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i met a black man online.i saw his pictures first.He was beautiful.He had a big lovely cock and a gorgeous ass.i emailed him;and after several emails back and forth and him "making" me pose for him on cam.He invited me to meet him.WE met and talked;but He would not commit to allowing me to service Him.We emailed some more and again He "made me pose for Him on cam.He Demanded that i bend over and spread my cheeks.He made me finger my hole.He told me that He would deign to use me as His sissy cum slut.He told me where He lived and told me to be there at 10am on Sat.He told me that He was going to use me like a submissive cum and pain slut.When i got there,He opened the door and ordered me to strip.I did as i was told.He then said He was going to show me who was boss by beating my ass with a hairbrush until i cried real tears.He then told me to get over His lap.i was afraid;but did as i was told.He then produced a mans' silk tie and tied my hands.He then proceeded to paddle my ass with the hairbrush for what seemed like forever.i begged,pleaded and much to my surprise finally started to cry like a little girl.He continued to paddle me until i guess that he decided that my tears were for real.He got up and allowed me to fall sobbing to the floor.He then undressed and out came His fully erect big black cock.He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up forceing His cock into my mouth.He ordered me to suck it;and told me i had better be good.I sucked it and licked it for all i was worth,taking as much as i could into my mouth.I licked and sucked the head and especially the nerve on the underside of his cock.I continued to suck him my cheeks going in and out with the suction.Finally i could feel his cock swell and he shot his huge load deep in my throat.i swallowed it as fast as i could and then licked his shaft and his balls.He got up and told me that my efforts were good for a start;but that i had better improve.He ordered me to get up and pose for him.he had me spread my ass cheeks and finger myself.He yold me to fix Him a bath.I did as i was told.He got into the tub and ordered me to wash Him.I did.To be contd.
I am a 48 year old weakling white dad of a 19 year old daughter. She
Is dating a very muscular 22 year old Black man. I have wanted him since
the 1st time I saw him. One day he came over when my dau was at
work. He told me he saw the way I looked at him and knew what I wanted.
At once he punched me and threw me across the room. God he is soo
strong. He kicked me, put me on my knees and grabbed my hair.
My mouth opened and he shoved his huge beautiful cock in my
mouth. I sucked until he filled my mouth with cum as I looked up at his
powerful body. I am his slut and he told me that my wife is next.
I'm seeking a BBC bigger the better to brake me in, only had one cock about 14 years ago so I'm basically a virgin
Fuck my ass:-D:)
I meet a Black Dom Master online and we have e-mailed back and forth for while checking each out.He wants to use BDSM CBT on me. torture my cock & balls that is CBT.
Yes, I'm looking for a Dominate Blackman to train me for BBC. I'm serious, loyal and sincere. You train me and you'll own me. To prove that I'm worthy of your time you can have me castrated and tattooed. Owned by or property of on my sissy white ass. You can also have tattooed on my left breast,( right over my heart) for BBC only. I'll be yours to do with as you please. use me, share me with friends, or pimp me out. Lindawantabe
I need a black Dom to punish me ,I'm a very bad girl
Black Dom For White Sub on Bisexual PlaygroundBlack Dom For White Sub on Bisexual PlaygroundBlack Dom For White Sub on Bisexual PlaygroundBlack Dom For White Sub on Bisexual Playground

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