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I Love playing with the assortment of butt plugs that I have accumulated over the years and will sometimes wear one all day long if we are visiting friends for the weekend or having them visit. Being very anal in nature and having used a variety of dildos and butt plugs over the past several years. I have to say that through years of practice I have found out that for anyone interested in having anal sex for the first time. Using a good amount of lubrication and starting off with one of the smaller butt plugs goes a long way. Above all, relax and enjoy the new sensation,,, :) Hugs
I love to slip in a big one, until it gets replaced Bi a large cock or well-worn strap-on...
I've been into buttplugs since age 11 when I saw an add in a Hustler mag for one that I couldn't afford, so I carved one out of wood myself. :) I've been into buttplugs and assplay ever since. D
Nothing feels as good as the stretching my ass pussy gets from a plug
It feels so good.
Mmmn i need to try this sounds soooo hot ! My ass hole is soooo tight
My American bomb shell, shell shock fits tight and turns heads while sunning at mens club;)
I love Butt Plugs and have a few big ones too
Butt plugs make the best way to enjoy a boring day of errand running :)
I use a tens with a metal butt plug in my ass and a 4 inch urethral probe all the way in my cock. The throbbing electricity has made me cum hands-free many times. Everywhere.
I cant get this to fit..😕
I have played with them for years I enjoy them I have worn them out and under thongs very interesting car rides
Always wanting me one with those long hanging foxtails or horsetails.
I have a set of those. The Klystra set is still sold by online sex retailers.
Where the Irish put their shillelaghs.
Anyone ever decorated a Christmas tree with sex toys? Just curious think it would be hilarious
Me with my toy in me
Butt Plugs on Bisexual PlaygroundButt Plugs on Bisexual PlaygroundButt Plugs on Bisexual PlaygroundButt Plugs on Bisexual Playground

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