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I want to be a couples' bi slave someday. Apparently it's not a big desire in Washington. But I would love to be ordered to do the dishes in my maids uniform and heels when the wife comes to me and tells me to start sucking her clit. Which I do until she comes then I go about my work. When I'm vacuuming the floors I suddenly feel a hand on my ass and turn around. The husband is sqeezing my ass and forcing my body around. When I'm facing him he forces me to my knees. Looking at the wife with begging eyes I hope she'll tell him to stop. But she's only smiling and her fingers are between her legs. He tells me to unbuckle his pants and take his cock out. I don't move fast enough and get pushed to the floor. I'm on my hands and knees and he forces my legs apart grabbing my cock and balls. Telling me that he'll cut them off if I don't move faster and do what he tells me! I just answer "Yes sir." To be finished later.....
Ah! I had a young slave boy that would come to my house on weekends. He was so delightful and most times obediant. When he was very good I would reward him by allowing him to lick my alpha slaves pussy until she was ready for him to stop.His duties of course are to clean and serve. Who ever.After all he was a slave. If there is anyone that would like to take his place .Send your application to me. Now!
Any woman that likes to be a couple's slave in LA?
i am searching for that couple in the Los Angeles area that would like to use a Bi slave for weekends. i am very obedient ,a hard worker (no pun intended), willing to serve and above eager to please.
We would love to find another couple who is interested in having a male bi slave at their disposal for Blowjob :-P Sex here in the Florida panhadle or the surrounding area. If interested please send us an IM...
i would love to be a couples slave i live in florida willing to travel and do whatever u want
The idea of being a couple's slave sounds fun...Anyone in Liverpool, England?
would def be hot to hook up with a couple where the dude could just fuck all the time and he had to spend the night or weekend fucking me and his girlfriend as many times as we wanted it. tuen the dude into a fuck-slave ... or maybe a dominant F and dude that want me to be there fuck hole while they fucked me as much as they wanted ... or ivited some friends over ...
This is one of my favorite reocurring fantasies! Male half here speaking.
Looking for bi slave in FLORIDA
meet the good master just askslave slut pattyNew fresh bi curuious single sexy guy in Ann Arbor MI, tall,semi shaved Athletic new member here lookin to meet a couple or single for fun. Ask me for some, lots pics vids avail.
I have been dominated by men before and enjoy it. Never been dominated by a woman or a male/female couple. I would very much like to give it a try....
i would love to be involve in a lesbian 3 sum and their slave couple or not!!!! im down.Hug:-P
looking for couple or small group of men to pleasure love getting fucked while I eat pussy or suck cock .
We are a couple and we are experienced in this, we can do whatever you want, share my mans dick, and all 3 of us fuck each other, we can be dominant or submissive, I'm experienced in eating pussy, and lots of other things, I really wanna try tribbing, but my man can fuck you while you eat me out and then we switch, where he fucks me and I eat you out, you will be soaked after meeting us. Ps I have a vibrator
I want to be a couples slave and do whatever they tell me to
We are a couple looking for a lady sub in our area...
I have always wanted to be a Dom,s slave ,trained well to obey their commands I will be loyal to my master,only wanting to please. I hope to find that experience very soon.
I'm a bit submissive sissygurl crossdresser and I'd love to be your all's sissygurl bimbo sex slave toy
Wanting to be a couples slave
Looking for dominant black man with huge dick to dominate me very submissive
Bisexual Slave on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Slave on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Slave on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Slave on Bisexual Playground

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