pan that can kill her to.
I know he is a female cause I had her DNA'd. That is the only way to sex parrots.
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I have raised a lot of baby birds.:)
Birds on Bisexual PlaygroundBirds on Bisexual PlaygroundBirds on Bisexual PlaygroundBirds on Bisexual Playground
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