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"Slave" ? ~ We'd/I'd Much Prefer To Use The Term 'Pet' or 'Toy' :)
I basically wish I had a Dominate woman in my life, I don't really expect that to happen, but that is my fantasy.
I would love to be a bisexual slave or pet for a couple or a man.
I'm with oo7dot! I'm a toy for an older lady, A boy toy,lol!|8B
I want to be a sex slave dor a couple
I want to be the sex slave for hot kinky bisexual couple you can use me and make me do whatever you want me to do!!!!!!
I love sexy lingerie, dressing up,and exploring
generous feminine slave for sexy couple to serve love golden showers, sucking cock, worship her feet, watch , and being your maid
Use my husband anyone
Firstime sub role playing . seeking fem sissy dress training i was born with birth defect that alows me to. Have male and female orgasims . its only been a fanitsy. But i will be a plus size. Need a wig and outfits picked out and made to wear. Maid. Scool girl . its embarrassing. For me to moan and cum like a girl . long winter days . thanks . i live in ohio
First time very sub . still virgin. . birth defect allows me to have male and female orgasims . . fanisty sissy fem training . hope to have first real scream orgasims. It embarrassing for me want to get off chest .would be a white plus sized maid. Sissy wife for dom male couple . or other couple . .anyhow talk to much dont know what im doung . work until 7 if any one wants to chat .thanks
Would. Like to be a trained sissy .maid. . bye dom couple. Never been with a man . still.a virgim mouth and aas. This is my fantsy role play . . dress me up make me. Im in Ohio .
Good morning master. Is there anything you need me to do. Or practice . are you going to make moan like a girl again . playfully yours . very sub male seeking role play training . . long. Wk ends. For siss training . have a good day babby . . bom male couple or couple .
I want to be a bi slave for a couple. Use me!
Any bi couples in newburyport area want to abuse me. Still virgin ass and mouth
I love the thrill of being a sex slave and made to eat cum frm her ass after a gd fuck. I will be it man slut,
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