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are there any bisexual men out there who like interracial? I'm white and love Black Men and Women. Interracial bisexual 3somes and moresomes is the ultimate in being able to experience opposite sex, same sex, and interracial all in one.
I love bi sex and the race is incidental, I have been with White, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, Hindi and Native American men and women and loved them all. (does that make me a turbo-slut? I think so...:D)
I would like to have an African American fuck me hard. I think the black skin would look good slidding in and out of my ass/mouth.
hi ddffree bi male loves black women and men and would love to deepthroat the male to climax adn the eat the womens pussy till they cum and cum. love sex with both interracial couples adn singles. love it all, pjHug
I'm looking for bi women in Houston...I am really wanting to be with a white woman or Hispanic.
Any Bi couples looking for hot fun in or near the City of Orange
I'm biracial and bisexual, (white, black, and native american) and my husband is white. I have been with white, black, asian, biracial, men and women. I'm open to exploring any and all races! I think exotic women are extremely sexy... but then again, I have a weakness for hot blondes too! ;)
I agree with LadyStrokes69...I'm white and Native American and love sex with women and men,also.Exploration is what it's all about.I would prefer to call myself just "sexual" because "bisexual" doesn't even really say it all.Men and women of all races are beautifuland sexy and worth exploring.
Flowerlooking for my first black woman. i want to please her and she dont have to do anything in return just enjoy if your around indy look me upFlower
I love bisexual interracial Threesome play with lots of Blowjob :-P and Fucking with both sexes! Wish I could find some of that around here!
very bi curious cppls in ohio
any women who want to get your pussy ate HIT Me Up! I am new to this but want to tastes some pussy BAD. St. Louis area
I want some white, fine,pussy to suck on. Be discreet. Here in Michigan so lets talk.
i love black women, any women in NM that want to be pleasured?
the best expierence ive ever had was when i got to suck off two huge, thick black cocks right before they both took turns pounding my hot white girls pussy. i loved it when they would pull their tools outta my girls pussy and put it in my mouth. i would love to expierence it again with or without my girl. i live in a house bymyself in vegas and can host anytime
DON'T Get It, What Does Race Have To Do With It ? ! ? ? We are a Bisexual Couple Seeking Friends. Hopefully many of whom will be Friends with benefits, But Race is Never a factor! . . . . Just Don't Get It ? ? To quote the man; "Why can;t WE All just play with one-another?" ..... Or something like that................:)HugFlowe r
I LOVE sexy blk bi women. Im in UK so London/Surrey areas more convenient- sweet round asses hmmmm long to grab that and live some sweet pussy argghhh whys it so difficult to meet what i like
Yeah, i'd definitely do a black man or woman. The contrast between our skin colors would be a definite turn on. And if the man's rod was huge :-P well so much the better. Any brothers in Dallas looking for white ass let me know. Laughing
Ever since i can remember and even before i finally gave into my bi side, black men have been a major turn on. I've had bi feelings most of my adult life and black cocks have always made my knees weak. Since giving into my bi side almost 4 yrs ago, I've gravitated towards blk men i guess because i love that they're usually hung! duh!!! big surprise right... well it's just what i love them, just as so many other white cocksuckers out there do. When I was part of a cpl my gf and I had some very hot and delicious ongoing relationships, most of which were with blk men. Now that i'm solo, i still look for opportunities to meet and be a sub bitch for a hot hopefully dom blk man. so if there are any in the NY,NJ area that read this drop me a line. I can deep throat 11 inches and take it in my ass... i'm a good fuck!
Is there any Bisexual Black couples that would like a white male to give them sexual heat? Just let me know.;)
anybody out there interested in getting my husbands virginity after I bound and gag him, oh yeah i will blind fold him too,
I love to suck whitecock so anyone in the ohio, pa area hit me upLaughing
i Am Nothing But A Little Dicked White Bitch Boy!..
i know You have seen plenty of tiny white dicklets in Your day Sir and i bet mine is the smallest one to date!..You know i love it when a Black Master laughs at this white dick sucker..Since my so-called dick of mine will never want to get any pussy..i am a loser, faggot bitch and dick sucker - Yes Master that's me - a faggot to suck cock..Please allow me to bow down and worship You Black Master..Waynesboro, Va area..
Where are all the bi white couples in Philly looking for a bi blk top male.
love to take it from BBC:)
Big black cocks are the bomb love to have one pounding me right now.:-D
I live in Minnesota, but can and will travel to meet interesting and intelligent black women or couples. I tend to be very submissive toward those I'm attracted to. :-P
Love it
I hope to see that happen real soon i would love to tease and kiss, and suck on my first white cock, though i've never suck a mans cock before the desire i have i know that he will be satisfied,
Love to suck black cock.
10 inches not esential a mean 7 enough
I would love to have a black cock to suck I'm a black cock junky
I have been very fortunate for the last 8 years in GA then MD then GA where all 3 times I've had nothing BUT black cock and very young (compared to me), in their 20's except last might, he was 30, but in 90% of those it was because I was 'dressed' and they go CRAZY of CD's! These guys were all solid muscles. Bouncers at Swinging Richards. OMG. So very hot!
Looking for well hung bisexual black men and white women for interracial threesomes
Looking for my first bisexual interracial experience with interracial couple. Or bi black men.
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