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im stil looking for some sweet breast milk any taker let me know
love drink milk from a nice hot tits and they r great when are full of sweet milk
I really like to drink mother's milk right for the source. Ii is such a sexual turn on to suck milk from a mother's. I have had to pleasure to partake of this pleasure on three or four times while I was in the Army in two different countries. Guy there is nothing like it until you have tried it.KissKissHugHug
Has any male produce milk?, I want to produce milk.
A stripper let me drink her sweet milk once. I can't wait to taste more.
this is my biggest fantasy - to have a woman's sweet milk for me - it gets me so fucking hard - it is un believable - I think this is increadable and can't wait till I can have this!
mmmmm i luv tit milk n women are soooo fuckin horny at that time :-P
Ready for you lactating breasts in FLORIDA
If any women in Florida are lactating, I would LOVE to cum and help you pump!!!
Anyone in Maine want there breasts sucked? ;)
Only got a taste from my wife. But I found it so hot and wanted more.
Sugar daddy seeks sweet breast milk, in the Michigan Indiana Ohio area.
Breast Milk on Bisexual PlaygroundBreast Milk on Bisexual PlaygroundBreast Milk on Bisexual PlaygroundBreast Milk on Bisexual Playground

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