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The thought of my tongue tangling with that of a hot man, while my lover is trapped under me, smothered in my swollen sensitive pussy as i grind it harder onto his lips. My lover sucks my clit deeper while flicking it's swollen point lightly with the tip of his tongue (doesn't want to make me cum yet). And I have my lovers knees pulled up tight to my body... spreading and opening his ass for the huge cock of the owner of the tongue penetrating my mouth. I spread the lube liberally over my lovers ass, and guide that massive cock head to his puckering hole. As the cock presses into him, slowly,. my pussy is vibrating with the moans my lover emits from between my thighs, and I push his knees even higher and wrap my lube slicked hands around my lovers cock and stroke in rhythm,syncopated to hot man fucking my mouth with his tongue and to his deep penetration of my lovers ass!
All of us fucking and getting fucked until we come.
The hot man pumping his load deep in my lovers ass. My pussy clenching and drowning my lover with my cum, as my lover shoots his load all over my chest and his stomach
For me it is to have sex with three guys at the same time. While I'm sucking on one guys hard cock and another guy is sliding his hard throbbing cock in and out of my ass. While this is going on I would love for a third guy to suck on my cock until all four of us cum...:-D
Isn't this why We're Here? ? ? >>>>>>> "This Is My Life!"

Be Happy
D i c k:)
i am def into helping couples out with their bisexual fantasies ... tell me what they are ...
I'm been with MFM more than a couple times, butt - I'd love to be in MMF, or any way it works, and moresomes... One fantasy is to lick her pussy/clit while he's fucking her till they both cum, or as she cums and then he feeds me his cock till he cums down my throat... And/Or, after they cum together - I clean his cum out of her and bringing her to her next climax - while he's fucking me and bringing me to my next one - it'd be good if she were on top in order to fully drain his cum and her female juices to my wanting mouth...
I loved bullishlyquiets entry I love that too eating pussy while it's full of cock and cum. Yummy I love licking and sucking his cock clean then eating her yummy cream fillled pussy licking out every drop of cum mmmmmm I liked it all butt getting fucked in the ass.Now don't get me wrong if I meet the right lady to settle down with, and into some bi sex that would want to see it. I may let the right guy do me while she watches. But we both get to fuck her in the ass and too.
One of my fav fantasies is to have several college aged guys tie me to a bed and jack off all over me ... bathing in huge amounts of warm, sticky cum ....
Make it real in FLORIDA
i would love to wait till a guy cums into a womens pussy then eat it all up or just be surrounded by cocks and suck them all off and have them all cum in my mouth so i can swallow it
Are You Bisexual And Want To Fulfill Your Fantasy?..
I'm a gay white submissive bottom in Virginia..Attention to Bi Males!..If you seek a submissive, gay, white, full-service bottom to service you or any number of your friends, consider this white slut..I will take brutal assfuckings from cocks of any size and many enjoy to use me to see me be used for the very kinky, taboo sex few sluts will consider..Just tell this fag what is wanted..Waynesboro, Va area..
Is it weird that I have the desire to make love to a cock and have no real interest in the man. Never done anything and gay sites turn me off but show my a hard cock and I get horney and want to touch and maybe more
My fantasy is simple. I have this unending desire to suck a monster cock to completion and be a sissy bottom. I am not even remotely like this on reality, but I gotta do this to satisfy my curiosity. I even want to wear silk panties and get treated like a sissy bitch. I have no interest in another man. Just wanna fulfill my sexual fantasy.
Hello to all bisexuals and gay men my name is Dennis and I am into both the sexes I get along very well with the guys and the females who are into bisexual male bottoms,
If you are interested do stop by my profile and take a look and see if you will be interested in meeting with me,
In Philly or surrounding areas I can host or I can come to where you are...
Just say hello and lets meet soon off line...

Hey guys how many cocks can I find in Philly that want to cum on my ass at 1 time interested let me know...
use me deep and hard
We're looking for a female only to come play with us. My husband will be involved (just playing using his hands, tongue & toys) but this is for me and my curiosity of being with another woman he basically just wants to partake a little and watch it all. I want an attractive clean woman who knows what she wants. I'm not looking for a beauty queen and actually prefer a Caucasian woman with some extra meat on her bones not a stick figure but I do want pretty face with attractive features at least. No strings attached but if it turns into more thana one time thing, GREAT!! If not that's ok to. We're In Southern Illinois
Being tied down and shaved bald by another women
my fantasy is having a threesome with my girl and another woman. the thing would be i would kiss my girl and then the other girl can undress her and suck both of her titties as i am kissing her lips as my girl is all seduced and then she would work her way down to her pussy as i starts to suck her titties and we would both be fucking my girl at same time and the thing is i fantasize about women fucking my girl every night soo my thing is i would love to have a threesome one day
Just stared using a dildo in my ass wow I have been missing out
I have a ton of bi fantasies, my first basic one is to hold and fondle , a totally non-erect cock and experience the sensation of feeling it grow hard in my hands.
My bisexual FANTASIES know no bound...butt in reality, I probably just enjoy jacking off in the nude bi another smooth man who wants to watch that fantasy on a custom made porn DVD (Like the shemale Miran FUCKING another man and GETTING FUCKED) as we Jo and plan where we want the other to cum on us when it cums to that.
I want a shemale to fuck me in my pussy , I'm from Dallas Texas !!!
I'm love man fucking me and I eat to suck adick at the same tim
I believe that I could do a threesome if there were 2 woman and myself. That way no dick would go up my ass.
I think that it would take me while before I could be the catcher. I would have to be top dog for a while before I had a cock up my ass.
Being strait and curious would not be a problem for me. I have been with a woman all of my life. So that would not be a problem for me.
I have this fantasy of sex with a couple that includes sucking cock and leads to me eating pussy while taking a cock in my ass.
Bisexual Fantasy on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Fantasy on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Fantasy on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Fantasy on Bisexual Playground

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