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i love sex in the car..:-P
I do too
wanting to find other couples who would join us in some moveing car sex in MD
We love car sex! I can not tell you how many miles I have driven our Towncar while my wife was in the backseat with various lovers. At night, and even on occasion in the broad daylight, she has been stripped naked by men, then lay in the seat giving them head while being fingered. At night with her dress up around her waist and her bra removed and tossed on the back window ledge, and her dress open to her waist, I have driven her completely across the city. While her lover thrust in her and her legs danced in the air. Her high heels raking my headliner. Her bare white legs shining in the following cars headlights. I have sat with my hand on the key ready to start the engine and whisk them away at the first sign of a problem, while my Darling half naked wife gave lovers oral sex in the backseat, in a busy bar or restaurant parking lot. She has even been observed by patrons, having intercourse in the car, as they entered or left the establishment. We LOVE car sex!!!!!
I will never forget the first time I had sex in a car, it was with my hubby in his 92 Camaro Z-28. It was difficult but it was so much fun, would love to do it again, when it gets the motor redone in it.
Some of the best times we have had sexually Blowjob :-P Sex has been in the back seat of a car or in our customized van with each other and friends....
philly/south jersey area here .... def would totally get into being used as a cumdump for the backseat of your car ... or banged or even gangbanged in a moving car or van ... def hot as fucking shit ...
Have gotten blowjobs from both guys and gals in car...soo erotic...
i love car sex soooo much Kiss
My husband and I were in our way home from a strip club last night, I wasn't wearing any panties. I took off my dress and sucked his cock with my ass up in the air while he finger banged me. It was so erotic to know that people were driving by and could see us. We even stopped at a few stoplights and I kept going. Lucky for us we got stopped by a train and I was able to hop on top of him and finish both of us off. It was even more arousing than having sex on webcam, can't wait to try something similar again;)
My first was in a car. Great experience, until the cops showed up!
I love the idea of jerking someone off in a car.
OMG Met a guy on a chat ... my first time I met a guy was car sex .... he had a small truck bench seat so there was lots of room ... first we dropped our pants and both looked at each others hard cocks. As I sat back he leaned over rested his head on my stomach and started to lick the tip of my cock slowly inching closer till he opened his mouth and took me all in ..... I loved the feeling .. his mouth was so hot and this being the first time with a guy, I was so excited that I could feel myself getting closer and closer .... I told the guy ... I'm almost there .... he didn't do anything but keep sucking my cock ... within seconds I raised my ass a little and he knew letting all my cock in his mouth and I started to shoot my cum filling his mouth .... when I was done he sat up ... opened the truck door and spit my cum out. I watched as he moved closer to me and same thing as my sat back in the seat ....Now I was very excited ... I leaned down and took his 7.5 " cock and began to suck it ... as I sucked him he encouraged me I was doing a great job .. that made me feel so good .... as I sucked his cock he kept telling me his cock would feel so good in ass ... and then some people came by were we parked and I had to stop sucking him. Well a few cars came by and he we have too stop and said e-mail me ..
Last time I ever seen of him
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