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I cannot believe no one wrote a story or experience in here yet! We haven't had many experiences with blindfolding persay, we just feel it hightens the feeling and excitement during sexual practice when you have no idea what your partner will do next to you... Plus, it's funner to tease this way!;)
One of my hottest nights was spent being blindfolded, bound and ball-gagged and left to be used by whoever wandered into the room. So many wonderful sensations and never knowing who was usng me. I wish I could re-live it. :-D
I've never been blindfolded and I've always wanted it...I've wanted to be bound spread eagle and blindfolded. I would have no choice but to take whatever she gave me. If there are any women in the Rockland/Westchester(New York) area who would like to do this w/me get in contact!
Blindfolds on Bisexual PlaygroundBlindfolds on Bisexual PlaygroundBlindfolds on Bisexual PlaygroundBlindfolds on Bisexual Playground

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